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[Gear] Best Ways to Get Petrified Wood, Fresh Winterberry Farm & Blood Ruby Farm

Just in case people are still not quite on board with what the big deal with these new maps are, and why you should be farming for some of these map currencies such as petrified wood, blood rubies, and fresh winterberries, here’s why and how.

For one, you can make some gold by salvaging and consuming the currencies for unbound magic. That unbound magic can then be converted into packets and bundles from the unbound magic vendors which can then be opened and profit can be made from selling the loot.

For two, you can get some pretty neat minis, that are all very cool. So if you like collecting those, or just want a new one, there’s a whole lot of them now with these 3 new maps released.

And for three, which I think is the best thing to do, is gear up your characters with ascended trinkets since they have ALL the stats, and ANY stats in the game to chose from. If you want that Commander Guardian, here are the easy trinkets with those stats that don’t require you to PVP or Raid to get them. But the cost, is a ton of unbound magic, and a lot of the map currency too. So how do you get so much of each from each map? See the below list of ways to get each of the currencies, and hopefully you’ll be able to make this a routine of yours every day to get those numbers up for each of the currencies.


  • Completing each of the dailies in the new maps.
  • Champion boxes and loot from killing enemies in the new maps.
  • Skritt stashes in Ember Bay (you do need to use 1 Petrified Wood to buy a contract).
  • Collecting the blue spherical orbs floating in the new maps.
  • Gathering Bloodstone Crystals, Petrified Stumps, and Winterberry Bushes in the new maps.
  • Getting Unbound Magic Harvesting tools and harvesting anywhere in Tyria (can be bought from the Asuran assistant hear vendor in Ember Bay by Lava Flats. Several other vendors have them too in the other maps, this is the one I go to though.)
  • Obviously also by salvaging and consuming your map currencies, but I don’t recommend that unless you’re planning to use them to buy packets or bundles.


  • Completing each of the dailies in Bloodstone Fen grants 1 Blood Ruby for each daily.
  • Mining Bloodstone Crystals with a chance at a Blood Ruby.
  • Completing the Bloodstone Sightings achievement grants 10 Blood Rubies.
  • Escorting Alari Doubleblade event grants 1 Blood Ruby.
  • Defeating Ghostly Justiciar Hablion grants 3 Blood Rubies, it’s a daily too.
  • Defeating the pair of Jade Constructs in the last phase of the chain event grants 2 Blood Rubbies.
  • Defeating the Legendary Unbound Guardian grants 4 Blood Rubies.


  • Completing each of the dailies in Ember Bay grants 1 Petrified Wood for each daily.
  • Completing each of the hearts in Ember Bay grants 3 Petrified Wood for each heart.
  • Chopping down Petrified Stumps with a chance at Petrified Wood.
  • Completing the Skip up the Volcano jumping puzzle grants 5 Petrified Wood.
  • Completing the three Coalescence events that spawn in the three areas of the map grants 6 Petrified Wood, 2 for each event.
  • Defeating the Sloth Queen grants 3 Petrified Wood.
  • Defeating the Molten Dominator grants 3 Petrified Wood.
  • Defeating Vermingus grants 3 Petrified Wood.
  • Completing the escorting Skrilla event grants 3 Petrified Wood.
  • Opening Skirtt Stashes grants 0-3 Petrified Wood (you do need to use 1 Petrified Wood to buy a contract).


  • Completing each of the dailies in Bitterfrost Frontier grants 2 Fresh Winterberry for each daily.
  • Completing each of the hearts in Bitterfrost Frontier grants 5 Fresh Winterberries for each heart.
  • Opening Icebound Chests with a chance at Fresh Winterberries.
  • Harvesting Winterberry Bushes grants Fresh Winterberries.

That’s basically it, I tend to have a checklist for myself everyday to complete all of these and just get them all done. I suggest you do the same because this makes the new maps a lot more rewarding and very fun to play. I am in the processing of currently gearing up my Guardian and I want to use the 4 stats prefix for my gear, so this is great for me since I don’t raid often, nor PVP as much. This is the next best way to get those new ascended trinkets with new stat types.

Hope you enjoyed the guide, and for more specifications watch the video linked above.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Buying each of the nodes for your home also grants more of each of the map currencies too, but I think they cost like 50 Gold and aheap of Unbound Magic also, find a friend who has it maybe.

EDIT 2: Note that you have to buy the currencies from the heart vendors upon completion of the hearts, they don’t automatically give you the currencies. And PVP and WVW reward tracks grant a ton of these currencies too by completing the tracks.