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[AP] All Adventures in Gold Guide

Verdant Brink Adventures

Bugs in the Branches

  • Silver Difficulty: 2/10 (20 bugs in 2:05)
  • Gold Difficulty: 3/10 (30 bugs in 2:05) (farmable)
  • Required Masteries: Updraft (Gliding 2)
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: Bouncing Mushrooms (Itzel 1) for the fast route, Lean Techniques (Gliding 3) for more midair precision and a faster route.
  • Availability: Verdant Brink Daytime.
  • Location {video}: Northeast. I usually go there after doing the Flax farm, or by walking east from the Jaka itzel Waypoint, or by walking north from the ShipWreck Peak Waypoint (the initial starting area).
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: flying accuracy, laggy area, some tightrope running accuracy
  • Getting Gold: Start by walking forward (collecting 1 bug) and using the bouncing mushroom. Walk forward to the next bouncing mushroom (collecting 4 more bugs) and jump onto it. Hold Spacebar to interrupt the bounce and deploy your wings and make a sharp right turn towards the top of the tree. You can collect 10 more bugs up there all within a short time period. From there, jump back down and collect more bugs until you get 30 (five in the lower branches, and 10 scattered throughout).
  • More Tips: There are more than 30 bugs available, which makes this Gold more forgiving, but you will have to memorize their locations.
    – Super Advanced Tip: Dodge-jumping onto a Bouncing Mushroom lets you cancel out of it quicker, to shave another second off your time
  • My Video GUIDE: Bugs in the Branches – GUIDE for Gold
  • My Video: Bugs in the Branches – 1:06
    Bugs in the Branches – 1:00
  • My Best Gold: 30 bugs in 0:57 {video}

Flying Circus

  • Silver Difficulty: 4/10 (Finish in 2:30)
  • Gold Difficulty: 4/10 (Finish in 2:00) (farmable)
  • Required Masteries: Updraft (Gliding 2)
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: Advanced Gliding (Gliding 5) to not fall to your death and to take the faster route.
  • Availability: Verdant Brink Daytime.
  • Location {video}: Northwest, very high. You can fly there with updrafts from the Lost Precipice guild hall, or try the often contested Mellaggan’s Valor Waypoint and take the bouncing mushroom up there.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: heavy flying accuracy, laggy area, occasional glider deployment/movement issues
  • Getting Gold: Walk forward and fall through the 1st checkpoint, then fly through the 2nd and 3rd. Land on the ledge and jump through the 4th, hitting the updraft. Be sure to dodge in mid-air to activiate stealth so the Sniper doesn’t kill you. After the 5th checkpoint there is a huge updraft. Instead of continuing forward, go right towards the land and there is an entrance in the cliff with an alternative 6th checkpoint. If you learn how to navigate this cave and pop out the other side, it should be an easy breeze to gold.
  • More Tips: The yellow cubes shoot you in the direction that you were facing when gliding into them (they don’t trigger if you fall into them), so position and aim yourself before reaching them. But it’s not a big deal to hit these if you take the shortcut. The purple teleport ability (that gives you a ground-targetted 1 skill) is only really useful on that first ledge to shave a few seconds of running, and at the very end to hit the last checkpoint (land after hitting the 2nd to last checkpoint, then teleport forward onto the log where it touches the bottom of the checkpoint ring). Walk back and forth until the goal line registers.
  • Representative Video: see below
  • My Best Gold: Finish in 1:24 {video}

