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[Class Guide]Raid Team Composition


This is a basic Raid Team composition that covers a lot of offensive and defensive boons and buffs. With this composition the whole raid should have high uptime on most of the following boosts:

Party Composition

  • Both subgroups have a Berserker for Might, Banners, and Empower Allies.
  • The Chronomancer’s primary role is to provide Quickness and Alacrity to the squad, while also being strong at sharing boons with
    Signet of Inspiration Signet of Inspiration.
  • The Herald is usually the team’s main Fury provider, while also bringing Facet of Nature for the Chronomancer/Phalanx Berserker.
  • The Healer, Tank and DPS roles can be taken by multiple Classes that are capable of fulfilling it.
Raid Essentials
Subgroup Role Profession Build
Subgroup 1 Quickness Dark-icon-chronomancer.png Chronomancer Chronomancer – Utility DPS (R)
Boonuptime Dark-icon-herald.png Herald Herald – DPS/Support
Subgroup 2 Might Dark-icon-berserker.png Berserker Berserker – Phalanx Strength (R)
Heal/DPS/Fury Dark-icon-druid.png Druid Druid – S/A LB Power
DPS/Tank Any DPS Profession DPS Build of DPS Profession
DPS Any DPS Profession DPS Build of DPS Profession
Subgroup 3 Might Dark-icon-berserker.png Berserker Berserker – Phalanx Strength (R)
DPS/Fury Any DPS Profession DPS Build of DPS Profession
DPS Any DPS Profession DPS Build of DPS Profession
DPS Any DPS Profession DPS Build of DPS Profession


As this is just a Base group composition with a lot of variable space there are a lot of variations. The core roles of Berserker, Herald and Chronomancer stay mostly the same, but can be replaced by Builds that offer the same support/boons.

  • Fury from a Herald can be substituted/assisted by Druids with a Tiger pet, Fresh Air Tempests and Dragonhunters.
  • You should run with 2 Druids for higher uptime on Grace of the Land and better Spotter coverage.
  • You can replace the Power Phalanx Warriors with the Condition Variant Berserker – PS Condition you should put other condition classes in the same subgroup to benefit from the additional condition damage that this build provides from Deep Strike.
  • When using a Tempest – Auramancer Raid Healer as Healer consider putting them in a 4th separate Subgroup as Auras unlike normal heals prioritize the Subgroup instead of low health targets/proximity.
  • When running with a second Chronomancer consider using 2 mirrored subgroups 5/5
  • When running with multiple of one profession in the same Subgroup try to split up buffs such as Banners between them to open up room for other utilities.

DPS Builds

Most of the DPS Builds are fairly competitive in terms of Damage, the highest being Tempest, Daredevil and Dragonhunter, you can however still run every other Build without getting problems with the Enrage Timer. Mechanics and execution are more important in a Raid scenario than just DPS numbers. Stacking high DPS Classes helps if you are not familliar/practiced enough with the mechanics or want to go for speed kills.

DPS Builds
Profession Build Damagetype
Dark-icon-tempest.png Tempest Tempest – Staff DPS (R) Ranged Direct
Tempest – Fresh Air DPS (R) Melee Direct
Dark-icon-daredevil.png Daredevil Daredevil – Raid DPS Melee Direct
Thief – Raid DPS Melee Direct
Dark-icon-dragonhunter.png Dragonhunter Dragonhunter – DPS/Support Melee Direct
Dark-icon-engineer.png Engineer Engineer – Condition Raids Ranged/Melee Condition
Dark-icon-herald.png Herald Herald – DPS/Support Melee Direct
Dark-icon-berserker.png Berserker Berserker – LB S/T Maximum Condition Ranged Condition
Dark-icon-reaper.png Reaper Reaper – Viper Horror Ranged Condition


The Tanking role can be taken by most professions that have good self sustain or high block/evade/invuln uptime, some Professions give up more personal DPS than others some need external Healing. Depending on the encounter Ranged or Melee Tanks are preferred.

Tanking Professions
Profession Tanking mechanic Damagetype External Heal
Dark-icon-chronomancer.png Chronomancer Block, Blur, Evade, Distortion Melee Direct Required
Dark-icon-daredevil.png Daredevil Evade, Self-sustain Melee Direct Self-sustainable
Dark-icon-reaper.png Reaper Lifeforce, Self-sustain Ranged Condition Self-sustainable

These are just the most offensive versions of Tanking, with enough defensive gear every class can fulfill this role while the bosses should still be killable well within the Enrage timer.

General Usage

Boons and Buffs

Boons and Buffs are a important factor when making a Raid group, proper buffing will increase your DPS and survivability by a lot this is why this Team covers the most important ones.

