[Gold] The worth of Salvaged Debris and Petrified Wood

Here are the results.

36 platinum doubloons : 16g 94s 07c

40 gold doubloons : 8g 94s 20c

18 silver doubloons : 29g 84s 76c

29 copper doubloons : 6g 24s 69c

330 blues and greens recycled into 7g 75s 81c of mats and 3940 luck

2 rares : 69s 84c

1 exo : 2g 18s 84c

48 cristalline piles of dust : 8g 07s 84c

143 piles of incandescent dust : 3g 47s 53c

27 Globs of ectoplasm : 7g 52s 22c

264 Bottles of Rum + 265 Clumps of Pitch + 16 Broken spoons : 2g 29s 49c

1279 reclaimed wood chunks recycled into 97g 95s 88c of wood

122 salvageable meta scraps recycled into 2g 21s 48c of metal

For those, here are the drops

For a total of 194g 13s 65c.

To that, we can add :

10031 UM at about 28c/um so 28g 08s 68c (for this I used u/DEDouwe ‘s amazing research)

321 Petrified wood at about 37um/wood so 33g 25s56c

for a grand total of 255g 47s 89c, so 25s 55c on average.

1000 skritt contracts cost 980 000 karma and 1000 petrified wood.

gw2efficiency gives us a cost of opportunity profit of 7s64c per 1000 karma, so 75g 87s 20c.

1000 petrified wood are worth about 37 000 UM so 103g 60s.

Which makes us a profit of 74g 20s 93c, so 7s 42c on average per salvaged debris.

I didn’t find a good research on petrified wood salvage, so here it is.

Basically, with a copper-fed salvage kit, petrified wood salvages into 37.425 UM/wood, whereas it walvages into 38.335 UM/wood with a Mystic salvage kit. As with the blood rubies, use the lowest kits, the difference is not worth it.

EDIT : reverted the gold notations from 1.2345g to 1g 23s 45c because some people apparently thought it meant you could get thousands of gold from this. (sadly no)