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[Gold] How to earn gold efficiently at Silverwaste Farming?

CF: With the earned crests you can buy keys at the vendor in the camp. With shovels you also drop on events you can dig out chests and open them with keys. Doing that in a large squad with a commander is called Chest Farm. You are doing CF for a loot bag called “Embroidered Coin Purse” and you will get one for each chest opened. The other loot is nice as well.

What to do with all the loot?

  • Loot bags: Open them (some weeks ago you opened them on a level ~53 character to get higher valued materials, but as far as I know, it got nerfed and you need to open them at level 80 again).
  • Salvage all stuff which is Green/Masterwork or lower with a Basic Salvage Kit or the gem store alternative Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic.
  • On rare weapons and armor, check the TP price and if it’s above ~65 silver sell it. If not salvage it with a Master’s Salvage Kit, Mystic Salvage Kit or the gem store alternative Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic.
  • On exos, check the runes or sigils and their TP prices. If the sigil/rune has a higher value than the item itself, salvage it with a Black Lion Salvage Kit and sell the sigil/rune. If the value is lower, sell the exo.
  • Trash and green runes & sigils can be sold on vendor.
  • Ambrite: Sell on TP or salvage and sell on vendor.
  • Sand: Doubleclick Pile of Silky Sand to gain Pile of Coarse Sand or sometimes some other stuff. Sell the sand on TP.
  • Greater Nightmare Keys: Like I said above. Go to the labyrinth after the SW meta event and use them on the big chest. You will gain a lot of loot bags and at least one rare item per key.