Tendril Torchers

  • Silver Difficulty: 3/10 (75 tendrils in 2:00)
  • Gold Difficulty: 4/10 (110 tendrils in 2:00) (annoying, but farmable for some)
  • Required Masteries: None
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: Bouncing Mushrooms (Itzel 1) to get to the plateau with tons of tendrils.
  • Availability: Verdant Brink Daytime.
  • Location {video}: East, just south of ShipWreck Peak waypoint.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: laggy area, Action Camera
  • Getting Gold: There are more than 110 tendrils, but you don’t have to memorize the location of all 110, just get a general idea of where to torch. Mostly you just use the 1 skill (rather, spam left mouse button while in Action Camera) while swinging the mouse around and jumping. Detonate the unexploded shots strategically (you should memorize where these are and what their explosion radius is). Clean the starting area for about 15-20 tendrils (be sure to jump on the cog and aim up to clear the ones hanging on the above branch). Continue into the ship including going up the stairs and hitting the 8-pack on the wall and several easy tendrils hanging above. Exit out the back while clearing the unexploded shots, getting you to about 50 tendrils. Jump on the bouncing mushroom onto the plateau and clear it out, going in a big clockwise circle. This gets you to about 95. Jump back down and torch while running down the hill until 110.
  • More Tips: You can shoot through walls. You can hit tendrils that are still underground if you know their location. You can dodge to evade the unexploded shots if you are too close, but the reaction time given is slim. There are definitely people out there who love to speedrun this Adventure, especially with how cutthroat the 2:00 time limit is, but it’s not on the top of my list. I’ve grown to appreciate it more though, since making my guide.
  • My video GUIDE: Tendril Torchers – GUIDE for Gold
  • My video: Tendril Torchers – 1:28
  • My Best Gold: 110 tendrils in 1:22

Salvage Pit

  • Silver Difficulty: 0/10 (15 salvage in 2:00)
  • Gold Difficulty: 1/10 (30 salvage in 2:00) (super farmable)
  • Gold Difficulty with other people: 5/10 (HARD MODE)
  • Required Masteries: None
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: None, but Speed Mushrooms (Itzel 3) helps improve your time.
  • Availability: Verdant Brink Daytime.
  • Location {video}: Southeast. If the Shrouded Ruins Waypoint is not contested there’s a good chance this Adventure is open too. Walk east. Or fly west of Tendril Torchers across the series of updrafts then walk west and glide down to the starting flag.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: OTHER PEOPLE. See below.
  • Getting Gold: There are exactly 30 pieces of Salvage in random locations. Just hold down W and run around in a fairly decent pattern through the small circular room while spamming F. You can dodge roll if needed, but you are given plenty of warning before getting hit by an acid attack or the AOE knockback. But for real: if you can’t get Gold on this Adventure then you do not have the computer/Internet connection/skill required to do Adventures, and I recommend not frustrating yourself trying to do them.
    – Unless…. you are doing this Adventure while other people are doing it. And everyone is dying. Then all bets are off. If it’s just 1 or 2 it’s about the same but if it’s more… just check out the BONUS video.
  • More Tips: Start the Adventure, grab the furthest Speed Mushroom (there should be two or three that spawn in random locations), reset, then Play again. You’ll start with the Speed buff and can get a pretty fast time if the spawn locations are good. Use dodge roll offensively to move faster and cancel the Pick Up animation to shave time off the clock as well.
  • Representative Video: Really?
  • My Best Gold: 30 salvage in 0:31 {video}
  • BONUS Video: 30 salvage in 0:43 {video, HARD MODE}

Shooting Gallery – (Nerfed on 4/19/2016!)

