[Tool] RFC: GW2 TacO online data sharing

The developer of the GW2 Tactical Overlay (TacO) here. One of the main features of this overlay is to allow people to mark 3D locations in the game world. Examples of its use are markings for the silverwastes chests, noxious pod spawn locations and the like, similar to the markers that commanders can place. During the time since TacO was released at the end of last year, I got to talk to a lot of you and several people sent me ideas, requests and even marker packs to distribute with TacO.

I’m slowly becoming something of a bottleneck in this latter point, and can’t curate all the stuff being sent my way. On the flip side, the game world is so huge, no single person can map all resource nodes and constantly maintain them without spending 24/7 on this.

So I’m looking into creating a central server through which TacO users can share markers and other data in real-time. It’d start with simple marker sharing, and possibly evolve into raid related things (for example currently the only reliable way to know when the Slothasor fight begins without breaching the eula would be to have the player initiating the fight near the first mushroom send a signal to the rest of the overlays that the timer has started).

Linking together the overlay instances would allow us to crowdsource the marking of resource nodes and other interesting locations. It’d stop me from being the bottleneck as it would allow people to share their markers without having to contact me or having to share xml files with others.

This thread is a Request For Comment on the idea.

Here are my main concerns:

All this would result in a combined marker database maintained by the community through the use of TacO. I’d like to hear your ideas on this before I explore it any further. Thoughts on how such a tool would otherwise be useful to you are especially welcome.

Another thing regarding this: to do this, besides the work it’d cost me about 15 euros a month to rent a VPS to run the service. If you have any ideas on how to lower that, I’m all ears 🙂