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[Class Guide] The Farmineer

Gear Choice
Let’s start with the gear which I can keep very short. Because.. the Gear doesn’t really matter. You can be fine in both Full Berserker and Full Soldier. It’s not required of you to deal the best DPS possible, you simply need to deal just enough damage to tag the monsters and bosses which is quite easy to do even with Full Nomad. So gear doesn’t really matter, grab anything you want here. I personally do like to go with a power/precision setup so I can actually help the others in taking out monsters as quickly as possible and it is especially important when playing solo. In some cases it doesn’t really matter though especially when you do something like champion farming or chest farming. Then there is not much reason to up your DPS.


You can play this build with the Flamethrower or with the Grenade Kit. The flamethrower is chosen if you simply need to tag monsters and you not dealing that much damage isn’t a big deal while if you are playing solo or when your damage does matter, you should use the Grenade Kit. If you choose the Grenade Kit you go into Explosives and if you choose the Flamethrower you go into Firearms.

Explosives (Grenade Kit)
In Explosives I take Grenadier to improve your Grenade Kit, Aim-Assisted Rocket for a further damage increase and Sharpnel to get some additional control over your enemies with the cripple. You can also take Siege Rounds to make your Mortar Kit stronger, that is completely up to you. The vulnerability stacking will help you and your teammates as well in taking out monsters quickly. You can get above 15 stacks of Vulnerability with ease which increases your damage by 15%.

Firearms (Flamethrower)
In Firearms I take Heavy Armor Exploit for a better swiftness uptime, No Scope for more crits and Juggernaut to give you Might and Stability while you are in the Flamethrower. The main reason we go into Firearms is the Juggernaut trait which works well with a trait (Mass Momentum) in the scrapper traitline.

In Tools I am taking Reactive Lenses which is a great Anti-CC trait while the fury isn’t bad either. The other options in this tier are just not really useful for this build. Next up is Streamlined Kits which ensures you have permanent swiftness out of combat. Lastly I take Gadgeteer which is for the Rocket Boots. It reduces the cooldown on it when you get hit a couple of times which will be the case pretty much always when you are fighting monsters and you can force it to proc if needed. It’s a great cooldown reduction to increase our mobility.

In Scrapper I take Recovery Matrix for additional defense but the other two traits are also fine, Mass Momentum which works great with Juggernaut to stack on a lot of Might. It is also great with the Explosives traitline so it’s worth to take it either way. And lastly I take Perfectly Weighted which improves our hammer damage and gives us stability which works great with Mass Momentum and Stability is an incredible boon in general. You can also take Adaptive Armor if you find that you perform better with some additional defense.




The Hammer offers great mobility, better than that of the Rifle, while also offering with a lot off CC that helps breaking the break bars quickly. The Thunderclap + Rocket Charge combo is great for that.
The Healing Turret is still our best healing skill and you got many blasts in this build so if you really need additional healing you can make good use of the Healing Turret.
The Grenade Kit is great for solo play and situations where DPS does matter. When you are not solo or DPS doesn’t matter, you can take the Flamethrower instead. Be sure to change the traits accordingly.
Elixir B (or anything els) is great for the swiftness uptime and on-demand stability although this one can be replaced with anything you like.
The Rocket Boots are just there for the mobility and nothing els. Try to always use it in combination with the Gadgeteer buff so you can use it very often.
The Mortar Kit is there for when you can’t really come close to your opponents. It’s basically your tagging stick at range.

The Farmineer 3.0 (Heart of Thorns)
The video down below is about the Heart of Thorns build variant. It covers every aspect of the build as well as shows gameplay how this build works.