[AP] Guide to Leveling Masteries

Having reached level 161, I gets lots of questions on how. So I wrote this up for you all. No tl:dr.

Mastery points, Experience, and Time.

Mastery Points


You will need at least 112 of the 131 mastery points in the jungle, this is the real challenge. It might feel like you are being given loads of them at the start, but when you start spending 5,8, and 12 at a time they run out quickly. EVERY mastery point has an achievement directly related to it; every commune, every strongbox, every adventure, every story act. Simply open your achievement panel and look for the green mastery point on the categories to see where to obtain them. The communes on the world map are easy to understand how to get, go where it shows on the map, obtain point. Adventures are also really straight forward, get silver on an adventure: get a point; get gold: earn another point. Strongboxes are a little tricky as they are hidden, but you look at the achievement of each of them there will be a hint where they are located(or you can always just ask dulfy). Every outpost/pylon/camp has event chains, completing every event once will reward a mastery point; you can track which events you have done and need on the achievement related to the outpost. Personal story awards mastery points; be warned: completing all act 4 achievements will difficult due to needing to beat extreme mode on the last mission, but this is not necessary because there are more points in the jungle than you need to max out. Dragon’s Stand is a little different where the mastery points are done for doing side events; again, just track them in the achievement panel to remind yourself which ones you need.


Like the jungle mastery points, there are about 17 more points then you will need and all can be found on achievements. I logged in on patch day and had more than enough because I already completed most of the achievements in the game. If you are not so fortunate or new to the game, as with the jungle points, open your achievement panel and look for the red point icons. I looks like most of them are from completing achievements in the Hero panel. I would not recommend the achievement in the Fashion tab unless you are wealthy as it just a gold sink buying all the cultural armors.



There are two types of exp modifiers: All types of exp and Kill exp. All type exp comes from two sources: Experience Booster(rare) +50% and Ram’s Reward +10%. The bonus exp gained from these boosters apply to EVERYTHING: gathering, killing, events, map exploration/completion, map reward exp, adventure exp, ect. Those two are the most beneficial and should be used if you can. Experience boosts can be obtained directly from purchasing from the gem store, opening black lion chest, achievement milestones, laurels, or turning other boosters into enchanted boosts. Ram’s Reward is obtained from various fireworks listed on the wiki page for Ram’s Reward; these fireworks are from an old living world event and as such have to be bought from the trading post. They work just like the Experience booster(rare) and award 10% bonus exp to everything. You can quickly obtain the 2 hour buff by equipping a firework and just pressing drop bundle rapidly with 24 of them. To save on money: just use one right before an event finishes or before you accept reward for an adventure or map reward instead of spamming them for long buffs. Exp from kills comes from lots of source and helps with every enemy you get credit for killing. I’ll quickly go over the source and how to obtain them. Nourishment: normally 10% for each food and utility buffs; however, potions of slaying scarlet’s armies and halloween food give 15% each. An ascended amulet with a utility infusion can be slotted with a 20% kill exp at the laurel merchant. Birthday/celebration boosters obtained for character anniversaries or log in reward give 100% kill exp and can stack duration upto 7 days. Experience booster(fine) is obsolete and I believe only obtainable from enchanted reward boosters and gives 50% kill exp.

Bonus Exp

When a mob is left alive for a while I begins to accumulate bonus exp up to a cap of about 2.33 times the base exp of the mob for example a mob that would give 1000 exp will give 2300 bonus exp on top of the base 1000. When you are just running around from place to place kill EVERYTHING you come across and go out of your way to kill mobs you think other player will skip because they are out of the way. Most players run past enemies because they don’t want to be bothered with the 3 seconds of effort it takes to kill.


When at an event or just killing random mobs do NOT attack the same mob until it is dead, instead just hit a mob a couple times and move on to another one. AoEs help a ton. Being in a party with other players fighting the same mobs will further make tagging each one easier as you will only need to hit everyone once because party members damage will count as your for tagging when you both has hit the same enemy.


Exp comes from almost everything you do in game: gathering, killing mobs, completing events, ect. Here are some things players might not think about though: Adventures reset daily and give TONS of exp for each tier you can complete, so be sure to go do the adventures you enjoy or know you can complete well. You can repeat hero challenges(non-communes) when other players are doing them and they count as an event for exp. Reviving players and npcs also gives exp equal to about a kills worth, but when you see downed nps treat them just like a mob for tagging, just rez them a tiny bit and move onto another npc, you will get full exp credit when they do get rezzed. Map completion gives exp so the jungle is actually alt friendly.


It is going to take time. Players you see who are high mastery level have put in loads of hours and probably don’t have life at the moment, I know it took me about 72 hours in game playing time with every booster on to reach max maguuma mastery. Not everyone has a lifestyle where they can sit down and play the game for many hours a day and that is fine. Play the game your pace. Don’t look at it or make it a grind if you don’t want to grind, just play the game and enjoy the time you spend in the game.

Edit: forgot to mention my recommendation on what masteries to level up in order of importance in my opinion. As far as getting other mastery points and map completion goes, Rush gliding updrafts, Itzel Bouncing mushrooms, Exalted Markings, and Nuhoch Wallows. Then I would just continue to work on gliding and itzel until you get atleast Advanced Gliding, and Itzel Poison Lore before working on more exalted and Nuhoch. You will need Poison mastery for lots of areas/events/hero challenges/mastery once you get deeper in the jungle. More ranks of exalted doesnt really help as the vendors wont do you any good till later when you have earned more of the map currency, exalted assistance is really lackluster, exalted purification is just you get to fight a champion for a daily rare, and exalted gathering is really like end game collection completion. Same goes with Nuhoch mastery: vendors are in the same boat, you need lots of map currency, Stealth detection is just for some achievements and QoL fighting invis jungle mobs. Proving is same as exalted. And Nuhoch Alchemy isn’t nessisary ass chak are only mainly in one zone and you can mostly avoid their goop.