  • Silver Difficulty: 9/10 (30 dummies in 2:00)
  • Gold Difficulty: 10/10 (40 dummies in 2:00) (garbage RNG)
  • Getting Gold: Don’t bother. Even getting Bronze is a worthy enough achievement. In the beginning you can memorize the spawn locations, then you just need to execute, but even then the action camera and ping all have to cooperate. Then to get Gold the last dummies appear in random locations.
  • More Tips: Only the most hardcore will love this, but otherwise spare yourself the misery and move on. This adventure obviously needs to be adjusted.
  • Silver Difficulty: 8/10 (30 dummies in 2:30)
  • Gold Difficulty: 9/10 (40 dummies in 2:30)
  • Required Masteries: None
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: Patience Level 7, 360noscopeMLG Level 420
  • Availability: Verdant Brink Daytime, locked during some events due to needing to use that space.
  • Location {video}: South. Fly southeast of Faren’s Flyer Waypoint.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: Action camera, minimap awareness, lag/ping
  • Getting Gold: The first 20 spawn locations are still fixed and need to be memorized. The extra 30 second nerf was a good start towards making this Adventure more friendly. The biggest change on 4/19/2016, however, was that the dummies after the 30th start spawning super fast without waiting for the prior to get hit, so going from Silver to Gold you are no longer aiming at just one dummy that spawns in an RNG location, but rather a whole bunch of dummies which you can see on the minimap and are free to pick and choose the easiest shots.
  • More Tips: On the downside, here’s everything I had to do to earn Gold in this Adventure: Use Action Camera in 1st person mode, custom adjust the near Vertical camera height, switch to a different profile on my mouse, and adjust to a lower DPI setting. It’s kinda ridiculous, and dampens my drive to improve my score.
  • Representative Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FjaVIG-6Qc
  • My Best Gold: 40 dummies in 2:20 {video}



  1. Auric Basin Adventures

    Note: As of 4/19/2016, it looks like all Auric Basin Adventures are open all the time. This is probably a bug, but enjoy it while it lasts

    The Floor is Lava? – (Nerfed on 4/19/2016!)

    • Silver Difficulty: 7/10 (15 spores in 2:00)
    • Gold Difficulty: 9/10 (25 spores in 2:00) (easier with planned route)
    • Silver Difficulty: 6/10 (15 spores in 2:15)
    • Gold Difficulty: 8/10 (25 spores in 2:15)
    • Required Masteries: None
    • Actual Masteries for Gold: Speed Mushrooms (Itzel 3) for the bouncing mushroom pathing and to shave seconds
    • Location {video}: Northwest, goto Wanderer’s Waypoint (starting area) and jump south all the way to the ground level. There is a cave to the west that leads to the starting flag.
    • Techniques and Other Difficulties: pure memorization and execution
    • Getting Gold: Don’t get me wrong, this Adventure is still hard even after the nerf. But it’s slightly more fair. It’s a lot of holding down W while spamming F, but with a strategic route in mind. Watching YouTube videos of runs is now only somewhat meaningless without memorizing all 25 fruit locations and all 25 of their spore cluster locations.
    • More Tips: Just lookup the map on the wiki if you’re interested. This is not my cup of tea, but I can see how this one could be fun for those that are interested, and even easier for others than the rating would imply. As of 4/19/2016, The 15 extra seconds allowed me to get my first Gold medal. I used the 1:47 video as a guide.
    • Representative Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSNixyMwmBE
      – or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U_xTgoUI7g
      – the 1:47 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZz-XfFpCxc
    • My Video: The Floor is Lava – 2:02
    • My Best Gold: 25 spores in 2:01

