[Gear] How To: Gear Fast

While the “gear journey” is quite short, you’re at the very start of it. The first step is obtaining full exotic armor/weapons and ascended trinkets.

Check metabattle for which stats you should strive for. There’s 2 basic variants:

Of the two, the latter is significantly harder to obtain, being largely limited to crafting, and about 25% more expensive then (Reminder: I’m talking about exotic here). I highly suggest you go for a Power-based build first, despite what the meta is. If you want to do conditions, I suggest substituting Rampager stats for the beginning, and work on Viper/Sinister later.



Power-based gear can readily obtained by running the explorable paths of dungeons, where you can earn 100 dungeon-specific tokens once per path per day (and 20 on subsequent runs, plus around 10 from drops). You can turn these in at the dungeon armor and weapons vendor in Lion’s Arch. Most notably, Citadel of Flame and Crucible of Eternity offer a choice of Berserker statted gear. Ruined City of Arah does, too, but that one is significantly harder and less run.

Dungeon armor also comes with some cool and unique skins, and dungeons can teach you the basics of group play, like boon generation and distribution, which is important to know for end-game group content.


You can also buy Berserker armor for 63000 Karma per piece from the Karma vendor at the Temple of Grenth in Cursed Shore. Note that it’s (currently) not possible to salvage this armor, making rune extraction impossible (the upgrade extractor is almost always more expensive than buying a new rune).


WvW has equipment vendors that sell exotic equipment for Badges of Honor in the Borderlands keeps.

Verdant Brink

As /u/TerribleTransit points out, you can buy Bladed armor pieces for Airship Parts in Verdant Brink. Finishing the night-time meta events at Tier 4 (fully filled Meta-Progress bar) rewards a Bladed Armor Box, containing a piece of your choice.

Ascended Trinkets


The first thing to get is the amulet. Amulets can be bought for Laurels from a Laurel Vendor. If you hop into WvW, the Laurel Vendors there can help you save Laurels (which can be turned into gold via T6 mats) by substituting Badges of Honor.

You could also farm Bloodstone Fen for 125 Blood Rubies and 3000 Unbound Magic, which you can trade for a Blood Ruby Pendant at Scholar Rakka. This Amulet allows you to select any stat combination currently in the game, and isresettable for a small fee, as well.


Accessories can be bought for Ectoplasm and Laurels, but screw that. Guild commendations are the way to go here. You get these by completing guild missions with your guild. If you don’t have a guild, you should get one. If you don’t want to have a guild for whatever reason, there are guilds you can join for the sole purpose of doing missions for commendations.


Rings are best obtained in Fractals of the Mists. You can buy them for 10 Pristine Relics from BUY-####-PFR in Mistlock Observatory (Fractals Lobby). Fractal scales 1-19 require no agony resistance, so you can start your daily fractals today!


The cheapest ascended Backpacks in the game are found in Bloodstone Fen (200 Rubies, 5000 Magic) or Ember Bay (200 Petrified Wood, 5000 Magic). You can select any stat on them.

Once you have leveled a crafting discipline, you can make a level 78 exotic backpack with a very strange (but fairly high) stat spread. They work fine (be sure to slot a jewel) until you can get another ascended one.