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[AP] Route/Guide for all important waypoints

So I thought my alts could use some love and decided to polish their gear, builds and so on. I noticed that most of them only have a few of the important waypoints and looked for a guide but couldn’t find one. So I made my own!


What waypoints are included?

  • World Boss Waypoints
  • Guild Mission Waypoints (Guild Trek excluded, about 180 possible locations)


Here is a map of the approximate route, now with improved quality. (Made from the overview map on the wiki)

Map Legend:

  • Waypoint Icons: Important Waypoints
  • Red Lines: Suggested Route
  • Green Areas: Guild Bounty Locations
  • Yellow Numbers: Step Number (see below)

I divided the whole process into 10 steps. The Route will take you along the Waypoints and Guild Bounty areas. Since the bounty areas are rather large, the route does not cover every waypoint you could need but will lead you along waypoints from which you can reach the desired enemy within a few minutes. These waypoints are not listed below. If you feel you need more waypoints, just leave the route and get them, it’s up to you.


So, here we go!


1.: Go to Lion’s Arch (you can use the portal in Heart of the Mists if you haven’t been there yet) and get

  • Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint
  • Trader’s Forum Waypoint

2.: Take the Portal to Southsun Cove and get

  • Kiel’s Outpost Waypoint
  • Lion Point Waypoint
  • Camp Karka Waypoint

3.: Teleport Back to Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint and take the portal to Divinity’s Reach, go to the east sector and take the portal to Fields of Ruin

4.: Follow the Route and get the following Waypoints:


  • Fields of Ruin


      • Helliot Mine Waypoint
      • Fangfury Watch Waypoint


  • Blazeridge Steppes


      • Tumok’s Waypoint
      • Lowland Burns Waypoint


  • Iron Marches


      • Viper’s Run Waypoint


  • Frostgorge Sound


      • Earthshake Waypoint
      • Twoloop Waypoint


  • Snowden Drifts


      • Scholar’s Cleft Waypoint


  • Wayfarer Foothills


      • Krennak’s Homestead Waypoint


  • Diessa Plateau


      • Manbane’s Waypoint


  • Plains of Ashford


    • Guardpoint Decimus Waypoint

5.: Teleport Back to Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint and take the portal to Hoelbrak, follow the Route and get the following Waypoints:


  • Dredgehaunt Cliffs


      • Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint


  • Timberline Falls


      • Stromkarl Waypoint


  • Mount Maelstrom


    • Maelstrom’s Waypoint
    • Irwin Isle Waypoint
    • Old Sledge Site Waypoint

6.: Teleport back to Lion’s Arch, go west and get


  • Lornar’s Pass


    • Durmand Priory Waypoint


7.: Teleport back to Lion’s Arch, go south


  • Bloodtide Coast


      • Laughing Gull Waypoint
      • Firthside Vigil Waypoint


  • Sparkfly Fen


      • Splintered Coast Waypoint


  • Straits of Devastation


      • Fort Trinity Waypoint
      • Rally Waypoint


  • Malchor’s Leap


      • Wren Waypoint
      • Lights Waypoint


  • Cursed Shore


    • Gavbeorn’s Waypoint
    • Meddler’s Waypoint

8.: Teleport back to Lion’s Arch, go north

    • Run through Gendarran Fields


  • Harathi Hinterlands


    • Faun’s Waypoint
    • Junction Camp Waypoint

9.: Teleport to  Divinity’s Reach and go South (or run from Gendarran Fields)


  • Queensdale


      • Swamplost Haven Waypoint
    • Run through Kessex Hills


  • Caledon Forest


      • Falias Thorp Waypoint


  • Metrica Province


      • Muridian Waypoint


  • Brisbane Wildlands


      • Gallowfields Waypoint


  • Silverwastes


    • Camp Resolve Waypoint

10.: Only  for HoT, continue after 9


  • Verdant Brink


      • Pact Encampment Waypoint


  • Auric Basin


    • Northwatch Waypoint
    • Forgotten City Waypoint
    • Eastwatch Waypoint



  • Tangled Depths
  • Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint
  • Dragon’s Stand


    • Pact Base Camp Waypoint