    Sanctum Scramble

    • Silver Difficulty: 8/10 (Finish in 3:00)
    • Gold Difficulty: 6/10 (Finish in 2:35) (yes, Gold is easier. Read below to find out how)
    • Required Masteries: Heart of Thorns Act 2 Chapter 8 (the egg bearer chapter)
    • Actual Masteries for Gold: Lean Techniques or Advanced Gliding (Gliding 3 or 5)
    • Location {video}: Center, under Tarir. If you have the Gilded Hallow guild hall you can just walk out and walk to it for free.
    • Techniques and Other Difficulties: tightrope running accuracy, flying accuracy, heavy skill usage
    • Getting Gold: The key is to not only use your 1, 2, and 3 skills as much as possible, but to combine them with each other along with jumping and gliding. Once you get comfortable doing this, the path upwards is fairly straightforward with decent room for error. As time goes on you will get more comfortable with the tightrope walking and gliding. The trick to pushing past silver and into gold is to re-think the entire Adventure: this is NOT a timed jumping puzzle, it’s a gliding puzzle. Here’s a list of all the techniques I use:
      – Use the 3 skill to shoot forward by aiming on the ground
      – Use the 3 skill to shoot high up by aiming on a wall or ledge
      – Hold Spacebar after using 1 or 3 to Deploy Glider
      – While gliding, press 2 to Surge forwards without falling
      – After pressing 2, press 2 again to cancel the skill, on the ground or midair. This shortens the cooldown from 10 seconds to 4 seconds. For maximum use, wait for your wings to finish the flapping animation the second time before pressing 2 to cancel. Note: This also puts a 1 second global cooldown on your other abilities.
      – Press 2, then 1 to do a super jump while still Surging forward, then 2 to cancel the Surge
      – Use the 3 skill while in mid-air, e.g. while gliding, press Spacebar to fall then quickly aim and cast 3 to shoot upwards. Usually only used to save yourself from falling.
      – Dodge-roll forwards before pressing 1 to jump higher. Useful for margin of error and optimizing your path. Is also useful if you do it really quickly and make your character look cool by front flipping while deploying wings.
      – Press 1, then aim and cast 3 while in mid-air, then hold Spacebar until you start gliding, then press 2. Not really useful except to be super pro.
    • More Tips: If you haven’t already, turn on Lock Ground Target at Maximum Skill Range in your game Options panel to help you use the 3 skill. This should probably be turned on by default and is useful pretty much everywhere in GW2, but I digress. There are some key shortcuts, but it’s better to just watch videos of this one to learn tricks in certain segments. There are also some semi-blind jumps due to tree leaves and the waterfall blocking your camera. And yes, this is one of my favorite Adventures to run.
    • My Video GUIDE: Sanctum Scramble – GUIDE for Gold
    • Other Representative Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqkmJ92L95s
    • My Best Gold: Finish in 1:49 {video}

    On Wings of Gold

    • Silver Difficulty: 2/10 (20 anomalies in 3:00)
    • Gold Difficulty: 2/10 (30 anomalies in 3:00) (farmable)
    • Required Masteries: Updraft (Gliding 2)
    • Actual Masteries for Gold: Advanced Gliding (Gliding 5). Lean Techniques (Gliding 3) may be fine too, now that there’s another updraft to help you get over to that area.
    • Location {video}: Center, way above Tarir. Starting from the Northgate glide southeast to where all the updrafts are.
    • Techniques and Other Difficulties: laggy area, heavy flying accuracy
    • Getting Gold: Mostly memorization. Pickup all the orbs before going back to the drop-off point. Start by flying forwards and collecting 8 orbs (close glider then use the updraft). Turn around and fly towards a series of 4 more updrafts (with 3 more orbs) that all lead upwards and above the starting flag, towards a column of 5 orbs that you can fall on to start with 16 total orbs really quickly, then you just find 14 more in midair (all have fixed spawn locations).
    • More Tips: There is more than enough time to get the gold, and there are more than 30 orbs, just find a comfortable route and know where the updrafts are. You can always see how many orbs you have via the number on the buff you get per orb.
    • Representative Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcqAKRCk2fk
    • Lifetime Rank 1 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyOAuIHkxl0
    • My video: On Wings of Gold – 0:51
    • My Best Gold: 30 anomalies in 0:50

    Fallen Masks – (“Nerfed” on 4/19/2016)

    • Silver Difficulty: 6/10 (15 masks in 3:00)
    • Gold Difficulty: 10/10 (25 masks in 3:00) (garbage RNG)
    • Silver Difficulty: 5/10 (15 masks in 3:15)
    • Gold Difficulty: 10/10 (25 masks in 3:15) (STILL garbage RNG)
    • Required Masteries: Bouncing Mushrooms (Itzel 1), Exalted Acceptance (Exalted 2)
    • Actual Masteries for Gold: Speed Mushrooms (Itzel 3), Superluck Level 777
    • Location {video}: Center, just NW of Tarir, talk to the Exalted to get into the room. But who cares.
    • Techniques and Other Difficulties: laggy area, heavy tightrope running accuracy, RNG, minimap awareness
    • Getting Gold: Even getting Silver (15 masks) is quite the task given only 3 very quick minutes. Even if your computer can handle all the mushroom textures, even if your connection gives you a nice ping, even if you are the speedrun master, it still comes down to RNG on the mask spawn locations. The game can simply and does often give you an unwinnable combination.
    • More Tips: Grab the Silver and just skip this until it is fixed. This is one of the Adventures that gives Adventures a bad rap. As of 4/19/2016, it is still miserable.
    • Representative Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjDgjmBJCEQ
      – or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55ggcWdVzUU

