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[Gear] No-Nonsense Guide to Gearing Up at Level 80

You just reached level 80 on your first character and want to finally sort your equipment out, but when you look through the forums all you get is either too much information, too little information, or complete misinformation on how to gear up?

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

What stat combination should I buy?
For your first set on every class, always go for the Berserker’s prefix, which is Power/Precision/Ferocity. This is the best stat combination for general PvE, dungeons and world bosses. Having a full Berserker’s set will make it much easier to earn money, which you can then use to buy other gear in the future, such as Soldier’s or Power/Vitality/Toughness for World versus World.

Exception: Mesmers want Assassin’s to maximize reflect and overall damage. Warriors using Berserker (spec) also want Assassin’s, but the difference is very small.
Exception 2: Engineers and Rangers do better in condition damage gear, although power builds are possible. Viper, Sinister, Rampager in descending order of quality. Some of these are tricky to get.Viper currently does not give the proper condition duration increase.

Getting started before transitioning into proper gear
Once you hit 80, you probably don’t have enough gold or other currencies to buy everything on the list below, so do the following:
On the trading post, buy a full set of Masterwork Berserker’s Barbaric/Prowler/Feathered armor, Berserker’s Elder/Mithril weapons (every weapon your class can equip), and Ruby Mithril Amulet/Earrings/Rings of the Berserker. Buy 3 Major Runes of Strength and 3 Major Runes of Fire and put them on the armor. Buy a Major Sigil of Force and a Major Sigil of Accuracy for each of your weapon sets.
This will cost you about 1g.


Gold: Silverwastes, kill world bosses, or buy low and sell high on the trading post. There are many ways to make gold, but this is not a gold-making guide.
Laurels: Simply log in every day to collect your reward. Some of the chests contain laurels. Do not waste this currency. Spend your laurels combined with badges of honor on the laurel vendors in WvW, not the ones in major cities, to get the best deals.
Dungeon Tokens: Each unique explorable dungeon path you run per day awards you with 60 dungeon tokens. Running the same path more than once a day will lower your rewards. Citadel of Flame, Crucible of Eternity and Ruined City of Arah give tokens you can use to buy Berserker’s gear at the dungeon vendors in Vigil Keep. Always check to make sure you are buying the right armor class and stat combination.
Badges of Honor: WvW loot, gaining WvW levels, achievement chests, WvW jumping puzzles. If you want to primarily earn this currency by playing WvW, follow the transition gear advice above but buy gear with Soldier’s stats instead. The quickest way to farm these is in Edge of the Mists. Follow the commander.
Guild Commendations: Earned by participating in guild missions. You can get up to 6 a week in total. RPS runs the full set of guild missions every Sunday. Check the announcement thread for details.
Fractal Relics & Pristine Fractal Relics: Earned by running Fractals of the Mists. You will spend normal relics to buy a backpiece and infusions, and pristine relics to buy ascended rings in the future, but this is too advanced to be covered by this guide.
Karma: Events, hearts, fractals, various drops.
Hero Points: Hero challenges around the world. Challenges in Heart of Thorns areas are worth 10 points each.

Stat breakdown per gear type is about 50% for trinkets, 30% for Armor, 20% for weapons.
Check prices using http://www.gw2tp.com/


If you have run Citadel of Flame, Crucible of Eternity or Arah explorable paths:
Go to the dungeon token vendors in Vigil Keep, ask for armor, and click on the second tab.
A full set is 1380 tokens, which means 23 runs total.

If you only have gold:
On the trading post, put in buy orders for Berserker’s Draconic/Emblazoned/Exalted armor pieces. Buy orders for boxes of armor can be cheaper depending on the market.
A full set is about 30-33g for all armor classes.

If you have Badges of Honor from playing WvW or achievement chests:
Go into your server’s WvW borderland and speak to the armor vendor. Select the tab with Berserker’s gear.
A full set is 950 badges and 5g 44s.

If you have Karma: Go to the Temple of Grenth in the Cursed Shore. Keeper Jonez Deadrun sells Berserker’s armor. You might have to wait for the event chain.
A full set is 252,000 Karma. You cannot currently salvage these to get runes out!


If you have free Hero Points
Unlock the first ability for you elite specialization in the training tab. This gives you an exotic specialization weapon with some selectable stats.

If you love playing sPvP:
Go into Heart of the Mists and enable the Citadel of Flame, Crucible of Eternity or Ruined City of Arah reward track and finish PvP matches. Hotjoin (“Play Now”) games have a daily limit on reward points. If none of these reward tracks are currently on rotation, you need to finish the story mode of one of these dungeons first.
You can get three weapons on the reward track.

On the trading post, put in buy orders for Berserker’s Pearl weapons. Look out for bargain named power/precision/ferocity weapons that might be cheaper than Pearl.
Expect to spend 3g-8g per weapon.


Accessories (ascended):
Go to the Guild Commendation Trader in Vigil Keep and select the ‘Ascended Gear’ tab.
Buy Altheas Ashes and Magister’s Field Journal. Both together will cost you 10g and 24 commendations.

Amulet (ascended):
Go to the laurel vendor in your server’s borderland.
Buy a Distinguished Circle of Logic. This will cost you 20 Laurels and 250 Badges of Honor.

Rings (exotic):
On the trading post, put in a buy order for Ruby Orichalcum Rings.
Two rings will cost you about 9g.

Runes and Sigils

Here are some common PvE runes and sigils roughly sorted in order of importance for each class. Runes and sigils to the left tend to be part of the most effective builds, runes and sigils to the right are budget options or for more uncommon builds. Look up current class guides if you are unsure which to pick.

Before buying the runes or sigils outright, search for the suffix of the rune on the trading post and see if buying and salvaging exotic armor with a Black Lion kit won’t save you money.

Warrior: Strength (~80g), Aristocracy (720 CM tokens), any budget set.
Guardian: Scholar (~21g), Flame Legion (~8g)
Thief: Scholar (~30g), Eagle (6.6g), Rage (~1.5g), Infiltration (~72s)
Engineer: Berserker (~30g), Scholar (~21g), Eagle (~6.6g), Strength (~80g), Flame Legion (~8g)
Ranger : Berserker (~30g), Scholar (~21g), Ranger (~8.4g)
Elementalist: Scholar (~21g), Strength (~80g), Flame Legion (~8g), Ranger (~8.4g), Eagle (~6.6g), Rage (~1.5g)
Mesmer: Scholar (~21g), Chronomancer (~18g), Eagle (~6.6g), Rage (~1.5g), Centaur (~30s)
Necromancer: Strength (~80g), Aristocracy (720 CM tokens), Scholar (~21g)

Typical sigils include: Force (~9g), Night (~1.3g), Energy (~8.4g), Peril (~60s), Strength (~2g), Frailty (~5s), Slaying (diverse), Air (~4.2g)

Careful with karma armors: You cannot salvage these, so there is no way to get expensive runes back if you build your ascended armor!


Is crafting cheaper than buying on the trading post?
Usually not.
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