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[Gold] Empyreal Fragments farming map

Map is here! Clicky click!

Updated: Now shows lines between chests along the same path, map background updated (thanks to/u/that_shaman), and changed a few time expectations.

Update 2: Added all Open World Dragonite Ore event locations (and the amounts they drop).

Originally this was just for personal farming efficiency, but I figured it was worth sharing. Enjoy!

On average, it seems to be 7.5 Empyreal Fragments from Major Chests and 3 Empyreal Fragments from Minor Chests. Therefore, Major Chests are assumed to be worth 2.5x as much as Minor Chests (marked with larger dots). Some chests give unusual ranges, although I do not believe any of them are marked on this map.

I recommend hitting the Greens daily, Yellows if you have time, Oranges if you’re dedicated, and Pinks if you’re desperate (or if a Mesmer is offering a shortcut!). Tests were run with a 25% movement buff, no mistakes, no unnecessary fighting, and no special movement skills. Also, stealth is a good idea for actually opening the chests undisturbed (Ash Legion Spy Kit).

Some runs require practice, but don’t let that discourage you! My map is not a chest finding guide, so please consult the wiki if you don’t know how to find a chest:

Once you have your favorite chests memorized, it’s just another task you can run across all characters daily, much like mega world events which give you Dragonite Ore.

I was farming over 500 Fragments each day on four characters using the locations on this map, but it is far from complete! Feel free to update it and pass it along until we get them all!

Other important facts:

  1. Some chests don’t drop Empyreal Fragments at all!
  2. Blank maps are maps I didn’t like 🙂
  3. Many chests can be reached faster with leaps, see: this consumable
  4. You usually make your WayPoint money back from chests if you sell instead of salvage
  5. Loading screen times may vary