    A Fungus Among Us

    • Silver Difficulty: 9/10 (Finish in 1:40)
    • Gold Difficulty: 9/10 (Finish in 1:25) (for the hardcore)
    • Required Masteries: None
    • Actual Masteries for Gold: Speed Mushrooms (Itzel 3) help out a ton.
    • Location {video}: Southwest, west of the Southgate. You have to jump up annoying mushrooms on an annoying tree root to get to the starting flag.
    • Techniques and Other Difficulties: heavy tightrope running accuracy, heavy skill usage, some laggy area
    • Getting Gold: There is no easy way, this is a pure speedrun with a razor-thin margin of error. Even the 2:00 Bronze is an accomplishment, but after practice with the skills that Gold feels all the better. Start by spamming the 1 skill and picking up the 1st checkpoint and Speed Mushroom. When you pass the 2nd checkpoint, use the 2 skill to launch over to the right (Press 2 with some room in front of you, wait until you land and the icon changes, then press 2 to ground target and then cast it. Once again, the Lock Ground Target at Maximum Skill Range option really helps here). When you have Speed Mushrooms your 1 and 2 skills go farther. Additionally, you won’t get slowed by water. There is a somewhat hidden 2nd Speed Mushroom behind the waterfall to the left.
    • More Tips: There are a few key shortcuts, notably the section near the end where you can’t just jump through it and have to use the 1 and/or 2 skills somewhere, but I recommend just watching YouTube videos on it.
      – The most important shortcut is going from the 2nd to last checkpoint to the finish line, which an be done by using the 2 skill as you pass the checkpoint and jumping the gap to hit the finish line directly.
      – Also, the “get a speed mushroom then start the Adventure” trick does work to shave a few seconds. If you get the same mushroom, wait until there are 3 seconds left on the buff then hit Play. This will let the buff run out right when you can pick it up again.
      – I’ve practiced and optimized this Adventure a ton and my best is only 8 seconds better than Gold. Honestly even 2:00 may be too hard for Gold, and it probably needs to be changed.
    • My Video GUIDE: A Fungus Among Us – GUIDE for Gold v2
    • My Best Gold: Finish in 1:07 {video}



Tangled Depths Adventures

Beetle Feast

  • Silver Difficulty: 3/10 (20 mushrooms in 3:00)
  • Gold Difficulty: 4/10 (30 mushrooms in 3:00) (a bit of everything, but is farmable)
  • Required Masteries: None
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: Speed Mushrooms (Itzel 3) help out a ton.
  • Availability: Pre-Chak Gerent
  • Location {video}: North, just above and North of the Teku Nuhoch Waypoint. Glide there or use the bouncing mushrooms.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: laggy area, skill usage, some tightrope running accuracy
  • Getting Gold: Start by killing the enemy mushrooms in the starting area before starting the Adventure. The spawn locations of the collectible mushrooms are fixed but their type is randomized between blue powerup, yellow points, and green poison. You will need to know most of the spawn locations, at least know where to glance with the camera, because sometimes only 30 yellow mushrooms spawn and if you miss one before moving to the next section you can’t really go back. Most of this Gold medal is just learning the skill abilities, then disregarding them all. You do need to save up and use the 2 skill in two places to get past the gate. You can press 2 several seconds before to begin evading, then move underground for quite a while. Dodgeroll liberally to avoid damage that slows you down. Also the 3 skill (stealth) and 4 skill (teleport) can be used to optimize personal bests.
  • More Tips: Another tricky section is when you have to jump across branches over a deep pit, often while your character model is stealthed. Following the branch on the right side is the safest bet.
  • My Video: Beetle Feast – 1:57
  • My Best Gold: 30 mushrooms in 1:48

