[AP] Secret Achievements Lake Doric

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In the quaggan village near Saidra’s Haven, if you bring Ishoonoo some jellyfish, you unlock this achievement. Jelly fish can be found in fishing traps around Saidra’s Haven.

In lakeside Bazaar, if you go to the bar with one drink drake inside, /dance for that achievement.

In lakeside Bazaar, you need to bring honey to Blaine (who is in the well). Honey is obtain north in the eastern hunting grounds east of the normal apple trees there (the tree looks like all the other normal trees, just go to each one until you get a kick option)Edit: look at this map here http://i.imgur.com/yaLkONZ.jpg

Bring a fresh seafood, live crawdad to the cooks in Siadra’s Haven, throw a rotten (chum bucket fish) at a white mantle, said fish are obtained from the fishing traps along the lake at either town. Ap is called A Good Use – you must use the items fishing traps four different times, this includes fresh seafood, crawdads, throwing rotten chum, giving pearls, or giving the quaggan some jellyfish.

At Soren’s Rest poi, kneel

At Saidra’s Haven, there is an event where you need to rescue villagers from being burned alive at the stake.

Thats all the ones Ive found/know of


i you get the priestess of mellandru to open the door at SE and you reach the coffin inside you get na achiev too “not all who Wander are lost”


Someone just bought all Jellyfish Remains off the TP to manipualte the market. They’re required for a hidden achievement, but you can just farm them at Sorrowful Waypoint [&BKQBAAA=] by killing level 47 Jellyfish.