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[Tool] gw2 Raid Assist


Over the past few months I’ve been working on a tool to help players with raids. It’s finally reached a minimum threshold of usefulness and stability, so here it is. You can find more details at the project page. It’s built from frifox’s gw2dps tool, which in turn uses rafi’s hacklib_gw2 library.

What does it do?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

All it does is display pertinent information that is hidden or difficult to keep track of. It doesn’t generate any input to the game, so players are still performing all the actions.

For players who like to look at numbers, it also outputs a bunch of stats at the end of each run.

There’s virtually no support now, but additional tools could make that data more meaningful. Here’s a start. That’s a Sab run where the group wiped at Karde.

How does it work?

Data about players and bosses is periodically examined by reading game memory. It is then used to compute and present relevant raiding information to players.

Doesn’t using this violate the user agreement?

Yes it does. Anet may decide to terminate accounts that use this. If you find that risk unacceptable, you should turn back now. You have been warned.

Doesn’t it provide an unfair advantage?

I’ve heard arguments for both sides. I think it comes down to how you define unfair. Personally, I think if raid kills gave out more rewards, this becomes really shady and I would be much more reluctant to make it public.

So it can get your account terminated, and gives you questionable advantages in raids. Who would want to touch this?

This originally started as a pet project, only for my amusement. However I’ve decided to develop this towards 2 purposes:

  • It can be used as a training and learning tool. For players new to raids, it draws attention to key mechanics that are not initially obvious. For those who struggle at raids, it provides important information that helps the decision-making process. Incidentally, this same information is also valuable to players looking to set records that require precise timing and execution.
  • It is a diagnostic tool to help groups determine where they are having trouble. Hard data about a run is more valuable than feelings about what happened.

On the other hand, you should take the tool’s output with a grain of salt:

  • It fundamentally can’t be 100% accurate because it periodically samples information at discrete times. For example, if a player takes 2500 damage at the same moment they are healed for 2000, only 500 damage will be recorded.
  • There’s going to be bugs. I can’t promise it is perfect. Please don’t blame me if you somehow cause the zombie apocalypse with this.

Future Work:

What’s available now is just a start. Assuming Anet doesn’t ban me, there’s a lot more ideas I’d like to implement. I actually think raids will be released faster than I can exhaust my backlog (so, some ideas will forever be stuck on The Table). I’ll stick to @snakelayer for announcing new features. Stay tuned if you’re interested!

The game crashed when I did x!

Yeah… it does that on occasion. Due to the nature of building and maintaining state about players/bosses over a long period of time, this tool has more expectations of data availability than the original gw2dps. I try to keep expectations conservative, but sometimes things just go wrong. There’s not much that can be done about crashes. Don’t send that error report, because Anet certainly can’t and won’t help.

A couple suggestions:

  • I would discourage using this all the time. Not only can it become a crutch for actual skill, you lose a lot of incentive to communicate with your group, so it can negatively impact your group dynamics. Additionally, while this may help you get faster and easier kills, they will be less rewarding and you would be robbing yourself of the intended challenge that comes from raids. Use it to get better, use it to set records, but otherwise, put it away and enjoy the game as designed. Also, it’s ugly as hell. The UI stomps all over the carefully crafted aesthstic of GW2.
  • This second topic can warrant a completely separate discussion so I’ll keep it short. This tool shows you data about other players in your group. Please don’t look at those numbers and use them to justify being an ass. Ultimately, everyone is here to have fun in GW2, and if you’re not doing that, or preventing others from doing so, you’re doing it wrong. Use this responsibly.

Ok, one last thing:

For those obsessed with that mythical dee-pee-ess number, it also comes with this. I don’t care all that much for the discussion surrounding it though.

TL;DR: +10% raid proficiency; +x% risk of ban