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[Guide] Auric Basin Meta Event Guide

Auric Basin Meta Event Guide 


We will go over the following things:

  • Map layout
  • Requirements
  • Preparation phase
  • Champion phase
  • Assault phase


Map Layout

The map layout is fairly straightforward. You have the golden city Tarir in the middle of the map. It has paths that lead into the four cardinal direction that each lead to one of four camps: north, west, east and south. They are all connected through a road network circling around the city. There is not a lot of verticality compared to the other maguuma maps, so following the roads is usually a good way to move.



First off, you should have discovered the map and the waypoints for Tarir and the four outposts. This is important so you can move around as required and check the map for the status of the pylons during the events.

All players will need to split up into four groups, each one taking care of one of the camps and later on the octovines.

Optional, but highly recommended: four commanders or mentors on each camp to keep the train organized during the preparation phase. Assault phase does not need any tags, but an experienced palyers should take charge and explain each side and ask for reinforcements as required.

Also: I highly recommend having at least exalted mastery level 1, updraft mastery and bouncing mushrooms mastery. Exalted mastery if important for taking shortcuts through portals and using Enchanted Armors. You can get away with a few players not having it, but the majority should have it trained. Mushrooms and updraft are required for the east room. If you do not have those masteries yet, please help in a different room during the assault phase.

Preparation phase

As mentioned, players should split into four teams, one at each outpost and ideally led by a command or mentor. In the beginning, the outposts will be inactive. An event chain will start at each outpost to reactivate the mirrors around it and then proceed to move out and activate the pylons. Each outpost has three pylons that need to be activated through their own event chain each. Each outpost team should do their event chains in sequence. Just make sure to keep going on a single event chain until the pylon is activated. Once that is done, teleport back to your outpost and do the next event chain for the next pylon.

The goal is to activate all three pylons on all four camps for a total of 12 pylons before the assault phase starts. With four coordinated teams of about 10-15 players each, this should be easily doable. The events themselves are straightforward and self-explanatory. Just make sure to bring some cc skills for the boss battles. They will be over much faster if you deplete the defiance bars quickly. From what I have seen, the four outposts are about equal in difficulty and rewards.

Also note, that you can check the status of the pylons on the map. If your group is rushing through your pylons but you notice another outpost struggling, you should move over and help them.


Champion phase

Once all pylons are activated or a hidden timer is hit (it seems you have about an hour for the preparation phase), whichever happens first, the champion phase starts.

For each activated pylon, the corresponding outpost will get to declare a number (up to six for all three pylons) champions which will be equipped with golden enchanted armors which are more powerful than the normal enchanted armor. I think the normal enchanted armors is also affected by the number of activated pylons, but I am not certain with that.

Both using enchanted armors and participating in the champion challenges requires exalted mastery level one. The challenges are short competitions for players to decide who gets the golden armors. All other players should equip the normal enchanted armors until all are in use.

To keep things simple, I will now refer to anyone piloting any kind of enchanted armor simply as armors and everyone else as players.

Champion phase lasts for about 20 minutes and it will include some downtime for most players. This time should be used to explain the tasks ahead for everyone, organize roles and groups for each room for the assault phase. Armors should also never go afk, as the game has a very short inactivity timer for them.

The four rooms are not equally difficult and players and armors should be distributed accordingly.


The order of difficulty, from easiest to hardest, is as following:

east, north, west, south


East and north should be fine with about 10-12 players, including about three armors each while west and south should have at least 20 players with as many armors as you have to spare. Players and armors from other sides should use the downtime to move to west and south to reinforce them.

East will require players to have updraft and bouncing mushroom masteries while south requires players to equip as many knockback skills as possible. Classes with many knockback skills like engineers should therefore prioritize the south room.

Everyone should stay at the waypoints so that commanders can easily get a headcount on each side and redistribute people as needed.


Assault Phase

Once the final assault phase starts, everyone will need to bash through the door and rush into their respective rooms.

Each room will have an octovine at the end and a number of big enemies. These typically include:


Big rollers: these can be stunned by armors using their 4 ability. However, they are pretty predictable and should simply be dodged most of the time.


Breachers: these spawn in more enemies. They should be killed by armors using the skills 1 for dealing damage and 2 for applying vulnerability. Two armors should be able to take down a breacher quickly enough.


Triggerblossoms: those are bombs with a large radius. Damaging them only makes them explode sooner and is therefore pointless. Armors can push them away a large distance using their 1 ability and do so liberally to keep players and objectives safe.


The octovine itself: it is protected by a slime shield most of the time. The shield has 15 layers that need to be removed to make the octovine vulnerable for a brief time. The exact way to do so varies by room and will be explained in each section. While the octovine is vulnerable, everyone, including armors, should focus all their damage on the octovine. Armors should keep using their ability 2 to make the octovine more vulnerable. While everyone is stacked up like that, it is also a good time to use the area heal provided by ability 5.

Once an octovine dies, a two minute timer starts. If after those two minutes only a single octovine remains, all octovines will regenerate 50% of their health. As a result, it is extremely important that no octovine is killed before all of them are at 5-10% health. Once that is the case, groups should time their removal of the last shield layer and kill all four octovines at the same time to complete the event.

I recommend each group to explicitly state when their room is ready and only engage the final burn once all are confirmed ready or there are only two minutes left (at which point you can just as well go for it and try a last ditch effort).


The Rooms:


North is very straightforward. Players need to equip the acid throwers at the start of the room and shoot them at the octovine to drop the shield layers. Armors should focus on protecting the players by knocking away triggerblossoms and stunning and killing enemies.


East is the easiest room. Players can use the mushroom to get on the upper platform. There they will find bombs. Use the updraft to glide over the room and towards the octovine and then drop the bombs on it to destroy the shield. Armors here will mostly focus on damaging the octovine once it is vulnerable as players will mostly be in the air and in no immediate danger.


Players need to step into the circle at the start and transform into a small mushroom. They then need to make their way to the octovine and use ability 1 to explode under it to damage the shield. The mushrooms are very vulnerable: a single hit will knock players out of the transformation. They are also slow. The room spawns frog enemies that will actively hunt down mushrooms. Armors need to stun them using ability 4 to keep them away from mushrooms. Rollers and triggerblossoms should simply be dodged.

Apparently, it is also possible for mushrooms to jump using ability 2 and deploy the gliders mid air to make some easy distance. While I have not tried this out myself, I recommend you give this strategy a try. Thanks to /u/meandizzle for pointing that out!


An exalted explosive spawns at the start of the room and needs to be kicked into the octovine to damage the shield. This can only be done by players by using knockback and pull skills on the explosive. Armors cannot interact with it and should focus on protecting it by kicking away the triggerblossoms and stunning and killing enemies as required.


Once all the octovines die simultaneously, the event will be completed! Congratulations! The reward will be a huge number of exalted chests under the city, so make sure to bring at least 20 exalted keys to cash in your prizes! There will also be Grand Exalted Chests which only appear on a successful completion! But even if you fail: the better you do, the more chests there will be. So even if you know the event will not succeed, try to progress as far as you can to get extra chests.