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[Gold] Making Gold by Gathering Seasoned Wood and Hard Wood

Maybe some of you noticed, https://www.gw2tp.com/item/19727-seasoned-wood-logandhttps://www.gw2tp.com/item/19724-hard-wood-logprices spiked a lot with the recent patch so they are a pain to buy from tp but also a nice source of income.

After linking those two to John Smith in another thread, I decided that it might be better to show people farm routes for those mats. I managed to gather 4-5g worth of seasoned wood in ~10 mins (25-30g per hour) by followinghttp://www.guildwars2-crafting.com/farming-guides/seasoned-wood-farming-guide/route. You can repeat the process by changing characters, getting into another map shard or (obviously) going to another farm route linked below.

There are also other sources like http://pwniversity.com/gw2/farming/seasoned-wood-log


I’m linking those for both helping people with making gold and lowering those materials’ prices a bit.