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[AP] Current Events Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Ley-Line Activity
  2. Bandit Invasion
  3. Stop the Inquest
  4. Long Arm of the Light

Ley-Line Activity

ce-ls3 Pursuit of Knowledge
Find the unidentified lodestone and return it to Ela Makkay.

During this series of events you will need to start off by killing enemies related to this set of achievements. Doing so will unlock a new panel in your achievement list called Current Events. To start you will need to obtain an Unidentified Lodestone. This can be obtained from killing Branded, Destroyers and Icebrood enemies. These enemies appear in various maps, but taking part in the “Ley-Line Cartography” event locations will make finding these enemies a little easier. This is a random drop so you will need to kill a few of these enemies types.

Once you have the Unidentied Lodestone  you can visit Ela Makkay in Lion’s Arch. She can be found in the bottom left corner of the city. You can also double click the lodestone to reveal Ela’s location.

ce-ls3 Ley-Line Cartography
Prevent dragon minions from absorbing the ley-line magic that has accumulated across Tyria.

You will need to complete at least one ley-line energy event on each of the three maps listed below. It doesn’t matter which event you complete, but it does have to be once per map. This is a fairly simple task, locate an event using the waypoints and map below and take part.

The ley line events spawn roughly every 10 minutes in the following locations:

Snowden Drifts

  • Skradden Waypoint waypoint [&BLMAAAA=]
  • Soderhem Steading Waypoint waypoint [&BL4AAAA=]
  • Snowdrift Haven Waypoint waypoint [&BLkAAAA=]

Mount Maelstrom

  • Avernan Waypoint waypoint [&BM8CAAA=]
  • Magmatic Waypoint waypoint [&BNYCAAA=]
  • Irwin Isle Waypoint waypoint [&BNICAAA=]

Blazeridge Steppes

  • Refuge Sanctum Waypoint waypoint [&BAUCAAA=]
  • Soot Road Waypoint waypoint [&BFIDAAA=]
  • Brandview Waypoint waypoint [&BAQCAAA=]


ce-ls3 Hold the Line
Don’t allow any accumulated ley-line magic to be absorted by the dragon minions.

During the events you will need to make sure none of the accumulated ley-line mobs are attacked. This is a little hit and miss due to how many people are taking part and how active they are in defending each minion.

You will need to complete 5 events for “Magic Dispersed” so it’s highly possible you will earn this on your journey to obtaining that achievement.

ce-ls3 Magic Dispersed
Defeat 5 coalescences to disperse their magic back to the ley-lines

At the end of the Ley-Line event on any of the three maps you will finish off with a champion that spawns. You will need to kill 5 coalesences to obtain this achievement.

Bandit Invasion

Before you can start any of these activities, you must first locate and kill bandits to obtain an encoded letter. You can kill any bandits you so wish, there’s plenty throughout the whole of Kryta but Jannaj’s Bandits waypoint[&BBoAAAA=] are probably the most accessible with the fastest respawn time.

Once you’ve obtained this encrypted bandit item, you need to take it to the Shining Blade waypoint[&BCkDAAA=]. He will then give you a bounty to go and kill. From here this unlocks the achievements tied to this activity.

ce-ls3 Tip of the Blade
Complete a bounty order on behalf of the Shining Blade.

Once you’ve obtained and handed in your encrypted order to the Shining Blade, you will be given a set bandit leader to find and kill. Once killed this will unlock. It’s possible this may be random, but the locations of all bandit leaders are listed under “Long Arm of the Light”.

ce-ls3 Long Arm of the Light
Defeat bandit leaders marshaling in the shadows.

  • Vic the Iron
  • Zirh the Venomous
  • Ruye the Crimson
  • Flyrra the Remorseless
  • Aerl the Silent

You will need to visit three maps to kill all five of these bandit leaders. Queensdale, Kessex Hills and Brisban Wildlands. You can kill these banidts in any order, and they respawn within 10 minutes of their previous events.


ce-ls3 Bounty Hunter
Complete 3 daily bounty orders from the Shining Blade.

Obtaining bounty orders can only happen once a day as it’s a random drop from killing bandits. Once you have the orders return to the Shining Blade in Divinity’s Reach to be given your next contract (You can only complete one of these per daily reset). If you’ve just unlocked this collection you will need to wait until the next reset cycle to obtain another bandit order.

