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[AP] Leyline Anomaly Guide

Q: Who/What/Where/When/Why/How?

Q: I always seem to get Silver on this event, why?

  • To get gold you have participate in killing the anomaly AND you have to participate in killing the Coalescences (they are marked on the map with orange swords, they are what the anomaly runs towards every phase)

Q: How do I get the ‘Dispersed Anomaly’ achievement?

  • Each 25% health the anomaly will run towards a set of Coalescences (marked on the map with orange swords icon). They must be killed before the Anomaly reaches them. If this is done for every phase, and the Anomaly doesn’t reach a single one, you get the achievement.
  • Note that the Coalescences are different than the Anomaly Fragment spark-things that spawn around it when it gets stunned. These don’t count against you for the achievement, they only make the Anomaly’s attacks stronger. The fragments are what the secondary orange bar measures.

Q: My abilities sometimes aren’t working!

  • If there is a particularly large zerg doing this event on your map, then for whatever reason (sheer number of players, mass calculations the server can’t handle, too many things to render, etc.) there can sometimes be a delay when using your abilities. It is annoying, but it shouldn’t break the event for you.

Q: Often times my CC won’t work on the Anomaly, why?

  • What’s happened is that the Anomaly has desynched from the server. It appears to be in a different spot than where it actually is. When this happens you will also notice that the boss icon on the map lags behind the orange event circle. The event circle shows where the Anomaly is actually located. You need to get futher ahead of where the anomaly appears to be, in order to hit it with your CC. Use the launch pads that the Anomaly drops, they will launch you to where it actually is.


  • What is it?
    A world boss that runs around the map.
  • Why do it?
    1 Mystic Coin per day. 1 rare and 2 champ boxes per event. A few dozens Achievement Points.
  • Where and when is it?
    Timberline Falls, Iron Marches, Gendarran Fields map rotation every even hour at (X:20) minute in server time. The boss spawns randomly on or near those line corners. People will ping the boss when it spawns, so try to unlock waypoints while you wait.
  • How to kill it?
    A few people will complete “coalescence” sword-icon events killing spark elementals. Everyone else will chase the boss, applying crowd control skills when the boss has a green-teal colored bar on his name. Otherwise, kill the sparks until the timer makes him vulnerable. Spam the “Use” key when you see a blue arrow icon on the ground to catch up to the boss.


According to dulfy, Fizzmatix, and other players’ research, I’ve added the Ley-Line Anomaly timers based on:


Ley-Line Anomaly Timers

Full Website with MapMobile VersionSimple Version – (EN DE ES FR)


Paths and Spawn Points

The path shown on the three zones are informal connection of ley-line anomaly coordinates extracted from Anet’s events API; it starts at the red line. Click on the event names of the “Ley-Line Anomaly” title popup to view the two common spawn points of the boss.


Voice Alarm

You can have the website speak to you when the leyline event is about to happen, just click the time next to its name to subscribe to it.