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[AP] 22 Februar Current Events Guide

Getting Started

First, make sure you are on a character that have completed Heart of Thorns. Read your mail on that character and talk to Warden Leide at the entrance of The Grove to get started.


You will get a letter telling you to go to your home instance and talk to Ridhais. Talk to Ridhais, if you don’t have the Broken Caladbolg on you, you can get it back by talking with Miyani next to the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch and spend 10x Bottles of Elonian Wine (if you don’t see this option on Miyani, you have to talk to Ridhais first and make sure you pick the Mystic forge option in the dialogue)


Shards of a Thorn

Completing this achievement will give you 5 AP and Spiritwood Scion. Special thanks to Imminent Aegis and Gyrana Argen for locating these shards.


1. Carried by a soldier seeking a knight

Automatically granted upon opening the collection.

2. Left to rot in a forest of corpses where the Pact Fell – Verdant Brink – [&BPAHAAA=]

Back of Blighted Depths


3. Purified by falling water in a jungle valley – Auric Basin –  [&BPwHAAA=]

At very bottom of the waterfall there is a cave you can enter that hides this shard.If you are not sure how to reach the waterfall area just follow the dotted line on the map.


4. Lost in the dark waters beneath the jungle’s depths – Tangled Depths – [&BIgIAAA=]

This is next to the Jellyfish Grotto hero challenge. If you don’t remember how to get there, remember you have to run up the rocks next to Dragon’s passage waypoint and then take the updraft to get up top with the Nightthistle Blossom hero challenge before running/gliding to the end where you can drop down into the water.


5. Splintered atop a spiral of thrones in the jungle’s heart – Dragon’s Stand

Talk to Agent Zrii at entrance of Dragon’s Stand to get teleported to the special instance for Hearts and Minds. Go up the spiral thingie and at the top jump to the shard.


Dreams of a Thorn

Completing this collection give you 5 AP and Orb of Natural Essence


Sprouting Mote

Automatically granted upon opening the collection.

Radiant Mote – The Grove – [&BLwEAAA=]

Go the bottom layer and swim down to find a secret area


Serene Mote – Fields of Ruins – [&BEsBAAA=]


Defiant Mote – Fireheart Rise – [&BB0CAAA=]


Patient Mote – Drytop – [&BIYHAAA=]

Glide down from the waypoint


Blossoming Mote – Diessa Plateau – [&BN4AAAA=]

It is in the secret strawberry farm area.


Determined Mote – Harathi Hinterlands – [&BK0AAAA=]


Misty Mote – Gendarran Fields – [&BN8AAAA=]


Pure Mote – Kessex Hills – [&BBIAAAA=]


Violent Mote – Sparkfly Fen – [&BLMDAAA=]


Shining Mote – Brisban Wildlands – [&BGQAAAA=]


The Last Step

Once you finished the two collections, bring a Vision Crystal, the two collection items, and the Broken Caladbolg.

Vision Crystal

Talk to Ridhais at your home instance again, give her the Vision Crystal and she will tell you to meet her at Kessex Hills. Make sure you have CC skills for breakbars. Remnant of a Warrior has a rapid telegraphed attack and a circular attack you can block.


Spiritwood Scion

Go back to your home instance and Ridhais will take your Spiritwood Scion and direct you to Verdant Brink. Fight with Remnant of a Scholar is much of the same, bring crowd control skills for the breakbar.


Orb of Natural Essence

Go back to your home instance again and Ridhais will now take your last item. The final fight has mechanics from the first two instances. However, at the end you will get to pick one of the five weapons. You can repeat the whole thing to get all five weapons so there is no need to panic if you picked the wrong one the first time: Sword, Greatsword, Dagger, Scepter, Shield.


Upon choosing a weapon, you will complete The Sword Regrown achievement.


Knight of the Thorn

After you done The Sword Regrown achievement (just need 1 weapon out of the 5), you will get another mail after the daily reset asking you to visit Omphalos Chamber at the Grove. Go to the upper most level of the Grove and take the pod up to the Omphalos Chamber. Talk to the Pale Tree and after a short conversation you will be get the Knight of the Thorn achievement and title.


Sword Taxonomy

For this achievement you need to collect all 5 skins. You can do this the hard way to craft all 5 weapons or the easy way using Unbound Magic. Special thanks to MMOInks for the tip!


Easy Way

Make sure you have completed Knight of the Thorn. On that character you completed the achievement go and find Ridhais in your home instance. She will allow you to exchange your current ascended weapon for a different one for 1k Unbound Magic.


Ridhais Locations

Human Sylvari Asura
gw2-sword-taxonomy-achievement-guide-2 gw2-sword-taxonomy-achievement-guide-3 gw2-sword-taxonomy-achievement-guide-4
Norn (Up top) Charr

Hard Way

If you want have all 5 ascended weapons, you have to do it this way. Make sure you have 4 other characters who have completed Heart of Thorns and repeat the whole thing (minus the scavenger steps)

You also need to make your own Spiritwood Scion and Orb of Natural Essence using the recipes you have learned already by completing the collections (recipe requires 500 in any weapon crafting profession like weaponsmith, huntsman etc and is automatically unlocked on those professions).

Orb of Natural Essence Spiritwood Scion
  • 1x Maguuma Lily
  • 2x Flax Blossoms
  • 3x Passion Flowers
  • 5x Evergreen Lodestones
  • 5x Spiritwood Planks
  • 2x Deldrimor Steel Ingot
  • 30x Fulgruites


Weapon Rewards

All the weapons here are ascended in quality and you can get all 5 by repeating the last step.

Caladbolg Astera (Shield)


Caladbolg Orchida (Greatsword)


Caladbolg Origin (Greatsword, Reward for completing Sword Taxonomy)


Caladbolg Solana (Dagger)


Caladbolg Rosa (Sword)


Caladbolg Iridi (Scepter)