[Class Guide] Engineer Open World Build

Edit: This build is not max dps, it’s for getting as many different QoL buffs as possible, like Swiftness, Stability or Vigor. /u/Soledier has a better max dps build mentioned in this post.

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In the last few days I’ve had tons of pm’s with the very same topic, so I can sorta just copy this whole post with a few modifications for a detailed answer. :3

For open world I suggest to go for this Flame Thrower build:


It’ll grant you perma 25 stacks might, aswell a high up to permanent fury, swiftness, regeneration, vigor, protection, stability and quickness uptime. So basicly – EVERYTHING! 😀

The build works like this:

I used Leadership Runes, but they are rather hard / annoying to get, Strength Runes work just fine aswell. You’ll have higher stats and a bit more might stacks but way less other boons uptime (mainly quickness), still a fantastic choice! You also don’t have to use bufffood in open world ofc. It’s just nice to have while soloing hero point trains. :3

I suggest those runes only for a 2nd armor set. You might want to get yourself 2 exotic power armors because of this. You don’t need an ascended power armor anywhere, since exotic to power only gives you +20 power, +14 precision and +14 ferocity. That’s like 1% damage increase :’D Only if you are filthy rich or want ot minmax, get an ascended power armor. In teams use Scholar runes.

If you can afford a 2nd ascended hammer (or if you have 2 exotic hammers), I highly suggest to use Bloodlust as the 2nd sigil in your weapon.

If you have trouble with some Hero Points, swap elixier U for Bulwark Gyro or anything else you might find more useful in a specific situation. For example I’ve been driven to the edge and modified this build much more survivability oriented for soloing the Mushroom Queen in TD:


If you have any questions, just ask :3

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The train of thoughts is like this:

As a solo Engi you have no perma quickness, so it means you can use the FT for dps. Now you have the old meta in your utility bar: Nade, Bomb, FT.

Next thought: You want dps increasing buffs like in raids, dungeons or fractals. You could stack might with fire fields and FT, but that will only leave you with an average amount of might and as someone else mentioned here, mobs often die already during the buff time. It’s also rather annoying and doesn’t proc Applied Force (quickness for might above 10 stacks) very frequently.

So how to fix this and get better buffs? By using the FT mainly. So by camping the FT more or less, only swapping to the hammer for hard hitting skills. You could use Nades and Bombs for a few skills (like toolbelts), but you can get way more by just swapping them out, allowing you to get another traitline with more utililty and damage -> Alchemy.

Now you have more boon duration, HGH, a superior Elixier Gun, your Elixier U lasts as long as a time warp while also having a 12s projectile destruction wall. While camping the FT, Applied Force will now also proc frequently, giving you a ~50% quickness uptime all on it’s own.

So you end up with FT, Elixier U and Elixier Gun, while sustaining an ultra high amount of buffs:


(This is the afk sustain, in combat you can use Acid Bomb, Super Elixier and Throw Elixier U for damage and to ensure 25 stacks might. You can also blast your Napalm field if you are able to.

Disclaimer: I’m no clicker, I just wanted to show you the tooltips! :D)