[AP] Tangled Depths Achievement Guide

Here is a hastily thrown together guide for the Tangled Depths Achievements.

It’s still a work in progress, and will be discontinued after other community members host more permanent versions, with better quality videos. This guide assumes that you have updraft and bouncing mushrooms; other masteries are noted. Also, check out the Verdant Brink Achievement Guide and Dragon’s Stand Achievement Guide as well!


Note that some of the Rata Novus achievements may be annoying to complete until the asuran defense systems have been deactivated (part of the meta chain).

Camp Chains

There are four hubs, each with an associated chain. Each hub resets after the King of the Jungle event. Just hop into a lane and follow the train!

Lane Defense Chains

At set intervals, the King of the Jungle event takes place. This is extremely difficult for pug maps to complete currently; look for an experienced guild for this event. All lane events begin at Ley-Line Confluence waypoint, and each defense chain is easy to follow. Here is a timer for the event.

It seems that these achievements may also be bugged for many players.


Check out this video collection by /u/FennecOwO for gold medal runs. Note that most of the adventures are locked until the meta event progresses far enough.


Check out Dulfy’s guide for these.

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