[Gear] Guides to Elite Spec Asc Weapons and Armor Skins

Mesmer Horologicus

Since there has been some guides of the Specialization here is one for the Mesmer Horologicus. You can unlock this collection by getting the elite specialization of the mesmer.

EDIT1: Thanks to HammerQQ for the info in the Collection.




Daredevil Bo

I’m almost done with my Daredevil’s Bo staff so I thought I’d share a mini guide how to get these mostly great looking skins/ascended weapons.


I’ll go through the items from top left to bottom right.

1- You get basic staff skin via unlocking specialization with 30 hero points.

2, 3 and 5- These are random world drops from the specific mobs, they drop quite often so it won’t take you long to get these.

4- Corresponding Mystic weapon skin, they are quite easy to craft and not that expensive, hopefully they won’t get manipulated as more players will try to craft them for collection.

6- Specific Inscription bought from the vendor that spawns at the end of the Dragon’s Stand Meta event. They cost 26silver and 50 Crystalline ore. The ore can be “farmed” from Noxious pods in th Dragon’s Stand, mainly after the completion of the Meta event on these two spots that I know of.

7- Silver adventure reward from the specific adventure. Bo has Bugs in the Branches which is quite easy, some of these might be a little bit locked behind masteries.

8- Gift of gliding obtained after unlocking Stealth Gliding mastery, you have to use stealth while gliding with specific profession of your weapon you are working towards.

9- This is bought from the Itzel NPC. It costs 300 airship parts and few silver. You need to be able to talk to Itzel NPCs but that probably won’t be a problem since other collection items usually require even higher mastery rank.

10- This one can be mined from any ore node in Auric Basin after you max out your Exalted Mastery. I got all 9 collection items from the first node I’ve found.

11- Invisible Mushroom Spore obtained by defeating Treasure Mushroom. You need Itzel stealth detection mastery for this one. The Mushroom is considered as daily event so if you are working towards multiple collections you need to kill it more times over the few days or kill different ones. When you kill it the Spore will only count towards one of the collections randomly. Here are 3 locations for the Treasure Mushrooms that I know of and are quite easy to reach:Verdant Brink, bring a friend to deal with adds, Auric Basin, few adds around, probably can be soloed, Tangled Depths, pretty easy in the Grub Pit

12- Specific armor skin obtained after unlocking full specialization.

13- Map completion in the Magus Falls with the character you are working towards. It says “on a Magus Fall map” so I’m hoping that you only need one. Verdant Brink is pretty easy but my thief has Tyrian world completion and currently there is a bug that it prevents you from getting the map completion rewards in MFalls.

14- Machined weapon skin which you get by completing its collection. To start collection you need to buy its Plated version from the vendor that again spawns after finishing Dragon’s Stand Meta event. 2h weapons cost 150 of each map specific tokens and 3 Reclamied parts, 1h weapons cost 100 tokens and 2 parts. Reclaimed parts are obtained by salvaging Reclaimed weapons that drop all around Magus Falls. Rare weapons have very high chance but they are quite rare (their price sky rocketed when people found out how to get them) but they can be salvaged also from fine and masterwork ones but the chance is really low :(. Pay attention if you get them because they don’t go into any wallet and you can accidentally vendor them.

14a- First 3 items are bought from map vendors, I didn’t write down their cost but I think it was 250 or 300 for each one of them.

14b- Charged Oiled weapon part. You can craft this with corresponding 400 craft, recipes are learned automatically. You need 5 Lineseed Oils for them (5×20 Flax seeds, 5×5 Milling stones and 5×1 Milling basin) and few Tier 6 materials like wood/orichalcum/leather depending on the weapon. After you carft it take it to any Chanelling Hero point in Magus Falls, e.g. the one next to the Lute playing Itzel Scout in Verdant Brink.

14c- Second weapon part. Description says it can be found in Noxious Pods in Dragon’s Stand but I got mine from the big chest after the Meta event there. I got it the first time but I have no idea if the chance is 100% or not.

Mastery requirements: Gliding IV, Itzel II but IV might come in handy (don’t remember correctly but some of the Noxious Pods are in poisoned areas), Exalted V, Nuhoch IV (so that you can see the invisible Treasure Mushrooom).

I hope you have fun and luck with your collections. I just need to farm 25 more Crystalline ores from the Noxious Pods and wait for ANet to fix the map completion reward bug.




Druid Yggdrasil

http://imgur.com/U6BkT9p As I am reaching completion of the Druid’s specialization weapon, I thought that I would write up a semi-short guide so people won’t have to go in blind like I did.

Druid’s Staff: Start the Druid Elite Specialization.

Nature Spirit: An exotic drop from Oakhearts anywhere in Tyria.

Oakheart Sprout: Purchased from Aidem Finlay (http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Aidem_Finlay#vendor7) for 2,310 Karma.

Mystic Staff: Created in the Mystic Forge. (http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mystic_Staff)

Friendly Mushroom Spirit: An exotic drop from Mushrooms in any Magus Falls area.

Druid’s Inscription: Purchased from the Dragon’s Stand meta event vendor for 50 crystalline ore.

Beetle Feast: Silver: Get a silver ranking in the Beetle Feast adventure.

Gift of Gliding: Complete Gliding Mastery level 4.

Itzel Horticulture Lesson: Purchased from an Itzel Mastery Vendor (Itzel Lore Mastery level 2 required) for 300 Airship Parts.

Auric Sharpening Stone: Mine any ore node in Auric Basin after completing Exalted Lore Mastery level 5.

Invisible Mushroom Spore: Dropped from a Treasure Mushroom after completing Nuhoch Lore Mastery level 4.

Druid’s Shoulderguards: Complete the Druid Elite Specialization.

Ranger’s Cache: Complete any of the Magus Falls maps on a ranger. (If you have completed the Tyria map completion on the ranger you’re using then you won’t get one and will have to wait for a bug fix)

Machined Staff: Complete the Machined Staff Basic Collection.

~Machined Staff Collection~

Plated Staff: Purchased from the Dragon’s Stand meta event vendor for 150 Airship Parts, 150 Lumps of Aurillium, 150 Ley Line Crystals, and 3 Reclaimed Plates. (You get these from salvaging rare Reclaimed Weapons, but don’t worry about the drop rate the ratio is 1:1)

Airship-Grade Staff Gear: Purchased from an Itzel Mastery Vendor for 250 Airship Parts. (Requires Itzel Lore Mastery level 2)

Auric Staff Shielding: Purchased from an Exalted Mastery Vendor for 250 Lumps of Aurillium. (Requires Exalted Lore Mastery level 2)

Ley-Line Staff Core: Purchased from a Nuhoch Mastery Vendor for 250 Ley Line Crystals. (Requires Nuhoch Lore Mastery level 3)

Charged Staff Head: Crafted from Artificer level 400 with 2 Ancient Wood Planks and 5 Vials of Linseed Oil, to make an Oiled Ancient Staff Head, which then needs to be charged at a commune hero point in any Magus Falls map. (Alternatively, the Oiled Ancient Staff Head can be purchased on the Trading Post)

Machined Staff Haft: Contained in Noxious Pods in Dragon’s Stand. (Also can be obtained from the Dragon’s Stand meta event chest)

Hope this guide helps!