How to use:


  1. Use the world map as you would in game (pan, scroll, zoom).
  2. Hover over a zone to view waypoints; click on a waypoint to get a code, for example: [&BNQCAAA=] that you paste in game to become a link.
  3. Click on the checkbox “Show non-rich nodes” for other nodes like orichalcum or lemongrass (which don’t have rich or farm nodes).
  4. Filter out resources by clicking on the checkboxes, or the button on top of each column.
  5. Start your harvesting routine or use the companion GPS program for easier navigation!


Quick dailies:

The tables below list the possible Gatherer dailies and the quickest-to-complete locations (with price of the gathered items in mind). Copy and paste the waypoint code ([&CODE=]) to the game if you’re familiar with that node, or go to the link for the exact location.



Region / Task Miner
Orr [&BB4DAAA=] Rich Mithril Vein Meddler’s Waypoint
Kryta [&BPMAAAA=] Rich Copper Vein Phinney Waypoint
Ascalon [&BEsBAAA=] Rich Iron Vein Helliot Mine Waypoint
Shiverpeaks [&BL8AAAA=] Rich Iron Vein Snowhawk Landing Waypoint
Maguuma Jungle [&BNQCAAA=] Rich Platinum Vein Old Sledge Site Waypoint
Maguuma Wastes [&BHoHAAA=] Quartz Crystal Formation Prosperity Waypoint

HoT: [&BAYIAAA=] or [&BGwIAAA=] lumberer/miner, wander around

Region / Task Gatherer
Orr [&BB4DAAA=] Omnomberries Meddler’s Waypoint
Kryta [&BOQAAAA=] Spinach Provern Shore Waypoint
Ascalon [&BMcDAAA=] Potato Loreclaw Waypoint
Shiverpeaks [&BMAAAAA=] Strawberry Patch Reaver’s Waypoint
Maguuma Jungle [&BNECAAA=] Artichoke Oxbow Isle Waypoint
Maguuma Wastes [&BIYHAAA=] Cabbage Vine Bridge Waypoint

HoT : [&BOAHAAA=] forager face north and drop to the bottom for flax

PoF : [&BEMKAAA=] forager North of the heart, along the river.

Region / Task Lumberer
Orr [&BKYCAAA=] Cypress Pagga’s Waypoint
Kryta [&BKMBAAA=] Tukawa Sapling Archen Foreland Waypoint
Ascalon [&BAECAAA=] Tukawa Sapling Terra Carorunda Waypoint
Shiverpeaks [&BFsCAAA=] Snow Cherry Sapling Steelbrachen Waypoint
Maguuma Jungle [&BNMCAAA=] Banyan Sapling Gauntlet Waypoint
Maguuma Wastes [&BHoHAAA=] Cypress Prosperity Waypoint

[&BAYIAAA=] or [&BGwIAAA=] lumberer/miner, wander around

Region / Task Vista (for good measure)
Orr [&BBoDAAA=] Gavbeorn’s Waypoint
Kryta [&BA0EAAA=] Guild Bluff Waypoint
Ascalon [&BKYDAAA=] Memorial Waypoint
Shiverpeaks [&BI4DAAA=] Southern Watchpost Waypoint
Maguuma Jungle [&BLoEAAA=] Upper Commons Waypoint
Maguuma Wastes [&BH8HAAA=] Camp Resolve Waypoint

HoT : [&BOAHAAA=] vista

PoF : [&BEAKAAA=] vista directly west of wp



Other notes:

  • Buy the Consortium Harvesting Sickle to harvest plants way faster
  • For the Rich Quartz node at [&BIoHAAA=], the Skritt Queen throne room opens at 50th minute of the hour.
  • You can draw your own gathering route by double clicking empty areas on the map. The pins you lay can be drag-moved. Multiple pins connect to make a path. To make changes: you can insert a pin between a path by double clicking the path; you can delete a pin by double clicking it. Once you are satisfied with your path, single click on a line of the path to get string of coordinates at the bottom left bar. If you press Enter with those text selected, your path will be drawn again. You can use the Notepad feature to save these coordinates.


Based on the works of: GW2 Wiki (plant farms), jetti91 and Gragx (rich nodes), katubug and Moonlight1001 (hotspots), sarcasticbots (Toxic Spores), ScionKai (Poultry), gw2nodes (Truffles)