[Gear] How to get more Jade Shards

I posted this in one of the many threads about this but wanted to make an own thread for better visibility:

You can get 5 shards per day per account for the dailies.

You can get 5 shards per story completion and 5 shards per map completion per character.

One time per account you can get 5 shards for the Not All Who Wander Are Lost achievement (getting to the chest in Melandru’s Refuge).

You can choose 100 shards from the end rewards of the repeatable WvW/PvP Lake Doric reward tracks. Needs 80 Potions of WvW/PvP Rewards to burn through one track if you hoarded them.

You can still gather 3 shards per day per account from the Home Instance Node. You can join someone who bought the node in their instance if you don’t want to buy the node.

One shard is an occasional map bonus reward.

You can get one shard for a successful defend event at Saidra’s Haven. No need to participate in the Agatha event for this chest. There is no daily cap per character for this chest.

You can get per day and per character:

That’s 42 shards per character per day you can get in… mhhh maybe 2 hours? Needs a bit luck with the High Sage spawn and finding a zerg for it and it must be night ingame for Melandru’s Refuge. But once you know the map a bit better and prioritise what you do on the map it’s totally possible. It helps of course if you have several characters to do just the fast things.

Hope this helps while shard drops from gathering are disabled.

Edit: Some players might not be aware of this: you get the Jade Shards for the legendary bosses and the defend event from chests that spawn in the related localities. So, if you kill Agatha at Fort Evennia run back to Saidra’s Haven and loot your chest there!