[Class Guide][Math] DEKeyz’s GW2 Rotation Calculator

After a lot of development, testing, and HotM golem whacking, I’m releasing my Guild Wars 2 all-class rotation calculator for public use.

The calc is designed so that a user can input equipment, traits, and rotations (from a dictionary of almost 800 skills) and the sheet will calculate DPS, healing per second, and survival time – opening theorycrafting to many who have the interest but not the time to develop their own DPS calculator. This comes preloaded with some non-optimized PvE rotations and enables the comparison of up to 5 builds’ DPS graphically. A lot of notes about sampling methods and assumptions are included on the first page of the spreadsheet. For those who do have their own calculators, I hope the data in this sheet are a useful resource.

This tool is by no means complete, and while my testing team has done a great job I am sure there are still bugs and shortcomings in functionality in this beast of a sheet. I would appreciate any reports of irregularities in performance or suggestions.

I would like to thank my two main testers /u/knoxij and /u/Obal for their many, many hours of work. Also thanks to [DnT] members past and present and many other players who contributed data, ideas, questions, and feedback; and thanks to [qT], [Ren], and [SC] for feedback on the numbers on a broad scale and their own experimental data for comparison.

I hope that this inspires improved online DPS calculation tools that use the data (and possibly algorithms) provided in this sheet. I know /u/-Chase has been looking at online implementations and I’m sure he would be happy to have collaborators on the project, and I would also love the opportunity to continue improving my theoretical framework for DPS calculations in a more accessible platform.

As I find and squish more bugs, I will try to keep an updated version here on Reddit as well as my user page on Metabattle. Happy theorycrafting 😀