The Shining Blade can be found in Divinity’s Reach in the upper city waypoint [&BCkDAAA=] .

Stop the Inquest

Once you start the game after the patch with a mail from Ela Makkay, she will direct you to Blazeridge Steppes and the Refuge Sanctum Waypoint waypoint [&BAUCAAA=] . From here there’s an NPC that will need to escort. There is also another NPC from the Consortium that you will need to escort from The Last Whiskey Bar Waypoint waypoint [&BPkBAAA=] . Both these escorts can lead to the same location, or alternative ones depending on the rotation of their quest-line.


ce-ls3 Thwart the Inquest
Don’t allow the inquest to collect any accumulated ley-line magic.

Once you’re at your destination, much like before defeat the enemies that spawn and prevent them from collecting any ley-line energy. This will be hit and miss depending on the size of your group attempting the event.

If you find there’s a commander tag at your location, you may find players gravitate towards them. If you have access to a mentor tag, you can freely pull people to the events just by being active in the map chat and trying to bring a little organization.

ce-ls3 Out of the Wrong Hands
Successfully stop the inquest from capturing 10 ley-line coalescences.

You will need to complete 10 of these defense events in order to fully complete this. There’s not much else to the event aside from killing inquest.

ce-ls3 Ley-Line “Research”
Assist the Consortium in collecting 30 accumulated ley energy.

From The Last Whiskey Bar Waypoint waypoint [&BPkBAAA=] follow the npc to their location. Once you’re at the location, you will see them deploy their ley energy collector. From here you need to pick up ley-energy up off the ground and return it to the collector. You will need to repeat this 30 times, so just keep a close eye on the ground as they vanish quickly.

There’s basically two parts to this event, one is a defense, the other is a collection. Golems drops energy when destroyed if they’re carrying it, but they also randomly spawn around the event area.

Note: As of a recent patch, ley-energy is no longer shared with the community, so it should be faster and easier to collect these items.

ce-ls3 Ley-Line Research
Assist the Priory in collecting 30 accumulated ley energy.

Much like the “Ley-Line “Research” you need to collect 30 accumulated ley energy and deposit it in the collector. The only difference is you need to follow the Priory NPC to their location from Refuge Sanctum Waypoint waypoint [&BAUCAAA=] .

Long Arm of the Light

Much like the previous event, you will be sent a mail which will give you a warning about the Shining Blade. From here you will be given a mark. If you haven’t so already, kill bandits to gain your daily bounty, talk to the Shining Blade to be directed to your nearest bounty location. There are five new bounties which you can also take advantage of.

ce-ls3 Stay of the Execution
Collect an Executioner’s Coin Purse from a Bandit Executioner.

If you’re up to this point you will have receive the Bandit Death Mark in your mail with a message from The Errant. From here carrying this mark will spawn an Executioner after defeating one of the bandit champions. You can head to any bandit champ and kill them, as long as someone has this item they will spawn after the fight.

During this fight, you will be locked inside a bubble. Anyone outside will be kept at a ranged distance, but you can claim credit for this why attacking through the bubble.

ce-ls3 Long Arm of the Light II
Defeat bandit leaders lurking in the darkness.

The latest update introduces a group of new bandit leaders which you need to hunt down and kill.

Harathi Hinterlands

  • Ulssen the Anvil waypoint [&BMMAAAA=]
    Ezal the Quick waypoint [&BKgAAAA=]

Gendarren Fields

  • Lenner the Eagle-Eyed waypoint [&BIsBAAA=]

Kessex Hills

  • Temvay the Arrogant waypoint [&BBA-AAAA=]
  • Varre the Underhanded waypoint [&BAgAAAA=]


ce-ls3 Informed Politics
Investigate posters in Kryta’s towns and villages to stay up to date on public opinion.

While visiting one of the following locations: Divinity’s Reach, Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarren Fields or Harathi Hinterlands you will find new posters in towns and villages. You will need to tear down all the posters which will be listed by location in the achievement description.

The following maps show all the locations:

Divinity’s Reach Locations:


Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarren Fields & Harathi Hinterlands: