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[Class Guide] Full Bunker Chrono

So this build is something I tossed together, I think Ross took some footage of it the other night. This build, from what I’ve experienced, is an incredibly strong bunker. I’m able to sustain 2v1s against high damage builds (chrono/reaper/rev/engies) without much difficulty. Depending on the classes and player skill ofc, I can often sustain a 3v1 indefinitely.

Here’s a link to the build:

The general principle of this build is to maximize the amount of time spent either in block, in blur, or actually evading. To this goal, the following specifications:


Sword/shield + staff. Sword has blurred frenzy, shield has the blocks, and staff has chaos storm for aoe cc and aegis, as well as providing ways to get chaos armor for more protection from chaotic dampening.


You need permanent alacrity in this build, so I’ve taken a bunch of wells along with the well trait and improved alacrity. Additionally, these wells all allow me to expand my utility and support into an aoe for my teammates. I’ve taken the heal well, action, precog, recall, and gravity.


Sentinel amulet because 28k hp is amazing. I have enough mitigation and sustain that the massive hp pool allows me to eat a lot of damage if necessary, then sustain it back up over the next 20 seconds or so. Melandru runes are the obvious defensive choice. Energy sigils give more dodges, and hydromancy is effectively aoe mitigation of pressure whenever I swap weapons.


I take insp, chaos, chrono.

Insp provides condie removal and healing on shatter. The res feedback and pDefender now and then are just added bonuses.

Chaos provides stability on shatter, as well as protection whenever I get chaos armor. Since I almost permanently have an ethereal field up, this means I have extremely high uptime on chaos armor from my leap finishers. Not only is this tons of protection, it’s also roughly a 33% damage mitigation, as 33% of hits on me will cause blind for the next hit to miss. Damage reduction from active illusions is just an additional bonus.

Chrono provides me alacrity uptime from all 3 traits. Chronophantasma also allows me to pump out quite a lot of slow from the shield phantasms.

Mitigation Rotation

The name of this game is mitigation and avoidance. You have 4 primary ways to avoid damage: blurred frenzy, shield 4, active dodging, and well of precognition. These should be used in the priority I just listed.

Blurred frenzy ends up on a very short cooldown with permanent alacrity, and is your primary mitigation source.

Shield 4 is your longest sustained source of mitigation, and comes loaded with the phantasms for more utility as well. It has a fairly long cooldown, so use it carefully.

You get 2 dodges, then an additional dodge every time you weapon swap. These go quick, so be careful with them. Use dodges to avoid one-off stuff like true shot or magnet pull.

Well of precognition is your ace in the hole. This well is a stunbreaker, provides additional endurance when it expires, and puts any ally in the radius into blur for up to 3 seconds. The strength of this well means you want to save it for when you need it. Don’t be afraid to use it, but remember that it has more uses than just dropping it on yourself, such as protecting stomps, protecting ressing, or even throwing on a low hp ally that you see is in danger of dying to give them breathing room.

You want to rotate all these mechanics. Try not to spam them back-to-back unless you actually need that solid wall of defense. In total, if you rotate well, you should be in a mitigation state for ~23out of every 30 seconds.

Indirect Mitigation

Direct mitigation is nice of course, but this build has a lot of indirect mitigation as well. You can do both aoe and aoe chill from your wells, and this is pretty potent defense. Your phantasms do aoe slow, which helps too. Weapon swap is aoe chill, so use that as best you can. Shield 5 is a massive stun+quickness. You can also use it for temporary projectile mitigation. Chaos storm is great area denial, and gives lots of nice defensive goodies to you.

Your most powerful indirect mitigation tool is gravity well. This is incredibly strong aoe cc for its duration, and you can leverage that in a lot of ways. I personally like to try and save it to protect ressing/stomping, as it makes it incredibly difficult to approach an area. You can also just drop it on a point if you’re getting hit with a ton of melee pressure to get a breather.

Your condie removal and healing sustain comes from the heal well and shatters. Try to keep a solid cadence of shatters going while you’re in a fight, as that allows you to save the heal well for when you really need it.

That’s pretty much it. A possible variation I haven’t tried is to ditch chaos/insp in favor of illusions to pick up persistence of memory, but I don’t really think it would be worth it considering what you’d lose.