[Gold] The worth of Unbound Magic, Blood Rubies, and opening Magic-Warped Items

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HAI everyone!

Ever since the new map (Bloodstone Fen) came out, I was curious about some things:

To answer those questions I set myself a goal: Gather a good sample size of Blood Rubies, I decided on 1000, salvage them, and buy a decent stockpile of the Magic-Warped Packets and the Magic-Warped Bundles. It took me around 3 weeks to gather them, with some days getting around 10 and others around 100. It all depends on time and mood. Anyways, on to the numbers 😀

1000 Blood Rubies

Here is the result of my labor. As you can see I have it divided under 10 Basic Salvage Kits and 1 Mystic Salvage Kits. This is to see if the quality of salvage kit matters. Oh right, you have to confirm each individual salvage and you can’t spam click accept with the blood ruby under the accept button. I suggest not doing it in bulk if you want to keep your sanity.

Magic-Warped Packet

Time to see how much money you can make with Unbound Magic. The first way to do it is to buy Magic-Warped Packets. They give 10 of any kind of common crafting materials (Green Wood Logs, Gossamer Scraps, etc.) or give 1 ascended crafting material instead (Spiritwoodplank). With the magic I had I bought 100 Magic-Warped Packets for a decent sample size (imo). This is the result

The Chance on a certain kind of material, like a metal, seemed even with every material having 25% of appearing. The tiers seem completly all over the place, but for the sake of giving it value, I’m using the values that I got as truth. The true value of Magic-Warped packets are the ascended materials.

Magic-Warped Bundles

These seemed the most obvious choice for me to make some dough when the map came out. Over time I started to lose faith in the amount of money it contained, but I still was curious so I bought 100 of them. Time to open them and see what they contain! Here is the result


After knowing the average profit for both Magic-Warped items we can draw some conclusions:


Farming Bloodstone Fen gave me lots of unstable salvaging scraps. This got me curious: Does the quality of Salvage Kit affect the outcome? The description of the Salvage Kits would imply so. Still, here is the setup. Result 1 with Basic Salvage Kits and Result 2 with Mystic Salvage Kits. One can argue if it matters, but honestly I don’t see too much of a difference. Use this information to your advantage if you see a clear difference 🙂

Some notes: