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[Gear] Schnellstart für 80er

1) Work on unlocking your elite specialization by doing hero challenges in the 4 HoT maps. You cna get to the HoT maps by going to your story journal and starting the HoT story and following int until you are in Verdant Brink.

2) Start using LFG to do daily fractals, most haven’t changed though there are a couple new ones, this will help you start making money and getting your fractal level up with a chance for free ascended gear. Use your pristine fractal relics to buy the two berserker stat ascended rings.

3) Find a guild or more than 1 guild because having people to do things with makes a lot of things go faster. Start doing guild missions weekly as that is the best way to get an berserker ascended accessory or two. There are side guilds lead by raiding guilds that are specifically to teach people raiding, thy usually ask that you have at least ascended jewelry with the rest exotic of the right stats for your meta build (metabattle.com can hel pyou with the meta builds), that you are at least mostly confident in your ability to play that meta build without using all of your brainpower to just do the DPS rotation (because there will be other things in the raid you need to think and react to) and that you have at least somewhat read how the encounter works so they don’t have to go into too much detail when explaining.

4) Start Living World season 3 (unless you are a big story person then do the story starting with LW2 > HoT > LW3 in order) so you can start farming the new maps Bloodstone Fen and Ember Bay to collect blood rubies, petrified wood and unbound magic. That is currently the easiest method for obtaining ascended berserker back, amulet and an accessory (if you didn’t get both from guild missions) to nearly complete your ascended jewelry set.

5) If you have more game time than even those things start looking for other ways you can start making money. Some examples include boss training, Auric Basin (AB) multi-map, Silverwaste (events, Vinewrath (VW) and shovel trains), or fractal 40 farm (but you need agony resistance for this so you can’t start LFGing it immediately).