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[Gear] Updated Agony Resi Guide (post HoT)

With all the Fractal and AR (Agony Resistance) changes that came with HoT and Masteries, I decided to put together a new guide for AR as I needed to figure out the best way to get my AR up AND I couldn’t find a current guide.

Update: Edited to include some info from the comments. Thanks for the feedback.

Starting out

When you are just starting out (0 AR), these are the things you should be looking at

  • Do Fractals 1 – 19 to collect Fractal Relics, +1 Agony Infusions and Pristine Fractal Relics.
  • If you don’t have ascended pieces, work on getting these. Get your Amulet and Accessories first. Rings often drop in Fractals so hopefully you will get the ones you want to drop. Backpiece, Weapons and Armor are a bit more costly.
  • Work on Fractal Masteries. You’ll need these open and you will get access to fractal dailies and get better rewards. It is win-win.

Phase 1

Once you’ve gotten started, you will bring your AR up in two ways, simple infusions and attuning.

Simple infusions: You can buy Versatile Simple Infusionto add +5 AR (Agony Resistance) to any ascended piece. These cost 75 fractal relics each. Do this for each ascended item you have. Trinkets first (amulets, accessories, backpiece, and rings), then Armor (remember you lose your helmet underwater) and lastly Weapons (as you lose the effect on weapon swap).

Your trinkets will give you 30 AR, your armor another 30 and the weapon you are holding 10 for 70 AR. This is your initial goal with Simple Infusions.

Attuning: While you are working on your simple infusions, you can attune your rings to hold agony infusions. Once you have unlocked Fractal Mastery level 1, you can go to Dessa’s Kreweand buy Agonized Essencewhich will let you attune your rings. (Note: If you already added a simple infusion to the ring, you will want to remove it with aInfusion Extraction Devicebefore you attune it.)

Once you have an attuned ring, you can start to take advantage of all those +1 Agony Infusions that have been piling up. Ideally, you want to combine them into a +10 Agony Infusionand add that to your ring. The quickest place to do this is also at Dessa’s Krewe (get 2 +9s) and then use your Artificer to combine them in the +10. Your Artificer can do the whole job, but it is a lot more clicking.

+1 Agony Infusionsare dirt cheap on the TP right now, but if you are patient you will get them quickly enough. Personally, I purchased the extra I needed to get a +10 on both of my rings as soon as I got them Attuned to allow me to do higher level fractals (and get better rewards), but the choice is yours. (If you do this, keep saving those +1s anyway, we’ll need more of them in Phase 2.)

If you’ve done this, you’ve now gotten up to 90 AR and you are halfway there.

Notes on Phase 1:

As you are working on phase 1, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • The higher the fractal level you do, the more fractal relics you earn. This makes everything go faster. Use this handy chart for recommended AR needed per leveland do the higher ones your AR allows. The chart isn’t perfect as some times you can get away with less and sometimes more would be nice, but it is a good place to start. Start doing higher level fractals as you gain AR.
  • You have been collecting these Pristine Fractal Relics. They can be used to buy the exact ascended rings you want, to work toward the legendary backpiece, to buy fractal weapon skins or turned into plain old Fractal Relics. Use these however you’d like, but turning them into regular fractal relics will help you get your AR up faster if that is the main goal.
  • If you don’t have all ascended gear, you can start doing the items in phase 2 for the items you have while you work on getting the remaining ascended pieces.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will again work in 2 areas. This time we will work on upgrading our Simple Infusions and we will be working toward infusing our backpiece and rings.

Upgrading Simple Infusions: Again, Dessa’s Krewe is the key. There you can buy a Versatile Simple Infusion (masterwork)) which will give you +7 AR. To do this, you will want to remove the +5 from an existing item using anInfusion Extraction Deviceand then buy the new simple infusion to reapply your infusions. (The infusion extractor is pretty great.)

Again, work through your trinkets, then armor, and then weapons. 6 trinkets (42 AR), 6 armor slots (42 AR) and 2 weapon slots (14 AR) give you 98 AR.

Infusing: Your backpiece and rings can be infused. These require Mist Essence which are random drops in fractals and fairly rare. You will get vials of condensed mist essencein any fractal, but the globsand shardsonly start dropping at levels 30 and level 50 respectively. You can combine the vials up into globs in the mystic forge as needed. Keep doing the highest level fractals you can do to get these. Rings require 1 shard, 3 globs, and 5 vials to upgrade. Backpieces vary, but typically require only 1 glob, but 500 fractal relics for a gift of ascension.

Each of these items can be infused which opens another slot for Agony Infusions. Hopefully, you have a ton more of these now and can make some more +10s. The goal would be to add a +10 and 2 +11s to your items to give you 52 AR from attunement and infusion.

98 AR and 52 AR give you 150 AR which covers you through fractal level 100.

Phase 3

Once you get the basics covered, you can consider more advanced stuff.

  • Crafting an Ascended Breather so you don’t lose 7 AR when you go underwater. Since the highest fractal with underwater combat is level 75, you don’t need to both with this.
  • Adding +7 infusions to secondary and underwater weapons so you don’t lose the AR on weapon swap.
  • Combining more AR in the attunement and infusion slots in your rings and backpiece. Adding more here, can cover your losses from the items above AND make it easier to move just your trinkets to a new character to enjoy fractals with. It seems a dream to get 150 AR with just your trinkets so you can fractal with any character, but I guess that would be the ultimate AR goal.