PSA: Add a Mobile Authenticator to your account!

After seeing a post make it to front page of this sub-reddit about their account being hacked and a few other posts on the forums, I feel like I need to remind people to add a Mobile Authenticator to their account. Not only does it secure your account further against hacking attempts, but it also rewards you with a sweet Mini Mystic Dragon pet.


You can activate a Mobile Authenticator to your account via the link below:


If you don’t want to download an app on your mobile device, you can use an alternative method on PC called WinAuth. I currently use WinAuth to manage all my authentication needs for most of the games I play that support it. It uses the same structure that the Google Authenticator uses. Just be sure to backup your stuff on WinAuth to a secondary storage so you don’t lose it.


Link to WinAuth:


Good luck, keep safe, and keep kicking butt!