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[AP] Easiest Core Tyria Mastery Points (All 49 Required)


Hey there!

So I thought it’d be really helpful to make a video guide on the easiest Core Tyria mastery points to get if you haven’t yet completed those mastery lines. So below you’ll see a list of the best achievements to do that give mastery points that really helped me boost my points. For a more detailed explanation check the video out linked above!

16 Living World Season 2, Episodes and Achievements

27 Character to level 80, complete all of Personal Story

28 Koutalophile, find all spoons.

29 Dive Master, find all diving locations.

30 Lion’s Arch Exterminator, find all karka hatchlings.

31 Hidden Garden, complete jumping puzzle in Mount Malestrom.

32 Retrospective Runaround, complete jumping puzzle in Silverwastes

37 All Silverwastes Legendary Bosses

39 Tequatl the Sunless Defeat and Achievements

40 Ruler of Shinies, Defeat Queen Skritt, Tier 4 Sandstorm

41 Karka Queen Killer, Defeat in Southsun Cove

49 Last 8, pick your fractal achievements, below are my recommended ones:

1 Holo-Hornpipe, dance with holo in Aetherblade

2 If We Only Had Marshmallows, light every fire, Snowblind

3 Open Grave, kill all monsters, Solid Ocean

4 Out of Cluck, kill all chickens, Urban Battleground

5 Take a Bow, bow at end of Cliffside

6 The Floor Is Lava. Don’t Step In It, dont fall in lava at end, Volcanic

7 Hop, Skip, and Jump, dont fall and die, Uncategorized

8 Fancy Footwork, don’t get hit by a trap on floor, Swamp