The Ley-Line Run

  • Silver Difficulty: 4/10 (Finish in 1:30)
  • Gold Difficulty: 4/10 (Finish in 0:45) (actually farmable)
  • Required Masteries: None
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: None
  • Availability: Pre-Chak Gerent
  • Location {video}: West, west of Ogre Camp Waypoint. Follow the river to the vista, jump off, then head south to the Chak area with Red lighting, and jump off onto the ledge with the starting flag. You can also take the Nuroch Wallow down to Ogre Lane then the bouncing mushroom up which lands you right next to the flag.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: heavy skill usage, tightrope running accuracy
  • Getting Gold: Start each race by spamming the 1 skill. You only need the 1 and 3 skills. Get familiar with how far the 1 skill surges you forward. If you hit a yellow spark during that surge, it will boost you up and across in a predetermined direction. Get comfortable with the 3 skill and it’s range too. You only get to use each ability once, until you pass a checkpoint or press F when passing the golden marking on the ground. If you figure out how to hit the five sparks with the 1 skill that pretty much gives you the gold.
  • More Tips: If you spam F onto a golden marking, there is a “bug” which lets you keep the skills but instead they go on cooldown. This helps shave several seconds off the time, but isn’t necessary. Also you can use your 3 teleport and have a brief second to move afterwards, i.e. use the 3 skill just before crossing the very first checkpoint, then walk through the checkpoint as the teleport animation is happening to refresh your skills, then be teleported to the new location, all within a second. Also have I mentioned Lock Ground Target at Maximum Skill Range yet?
  • My Video GUIDE: The Ley-Line Run – GUIDE for Gold
  • Representative Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEaFQBWzoEg (easier route)
    – or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNRV6dyZw8k (hard route)
  • My Best Gold: Finish in 0:25 {video}

Drone Race

  • Silver Difficulty: 1/10 (Finish in 2:00)
  • Gold Difficulty: 2/10 (Finish in 1:20) (super farmable)
  • Required Masteries: None
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: None. Poison Mastery (Itzel 4) helps make it even easier.
  • Availability: Pre-Chak Gerent, after the SCAR Bivouac event chain completes. Usually open during the latter half of the Pre-Chak Gerent time.
  • Location {video}: Southeast, just waypoint into the SCAR Camp and walk there.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: skill usage, some tightrope running accuracy
  • Getting Gold: Just aim the 3 skill on long straightaways. You don’t have to go up the ramp on the right, just stay on the bottom path to the left and hit the checkpoints. If you have Poison mastery you don’t even have to worry about the bushes, they shrivel as you approach them.
    – If you don’t have Poison mastery, it changes a few things, notably which straightaways are safe for the 3 skill. There is one tricky checkpoint near the end (before the two launch ramps) that is on top of a rock, but you can safely jump in between two bushes on the ground to the right to just keep moving forward. At the very end, don’t use the 3 skill on the last ramp, but instead jump onto the rock to the left and then shoot into the goal line.
  • More Tips: Since you catch on fire after using the 3 skill, you can improve your time by hitting 1 and/or 2 right as it ends to get back to non-combat speed. You can also use Dodge-roll for a minor speed boost. Hitting the end of a ramp while using the 3 skill will give you a launch boost, so try to time it so you hit the end of the ramp near the end of the skill 3 timer. Honestly this Adventure is very easy compared to the other ones. People just get caught up trying to be cute with the ramps up on the right, but all you need to do is just take the lower path on the left.
    – Random Bonus: After you’re done, walk west and glide down onto the platform below you, there’s a free satchel thing with loot inside.
  • Representative Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEFBShEdVGk (super easy route)
    – or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAp6Ya2muyQ
  • My Best Gold: Finish in 0:43 {video}

Scrap Rifle Field Test – (updated!)

