[Class Guide] Engineer in openworld, one of my favorite way to deal with it

Hey, this is a original build I made some months ago and I’v never found any equivalences on gw2 builds websites, so I just wanted to share it, if some of you want to try it.


This is more a open world build, but it’s easily useable in dungeon, fractal and eventually WvW / PvP / Raids (not sure if it have a use in it, may be). The objectiv is to never stop deal damages, bring some utility and tag as many things as you can with a pretty decent DPS, like a staff guard will do.


First, understand that build is NOT the best DPS build possible as a engineer. It’s more a heart build and a challenge to made the flamethrower viable. That’s my main class since ages and I’v made half of my theorycrafting on it (over several hundred hours every class included).


I know some peoples love the flamethrower since start, and I really wanted to make it viable again. I’m sure many of you are going to be skeptics about it, but give it a try if you can, it will convince you. I wanted to add some vids, but my connection is way too bad for that, I apologise to you.

Rifle end game build
Hammer end game build
Cheap rifle exotic version
Cheap hammer exotic version


To help you understand the build, here is what it bring :
+Perma quickness (40/40s)
+Perma stability (1-2 stack all the time)
+Perma fury
+Perma 25 might (never under 19 out of fight)
+Perma swifness and vigor
+Perma retaliation
+Perma regeneration / or 33% time under protection (depend of your heal choice)
This is what your boons look like most of the time (while playing solo).


The most importants things are, of course, quickness, stability and might.
Combined to the base critical chance, as soon as your target bleed you have 100% critical chance even if you are alone, and you litteraly never stop DPS until you get bump/stun more than 2 time in a row. FT have a really decent range, is not affected by any obstruction so you can litteraly use it throught anything (hello rooted Caudecus’s Manor bandits) and hit multiples target in a large area. Also it does not require to target to be effective, if you know how to play with your camera you can easily hit anything in front of you to tag more and more things.


The average DPS with “Flame Jet” (1) is beetween 7k and 9k every 1,5s. That’s a little more than 5k per second, so not bad as you think. You can easily swap to your hammer/rifle/kit you want for a good burst since they deal more than FT, then rotate back to your FT and do it again.


Of course, until you keep the food, gear, elixir U and scrapper/alch specialization, this build is very flexible and you can pick whatever you want.
That may be just a vain attempt to make you like engineer in openworld, but if I can share my love for this class and convince some of you I will be really happy with it !


Thanks for reading that, sorry if I disturbed you with a class you don’t like and have good times on reddit and GW2 !