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[Gear] Fractal Droprates and Golden Crafting Guides

Since the last major fractal update about a year ago we managed to collect close to 8000 chest drops.

A lot has changed since the old system. For the one who’s unaware, there are now 4 different kinds of chests.

  • 1 Champion – From completing 3 level 51-100 fractals
  • 1 Veteran – From completing 3 level 21-50 fractals
  • 1 Adept – From competing 3 level 1-20 fractals
  • 2 Mists – From completing two daily specific levels


Apart from a load of guaranteed tomes of knowledge, writs of experience, agony infusions and merch items in the loot table there’s also a slot for the drops we’re tracking.

Apart from previous drops, we now have a chance to get golden relics as well as golden fractal weapons. Instead of getting nothing, you’ll now always be awarded with at least a stabilising matrix. Golden weapons can be salvaged for a golden relic. You can forge a random golden fractal weapon by putting following into the forge:

  • 4 golden relics
  • 5 orichalcum ingots
  • 10 piles of crystalline dust
  • 3 stabilising matrices


You can forge a specific golden fractal weapon with:

  • 10 golden relics
  • 1 specific fractal weapon skin
  • 100 ectos
  • 50 stabilising matrices


Thanks for reading! And here’s the spreadsheet: