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[AP] Verdant Brink Achievement Guide

Here is a hastily thrown together guide for the Verdant Brink Achievements. It’s still a work in progress, and will be discontinued after other community members host more permanent versions. Also, check out the Dragon’s Stand Achievement Guide and Tangled Depths Achievement Guide as well!


  • Bark Breaker – Seems to be currently bugged.
  • Caught ‘Em All – Easy, just glide through any of the floating pods at night around the canopy.
  • Diarmid Dropper – Kill a blighted Diarmid during phase one of Ordnance camp chain, at Holdfast Hollow (far west).
  • Dive Master: Verdant Brink – Take the chopper from Pact encampment waypoint, skip across the Legendary Matriarch Wyvern’s platform to the JP on the west side, where there is a bouncing mushroom. Use that to get to the ledge with the diving goggles, then jump off as pictured. Here is a video (not mine): Verdant Brink Diving Challenge
  • Egg Run – This one can be very hard. Taking any damage (especially fall!) explodes the egg, and there are a ton of wyverns running around spraying fire acid at you. Best to get a group of people to do the event, as they can distract the wyverns. Grab an egg, run/teleport to the ledge, jump off and glide over the npc, then drop, then catch yourself right above the ground, then drop the rest of the way (take no fall damage). There are some eggs that spawn off the main platform on the south side of Utogi, the NPC (see this picture). These are the easiest to do. Could probably be trivialized by mesmer portal. Thanks to /u/Spl4sh3r: “For the Egg Run there is an egg that spawns almost next to the NPC. That egg takes 1 second to turn in so if you go for that one you will get it. It spawns around 3 times if the event is actively done (timewise).”
  • Equitable Elector – After the “Escorted Officer to Camp” event at the central rally point, a vote takes place to determine the leaders. (Another event to recover cannon parts also occurs; ignore this.) Most of the NPCs in the area have an orange icon over their heads, and talking to them gives a dialog option to elect each of the three representatives: The Doctor, the Master-at-Arms, and the Chief Engineer. The choices occur in a random order on each NPC. You can vote at multiple NPCs, but other players are doing this as well! The best strategy to get your preferred leader would be to ask others to vote on your candidate before the election starts, and/or to interact with as many NPCs as possible during the time limit. The vote terminates when one candidate receives enough votes or the time runs out, in which the leading candidate wins. You will need to participate in at least three elections to complete this (one for each candidate).
  • Excellent Judge of Character – Thanks to /u/shenjh: “You actually have to look very closely at your character’s new backpack while asking the questions. Two bars will briefly appear – one green and one red. A bigger red bar means corrupted, a bigger green bar means innocent! If they’re equal on the first question, they will usually be unequal on the second.”
  • Grassy Troll – Easy to do during the “Planted explosives on vinces” event (#2) of the Pale Reaver chain. Stand on the balcony and shoot mordrem and tendrils.
  • Jungle Totem Hunter – This one does not have a very good guide yet, as far as I can find. See this post for a rudimentary version.
  • Lord of the Jungle – “heal or enhance Lord Faren during his training.” Probably unlocked during the “Trained Faren” event (#7) in the Noble Ledges chain. Did not try for it and got it, so probably spreading a boon or heal works.
  • Ongoing Defense – Not sure when this event spawns, or which towers it spawns at. I just waited at one of the towers constructed during the Ordnance camp chain, and the defend event happened after all outposts were completed but before nighttime. You will probably need a small group to help. Here is a map.
  • Raised the Bar – Bring back at least one supply crate (scattered throughout the map, very easy to find) to any outpost while at 100% participation. You can waypoint while holding crates.
  • Skritt Salvager – Watch for the various skritt chests that spawn around the map. They look similar to those found elsewhere. I only know of one potential location.
  • The Most Dangerous Game – unlocked after completing the last event in the Itzel chain.
  • Wartime Sommelier – A wine bottle spawns somewhere randomly around Faren’s Flyer waypoint, usually on the same level as the waypoint. The location differs for different players. In this pictures there are two spawn locations.. Screenshot 1. Screenshot 2.

Camp Chains

Just go to a camp and follow the chain for each of these. Ground Pounder unlocks after you finish all five chains completely.

  • Honorary Jaka Itzel
  • Ordnance Corps Auxiliary
  • Pale Reaver Believer
  • Patron of Nobility
  • Pact Camper

Night Bosses

At the 20 minute marker at night, pact choppers arrive at each friendly rally point. Take a chopper from any of the rally points around each area to get to the corresponding boss. Sky Commander unlocks after completing all night bosses. Here is another text guide for each boss.

  • Father of Wyverns – Pale reaver rally points. Very fun fight! DPS the boss until it gets a shield, then fly off the platform and grab an egg underneath. Glide using the updrafts and pelt the boss with the eggs until the shield goes down. Bring stability. Video
  • Froglicker – Jaka Itzel rally points. Two bosses spawn, one ranged and one melee. Focus the ranged one first. At about 25% health, each boss will hop up to an area accessible by bouncing mushrroms and start healing. Immediately CC break them when this happens.
  • Mother of Wyverns – Central rally point. Simple DPS; watch the adds and fire. Thansk to /u/OtterAbsurdity: “She takes hugely amplified damage while her bar is broken.”
  • Tetrad Trouncer – Ordnance rally points. Fairly straightforward fight; bring DPS, stability, and CC. Three bosses spawn, then a fourth when the first three are defeated. Focus one boss at a time. We killed Stavemaster then Blademaster then the third one.
  • Sky Stalker – Noble ledges rally points. Requires Nuhoch 4 to spot the Axemaster in stealth, then CC him out of it. Very difficult.


Check out Dulfy’s guide (which I helped write!) for these.

  • Faren’s Flyer
  • Glory of Tyria
  • Lethal Vantage
  • Mellaggan’s Valor
  • Thunderbreaker


These arcade-style minigames are unlocked after the map has progressed throught the meta-event to some degree, and are inaccessible during night. Check the map for locations. After getting bronze in all adventures, Bronzer is unlocked. Achievements exist for every adventure at every level: bronze, silver, and gold. See this post for gold guides.

  • Bugs in the Branches
  • Flying Circus
  • Salvage Pit
  • Tendril Torchers
  • Shooting Gallery