[Gold] Silverwaste Farming / RIBA

Events: Search in LFG for a “SW XX%” or “SW Permamap” -Map and do the meta event. There you collect a lot of loot, bags, crests, nightmare keys. If you have some nightmare keys, you could go for a high level labyrinth and use them.

Edit: “Crest(s)” is the short form for Bandit Crest which is the currency in the silverwastes.

Do the RIBA Rotation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjojkM7fdsY


CF: With the earned crests you can buy keys at the vendor in the camp. With shovels you also drop on events you can dig out chests and open them with keys. Doing that in a large squad with a commander is called Chest Farm. You are doing CF for a loot bag called “Embroidered Coin Purse” and you will get one for each chest opened. The other loot is nice as well.

What to do with all the loot?