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[Guide] How to Farm Experience


Hey Guild Wars 2 community! I hit max mastery cap yesterday, and I decided to throw together a guide on how I was able to farm all of the experience needed to level up the masteries required. This method can be applied anywhere in game, but I will be using Maguuma (specifically Tangled Depths) as the primary example.

With this method I was able to achieve 2.5 million experience per hour, and that is not even with completely ideal circumstances. With minimal buffing (food, utility buff, birthday boost) rates of around 1.2 million experience per hour can be achieved.

I want to add that this guide is just to explain how to grind out experience as fast as possible. By no means should you feel required to use this method, if you want to take the content at your own pace and get masteries through other methods like completing events and doing adventures, then do that!

Experience Modifiers

In Guild Wars 2 there are a variety of boosters that players can use to increase the amount of experience they gain from everything, or exclusively kills. Below is a list of all the XP boosters I used to farm Maguuma

Modifier XP Gain Duration
NEW Booster +50% AND Killstreak (+100% at 10 stacks) 2 hours
OLD Booster +50% 1 hour
Guild XP Gain Depends on Enhancements unlocked. Starts at 3% 24 hours
Spicy Pumpkin Cookie +15% 45 minutes
Sharpening Skull (Utility) +10% 30 minutes
Birthday Booster +100% 24 hours
Lunar New Year Fireworks +10% 5 minutes (stacks to 2 hours)
XP Infusion +20% from kills n/a
  • Celebration Boosters can be used instead of Birthday Boosters, they just last for 1 hour instead
  • I used Spicy Pumpkin Cookies, but Halloween food is all +15% as opposed to other foods which are +10%
  • Any utility will work, the Sharpening Skulls were just extremely cheap
  • The NEW XP booster has the killstreak booster wrapped up in it as well.
  • The OLD XP Boosters can be obtained via Enchanted Reward Boost. It is the 3rd option from the top. Enchanted Reward Boost also lets you pick the NEW XP booster, but only at 20 minute durations. If you can afford it, I would go with the Laurel Merchant Experience Booster. It lasts 10 minutes longer for the same effect.
  • NOTE: You dont HAVE to use any of the expensive or hard to get boosters if you dont want to, it will just take you longer. I tested this method using just food, utility consumable, and one birthday booster and still got a decent amount of experience overall.
  • The Guild experience booster is AMAZING. It is free after your guild unlocks the functionality, and it is a free 24 hour buff that you can go back and get forever. It starts out at 3% and will increase up to 10% depending on your guild’s enhancement level. It also seems to be an additive 3% boost instead of a multiplicative (meaning it adds the 3% to the bonus experience instead of multiplying the 3% into the other boosts)

The Strategy

This method is a mob grinder, meaning that you kill mobs for experience. Players are rewarded flat experience from killing most monsters not spawned by events. This amount on its own is not extremely impressive, but with all of the boosts listed above, it gets kind of crazy. The experience modifiers alter the BONUS experience that you gain from killing mobs, and this number fluctuates DRASTICALLY from monster to monster. This is due to the way bonus experience is determined by Guild Wars 2. For example, at 100% mob age I would get ~7k bonus XP, and brand new I would get ~900. (NOTE: this is BONUS experience, so total experience per kill is up to ~8k for buffed, and ~2k unbuffed)

For simplicity, bonus experience increases over time as a mob “exists” in the zone. If a monster was killed recently, it will give less experience than one that has been on a map for say 20 minutes. I am not 100% sure how long a mob needs to be in a map to reach 100% bonus, but it is not too long (between 15 and 30 minutes in most cases). Keep in mind that events will despawn certain monsters, and sometimes monsters will randomly despawn and then respawn (which resets the experience gained from mobs)

Farming experience from mobs then is simply the task of finding packs of creatures in random parts of maps that are not normally killed by players, and then killing them. There are 2 great type of mob clusters that are great for this:

  1. Yellow Tags. Neutral monsters are killed by normal players very rarely, and they are a great source of good bonus experience because of this. Example: the Green Moas located at the SCAR outpost
  2. Nook Packs. This is any group of monsters that is considered “off the beaten path”. Basically any area that players dont generally tend to explore. The mobs here will give the best amount of bonus experience. Example:this spider “cove” in a tunnel system.

The BEST strategy for farming mobs in any situation though, is to do it on maps with the least amount of players. Obviously the less players there are on a map, the better experience you should get over a wide spread of monsters. Because of this, I have almost exclusively spent my time in Tangled Depths. It is widely considered to be the least popular map out of a majority of people in the community, and the Chak meta event is the only one not completed on a regular basis. This strategy should always be your first thought when picking a map to farm.

So, you picked out a few target groups of mobs, now what? Well, now you have to figure out a good route to get there! This is pretty straightforward and easy to create. Start at a waypoint and kill EVERY mob on the way to your target pack. This will keep your killstreak boost up, and will give you a good amount of experience as well. You may decide to skip certain trouble mobs (like veterans if they take too long). With your route, you can try to plan it along a certain event chain to get some nice bonus experience if the event is completed by someone else. It all adds up. Bonus chests from event credit in Tangled Depths would always add a nice little 8,000 experience boost to my farming.


In this section I will explain some of the specifics behind my Tangled Depths Route

Treasure Mushrooms. Treasure Mushrooms are overpowered. Each kill on a treasure mushroom with boosts gives around 25,000 experience per kill. The first time you kill that specific Treasure Mushroom that day, you will get a bonus of around 24,000 experience, totaling to almost 50,000 experience per kill. This being said there was only onetreasure mushroom on my route, but it was generally up almost every time I came back to it. To kill treasure mushrooms you need Nuhoch t4 (stealth detection). This being said, they have a considerable amount of HP and take a while to kill, so they are not required, I just liked killing the one in my route for some bonus experience.

I wont give away my FULL route (it will be easy once this guide comes out to figure out what it is anyway), but I will give out 2 of my 4 paths.

  1. This path starts at the Lay-Line Confluence Waypoint, and works itself around the center leading up a path.ROUTE. This is a rough illustration, I for the most part go from mob to mob in the area, and then once I make a full circle, I head up the path at the end.
  2. This path starts at the Teku Nohock Waypoint, spirals up and then goes through the left side cave system. The path goes to the spider cove linked above, and then hits the cave crabs down by the Wallow. ROUTE.

My specific route had 4 sections with 4 Waypoints, and after I finished them I would just loop back around and start over again.

Final Remarks

So I expect my specific farming of Tangled Depths to become inefficient after this comes out, but eventually TD will return to normal. The main purpose of this guide is to EXPLAIN how to mob farm for experience in Guild Wars 2. The strategies used for my route in TD can easily be adapted to any map you want to, you just have to follow the basic principles.

I generally farmed alone or with one other person sometimes, but I DID try a 4 man party one time. Its hard to “tag” mobs so that everyone can get credit, and generally you plow through everything too fast, so by the time you loop around mobs will give much less bonus experience. I personally believe that solo is the best way to do this far, but adding one extra person may benefit you if you both coordinate well enough.

Good luck to everyone trying to max their Masteries, and I hope this guide format will help you understand how to effectively farm experience in Guild Wars 2.