[AP] Wichtige Waypoints für Missionen etc.

Eine große Route auf einmal:


Alternativ auch :

Puzzles (3 possibles):

Note that each has their ‘own’ waypoint but since this is only accessible when the puzzle is active, I’m entering the nearest ‘normal’ waypoint. Also, note that the nearest waypoint for Langmar’s Estate can become contested as part of an event chain, so I’ve put in the TWO closest waypoints for that one….

Challenges (6 possibles):



This is where it gets tougher, as there are 17 possible targets, and they all have a ‘path’ or ‘region’ within a zone. If you really want to make sure you can get to any target on any map, the list of them and their routes/areas is here…http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Guild_Bounty#Possible_targets

I would recommend that you focus on the ‘easier’ targets first, then as time permits, you can map out the other ones. Something like this…

Just a reminder that the last 3 can’t be ‘found’ unless they are active as part of a bounty, but you can get the waypoints on their respective maps to help with that if necessary.