  • Chronomancer is stacking high amounts of Quickness for the entire raid however the distribution is somewhat random due to the fact that the Chronomancer is in a seperate Subgroup. This is assisted by the Herald’s Facet of Nature.
  • Herald keep up Facet of Nature permanently to assist other boon stacking classes.
  • Revenants keep up as much boons as needed which get shared by the Chronomancers’
    Signet of Inspiration Signet of Inspiration . This can provide the Raid group with a longer duration of the boons they have.
  • Warriors are the primary might stacking class, assisted by Facet of Nature.
  • Warriors bring Banners and Empower Allies.
  • Druids have Spotter, Frost Spirit, Glyph of Emporment and Grace of the Land. These buffs are so strong that even taking 2 Druids (one for each subgroup) is a valid option.


A lot of Raid mechanics revolve around breaking Bosses breakbars try to not use to many CC skills to not cripple your DPS but make sure the bar still gets broken fast enough.

If a lot of CC is needed for example on Gorseval a Engineer with Slick Shoes Slick Shoes is a really strong pick.

Soft control effects

Condition Defiance Bar Damage
Fear Fear 100 per second
Taunt Taunt 75 per second
Immobilize Immobilize 50 per second
Slow Slow 50 per second
Chilled Chilled 33 per second
Blind Blind 20 per second
Weakness Weakness 20 per second
Crippled Crippled 15 per second

Hard control effects

Effect Defiance Bar Damage
Daze Daze, Knockdown Knockdown, Stun Stun 100* duration
Knockback Knockback, Pull Pull 150
Launch Launch 232 or 332

Hard control by profession

Profession Control Effect Defiance Bar Damage
Dark-icon-berserker.png Berserker
Wild Blow Wild Blow
Head Butt Head Butt,Skull Crack Skull Crack
Shield Bash Shield Bash
Pommel Bash Pommel Bash,Skull Grinder Skull Grinder
Dark-icon-chronomancer.png Chronomancer
Into the Void Into the Void
Tides of Time Tides of Time

(6-10 hits),Diversion Diversion (1-4 hits)

Counter Blade Counter Blade
100 per hit
Dark-icon-daredevil.png Daredevil
Uppercut Uppercut
Impact Strike Impact StrikePalm Strike Palm Strike
Basilisk Venom Basilisk Venom
150 per hit
Dark-icon-dragonhunter.png Dragonhunter
Bane Signet Bane Signet
Banish Banish
Ring of Warding Ring of WardingSpear of Justice Spear of Justice Forward arrow blue.png Hunter's Verdict Hunter’s Verdict
Shield of Absorption Shield of AbsorptionBinding Blade Binding Blade Forward arrow blue.png Pull Pull
Piercing Light Piercing Light
100 per trap
Dark-icon-engineer.png Engineer
Big Ol' Bomb Big Ol’ Bomb
Detonate Healing Turret Detonate Healing TurretAir Blast Air Blast
Dark-icon-herald.png Herald
Facet of Chaos Facet of Chaos Forward arrow blue.png Chaotic Release Chaotic Release
Surge of the Mists Surge of the Mists (4-7 hits)
Temporal Rift Temporal Rift
150 per hit
Dark-icon-reaper.png Reaper
Summon Flesh Golem Summon Flesh Golem Forward arrow blue.png Charge Charge (launch)
Summon Flesh Golem Summon Flesh Golem Forward arrow blue.png Charge Charge (knockdown)
Wail of Doom Wail of Doom "Chilled to the Bone!" “Chilled to the Bone!”
Executioner's Scythe Executioner’s Scythe
Terrify Terrify
200 per hit
Dark-icon-tempest.png Tempest (Staff)
Dark-icon-tempest.png Tempest (Fresh Air)
Deep Freeze Deep Freeze
Wind Blast Wind Blast
Static Field Static Field Static Field Static Field
Gust Gust Cyclone Cyclone Tidal Surge Tidal Surge


In toughness based Tanking encounters the Tank should have the highest toughness of the group to maintain aggro. Don’t forget that certain traits and skills increase toughness for example Determined Revival Determined Revival or Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness adjust your Toughness accordingly. A bit over 1400 toughness is a safe value to go for at Vale Guardian in case somebody dies and a Warrior starts reviving this will not mess up the positioning of the Boss.

If your healer is running a defensive more heal based build make sure to have more toughness than him or let the healer tank and heal at the same time to open up a DPS slot.


Healing is mainly there to keep your group alive and above 90% health to keep up Scholar buff. If your group is still learning or not 100% consisted in clearing the content, bringing a defensive more heal based Build for this role helps a lot. Optimally you wanna go for a Healer in DPS gear to shorten room for error by improving over all kill times / phase transitions. There is different ways of Healing, Druid heals are proximity based while Tempest heals are Aura based. If you run with a Tempest healer he has to be in a 4th subgroup to spread the heals to everybody in the Raid. Separated form the rest of the raid the Tempest might not get a lot of boons from other classes. A Druid healer should be in a subgroup with other direct damage focused professions so they can make use of the Druids offensive buffs and the guaranteed fury.