[AP] Dragon’s Stand Achievement Guide

Here is a hastily thrown together guide for the Dragon’s Stand Achievements.

It’s still a work in progress, and will be discontinued after other community members host more permanent versions. This guide assumes that you have updraft and bouncing mushrooms; other masteries are noted. Also, check out theVerdant Brink Achievement Guide and Tangled Depths Achievement Guide as well!


Lane Events

Each lane (North, Central, and South) follows the pattern of events below. You will need to follow each chain at least once for all achievements, but the events in each lane are hard to miss.

North Lane

These events all occur around the North lane.

Central Lane

These events all occur around the Central lane.

South Lane

These events all occur around the South lane.

Mouth of Mordremoth Events


Check out Dulfy’s guide (which I helped write!) for these.