[KING] Fully updated guides for master tier Fractals of the Mists


Throughout this entire week we at [KING] have put out new and fully updated fractal guides for the master tier fractals (level 76-100). We’ve been working hard on these ever since the April patch, and so we figured we would share our hard work with all you guys 🙂

Though the guides are made for the highest levels of fractals, the strategies, details and so on perfectly transfer over to the lower levels as well. The most noticeable differences are the agony requirements, the mistlock instabilities, along with the health pools and damage output from the enemies. Thus, these guides are perfect for people looking to get into fractals as well as they can be a source of knowledge for some veteran players.

List of Guides

The full Youtube playlist can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu6e24dQtVRdg1ihFaUnTiRLcAQ5OOr-f

Alternatively, below I’ve included the links for all video guides.

Master Tier Fractal Introduction

Underground Facility Fractal

Urban Battleground Fractal

Snowblind Fractal

Molten Furnace Fractal

Mai Trin Boss Fractal

Cliffside Fractal

Aetherblade Fractal

Aquatic Ruins Fractal

Solid Ocean Fractal

Swampland Fractal

Volcanic Fractal

Molten Boss Fractal

Uncatogorized Fractal

Thaumanova Reactor Fractal

Feel free to shoot us any questions, as a lot of [KING] members will be around to answer most of your questions.

We hope you’ll get good use out of these guides!

Have fun fractalling 🙂