  • Silver Difficulty: 6/10 (80 chak in 4:00)
  • Gold Difficulty: 10/10 (150 chak in 4:00)
  • Required Masteries: None
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: Speed Mushrooms (Itzel 3), Lean Techniques (Glider 3)
  • Availability: Pre-Chak Gerent
  • Location {video}: Southeast. Waypoint into the SCAR Camp and walk northeast towards the waterfall/Vista/big hole to the underground river. There is a box there that will let you into the instance after clicking through a few reading prompts.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: Action camera, heavy skill usage, some flying accuracy
  • Getting Gold: This is a hard Gold, but I think if more people played it then more techniques would be shared and it would be easier. Take some time to practice in the field and get used to the skills and Action Camera and gliding before starting the adventure.
    – Okay, first things first: the Chak Egg. Shooting one of these will make it explode and summon more chak to the field. However, if you are standing close to it when you shoot it you will gain health, reduce the overheating of your rifle, and refill your endurance bar. The 1 skill has a huge range and cone, but is also very touchy and prone to shooting multiple times even with the slightest left-click hold, so if you are going to take advantage of the free health/endurance you will need to practice great trigger discipline.
    – The main skill rotation is to gather the chak, use the 5 skill fire field, jump in with the 3 skill, then hold down the 2 flamethrower until you’ve killed the chak. Tap the 1 skill or left-click to do spot damage.
    – Since it takes some time for the chak to respawn on the ground level, the strategy should be to rotate between killing on the ground and bouncing up top fairly often. This also helps the rifle cooldown between large groups of chak.
  • More Tips: If you have the Adrenal Mushrooms (Itzel 6) and Nuhoch Alchemy (Nuhoch 6) Masteries this Adventure may be easier, but it’s not required.
  • My Video GUIDE: coming soon?
  • Lifetime Rank 1 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THEraKRWaPY
  • My Best Gold: 150 chak in 3:57 {video}

Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle – Nerfed on 1/26/2016!

  • Silver Difficulty: 5/10 (150 chak in 2:00)
  • Gold Difficulty: infinity/10 (230 chak in 2:00) (rofl)
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: Hacking Level 9001
  • My Best Silver: 175 chak in 2:00
  • Silver Difficulty: 3/10 (150 chak in 2:35)
  • Gold Difficulty: 5/10 (200 chak in 2:35) (dare I say, this is farmable for some now?)
  • Required Masteries: Exalted Assistance (Exalted 3)
  • Actual Masteries for Gold: None
  • Availability: Pre-Chak Gerent
  • Location {video}: East, in south Rata Novus Lane. Take the Nuhoch Wallows either from Teku Nuhoch Waypoint or Rata Novus Waypoint, or walk north from the Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint. There’s a little cut-out section to the side of the lane with an Empty Rata Novus Golem Suit; Interact with it to enter the instance.
  • Techniques and Other Difficulties: heavy skill usage, optional Action camera
  • Getting Gold: Start by using the 3 skill to rush forward, then use the 5 skill in the middle of the first group, and double punch them with the 2 skill. Get comfortable spamming the 2 skill a lot, which is the majority of the work for both Silver and Gold. A double hit from the 2 skill usually kills any chak. Use the 3 and 4 skills to move to next groups quicker, e.g. sometimes chak are only hit by the 2nd hit of your 2 skill, and you can just use 4 to rush through them and kill them while moving onto the next group.
  • More Tips: It helps to have Allow Skill Retargeting enabled in your game Options panel, so you can aim the 2nd hit of the 2 skill spam in a different direction. You may have better results by turning off Autotargeting and just aiming with your camera or Action camera. I find it easier to use the action camera so I can spam right-click with my 2 skill spam.
  • My Video: Haywire Punch-o-matic Battle – 2:17
  • Other Representative Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Oe7JZz8xOk
  • My Best Gold: 200 chak in 2:11