[AP] Dragon Stand Mouth of Mordremoth Guide

We have gathered these resources we would like to share with the community in high hopes that you can organize this event for your guilds or pug maps.

It is not a particularly difficult encounter even though it draws over a longer period of time than what we have previously been used to. Expect an amount of coordination comparable to Triple Trouble to be necessary for success.

The following is a guide we have assembled and will keep updating as we gather more information about how this should be better approached:


You need 3 tags and you need approximately 25 people per tag one tag heading north one tag heading middle and another tag heading south. Each tag needs to have 3 groups of 5 people that are a reliable group that MUST be on teamspeak these groups are imperative for after the escort. once you get organized you can start the escort.

The Escort:

Each lane will have a group of event shields that need to be escorted, stay with them and when they stop and events start popping up you should do those events it is usually either 2 gather events 1 gather event and 1 kill event or 1 gather 1 escort event. Doing these events speed up the escort exponentially.

while heading deeper into the escort you will have a spitfire mob that is invulnerable pop up get your escorts to him and the mob will proceed to no longer be invulnerable Dps must focus on the spitfire and when ANY preserver or vinetender spawns you must completely change focus to those.. they will heal the spitfire to full and make him invulnerable.

Occasionally a legendary will spawn for your designated lane South is axemaster (range him) middle is blademaster (CC him then melee but stay ranged) north is stave master (use reflects and dps normally) these same fight tactics apply to the final room.

The Final Room:

This is where the 3 groups of 5 are imperative to your success these rooms are the most difficult part of the fight. each group must be designated to the colors Red,Blue,Green these 3 groups must kill the preservers and the pods in this room and keep the preservers killed as they spawn, the preservers before they spawn will be pinged on your map to indicate their spawn.

The commander must be the dps team pull the boss in the center platform outside of it to give yourself more kiting room and keep an eye on the pods to make sure they don’t need help if they do you can spare 1 or 2 people but no more then that otherwise the event will scale up. you must organize your pods so that you can properly dps when ready. When all pods are dead dps the boss with the designated fighting strategy discussed above. Once all pods are destroyed the people killing the preservers are going to be steamrolled with a large influx of mobs they must call out if they need help but the commander must primarily focus on dpsing.

The bosses must be killed within 1 minute intervals of each other otherwise they will respawn. So once they reach critical HP you must halt all dps and wait for your fellow commanders to proceed.

The Mouth Of Mordremoth:


at this point each commander must spread out filling each island that are floating in the air you must use leyline gliding or updrafts to move from one island to the next. The boss has 5 phases

Phase 1 : The head will go to one island the 2 nearest islands will go to the island the head goes to in order to assist dps. The body of mouth of mordremoth will show up elsewhere same thing goes for the body the 2 nearest islands must converge with that island to assist dps

Phase 2 : Pods there will be pods that appear on every island, these must be killed. Simple.

Phase 3 : Legendaries that you just killed previously will spawn across particular islands all nearby islands must move to the respective legendary closest to them and kill within the given time limit if you do not kill within the time limit an entire island WILL BE DESTROYED

Phase 4: CC is imperative here make sure you have it for those that are farthest from the head that pops up at an island for this phase you must go to an island that a pact chopper fell and retrieve a bomb then take the bomb to the head and use it after 3 break bar phases occur, this phase is IMPORTANT for dps all islands MUST move to the island with the head this is where you do most of your damage so make sure you all move.

Phase 5: vineroots and wyvrens at a certain point of health instead of pods vineroots will spawn and wyvrens will occasionally lay lines of fire instantly killing your people be aware of these.

The vineroots react the same way as the pods just have more health then the pods so make sure each pod dies.

That’s it.. the phases are in an order in which i cannot remember so if you know the exact order let me know down below.

Good luck guys and reap the glorious loot from this amazing fight !