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Efficient Noxious POD MAP

Alright you baka-chans.

It is I! Your beloved Charrmander!

I do Dragon Stand daily with over 5 runs a day all successful I am also open to helping people learn these events and honestly others as well not just HoT.

The Snapshot below starts you off at the the RED dot.
[Central Advance Camp]

You follow the route in line order from 1-45 Please NOTE
Out of the 45+ that can possibly spawn only 15-20 actually appear!
You HAVE to grab the Mordi chest as soon as possible and gather to make your run this run takes exactly 10-13 minutes, this is by far the most efficient 15+ Noxious Pod route that I personally have come up with.

These are all common spawns they are 100% accurately pinpointed (Hold CTRL) to highlight as it. You have a 15 min timer needed to find them and will have 4 minutes remaining once you return to the [Central Advance Camp] which gives you just enough time to grab the Rooted Corpse HP and 2 other HPs below [Central Advance Camp] and[Southern Advance Camp]

Happy Gaming and also if you by chance want to get into one of our organized runs drop me a line in game or ask for a guild invite it’s way more easier to organize while you are in

~ Deadly Cuddles


This shows you just how efficient this route is and where exactly the possible spawns, spawn to.