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[Guide] Basic GW2 WvW Guide

Version 2.1 2017-06-04				

Table of Contents
								Need builds? Check out MetaBattle or the Class Overview section.
	[INTD] Introduction
	[STTG] Settings							Guardian Guide (Mace/Shield)
			 User Interface 					pastebin.com/HMg7VFP3
	[KYBD] Keybinds
			 Important Keybinds
			 Helpful Keybinds
	[CLOV] Class Overview
	  [CLGD] Guardian
	  [CLRV] Revenant
	  [CLWR] Warrior
	  [CLEL] Elementalist
	  [CLNC] Necromancer
	  [CLMS] Mesmer
	  [CLEG] Engineer
	  [CLRG] Ranger
	  [CLTF] Thief
	[CBTP] Combat Tips
	[TRCL] Terms and Calls
	[CHLG] Changelog

[INTD] Introduction

	This guide is centered around combat and giving a general overview. There will be no siege placement or keep defending tips. It is intended for all classes and covers basic information with varying detail.

	Settings will primarily go over general options and how certain ones can improve gameplay. Keybinds will comment and suggest alterations to the default keybinds, so they suit one's preferences while shortening key-reach time. Class Overview will go over each profession's primary MetaBattle build(s) with bare-bone explanations. Combat Tips will contain advice or facts regarding party and movement. Terms and calls will explain various words/phrases that represent shortened or alternate names to ingame terms.

[EXMP] will be in front of sections, such as [INTD].
❮ ❗ ❯ will be in front of secondary sections, such as goals.
❱❱ will be in front of tertiary sections, such as movement keybinds.

❮ ❗ ❯ Goals
	People will be knowledgeable about available options and what benefits their playstyle.
	People will learn to customize their keybinds for faster reaching times and reactions.
	People will supplement experience with theoretical information.
	People will learn specific vocabulary and their definitions.

[STTG] Settings

	Settings are mostly quality of life improvements, but some can help in fights.

ON – Checkmarked box.
OFF – No checkmark/empty box.
PREF – Preference, up to player.
* – denotes vital setting.

❮ ❗ ❯ User Interface
	Overall: Types of visible names, cooldowns, and health percentage.

	Name of Setting	 	   |   Status	| Comments
Show All Enemy Names	   |	 ON		| Highly recommended. Nametags can clip through walls.
Show All NPC Names		   |    PREF	| Helps for NPC guards and lords.
Show All Player Names	   |	 ON		| Highly recommended. Helps for finding allies.
Show All Usable Objects	   |    PREF	| Recommended. Helps for seeing siege names.
Show Skill Recharge	    *  |	 ON		| Vital – absolutely needed for gameplay.
Show Target Health %    *  |	 ON		| Vital – useful for HP-based skills and accurate readouts on gate/wall HP.
Simple Condition Floaters  |    PREF	|

❮ ❗ ❯ Camera
	Overall: Field of View, rotation speed, and looking without turning character.

	On sliders, a max/higher setting is to the right.

	Name of Setting	 	   |   Status	| Comments
Rotation Speed		 	   |    PREF	| Higher = faster camera-mouse turning.
Field of View			   |    PREF	| Higher = greater visibility around you, less tunnel vision.
Enable Camera Shake	    *  |	OFF		| Vital – a shaking screen can hinder you.
Use Free Camera		 	   |    PREF	| Recommended. Pressing right click will switch between this setting and original.

❮ ❗ ❯ Combat/Movement
	Overall: Ground targeting, max range, and skill retargeting.

	Name of Setting	 	   |   Status	| Comments
Ground Targeting		   |    PREF	| Fast with Range Indicator is most common.
Double-Tap to Evade	  	*  |	OFF		| Vital – ON can cause unnecessary dodges.
Stop Auto on Target Change |    PREF	|
Autotargeting 	 		*  |	OFF		| Vital – mobility skills suffer from autotarget.
Promote Skill Target	   |    PREF	|
Melee Attack Assist	  	*  |	OFF		| Vital – you can get bodyblocked by enemies.
Lock Ground Target at 	*  |	ON		| Highly recommended. Default forces you to manually find max range, however this can be used
	   Maximum Skill Range |------------|					  to quickly cancel skills by triggering the out-of-range error.
Snap Ground Target to	   |    PREF	|
		    Current Target |------------|
Allow Skill Retargeting	   |	ON		| Recommended. Swapping targets while casting will change it to current one.

❮ ❗ ❯ Grouping
	Overall: Tags and party.

	Name of Setting	 	   |   Status	| Comments
Show All Commander Tags	   |    PREF	| Too many tags may be confusing.
Simple Party UI			   |    PREF	| Recommended if a person in party has too many boosters.

❮ ❗ ❯ Tips

	Moving the FoV slider massively may cause uneasiness or slight headaches. If this happens, gradually adjust the FoV every few days until you are comfortable. If this persists without improvement, do not force high FoV – some people cannot handle it at all, and it is how their body works.

	The 11/21/2016 patch added WvW Simple Nameplates that change Ranks into circles. This can be adjusted to fit ALL names, enemies ONLY, or NONE. Minions/pets will also have their name changed to a circle, which can be misleading when counting. As most groups will call out targets by their rank, its usage is not recommended.

	In Graphics, Effect LOD will reduce the effects of most skills – it should not affect static fields or waters anymore. However, if they are not visible, turn Effect LOD OFF at an FPS loss.

	If you are a class that supports others (watching HP, boons, conditions), party view is highly recommended. This can be toggled by clicking the portrait icon and unchecking View as Grid. Simplified Party UI may be preferred.

[KYBD] Keybinds

	The intent in this section is to go over what keybinds should be remapped. They should be changed to fit your needs.

	DO NOT CLICK your skills – that is why you have the ability to remap keybinds so you can PRESS them. Clicking your skills or dodge bar blocks you from using other ground targeted skills with your mouse, and you waste time moving your cursor to the icon.

	If an action requires two or more keys to be pressed (e.g. SHIFT+A, CTRL+SHIFT+A), all but the last key are MODIFIERS. Modifiers are CTRL, SHIFT, or ALT.

	The example keys are ONLY guidelines - every person prefers different keys for different actions. Try to keep binds within two key distances of your fingers. Mouse 4 and 5 refer to two extra buttons on a mouse.

Common rebinds used: 	Q, E, R, Z, X, C, T
						CTRL+, SHIFT+, ALT+

SAME – No change from default.
NONE – No keybind at all.
PREF – Preference, up to player.
* – denotes vital setting to CHANGE.
Recommended - Should be changed, does not have to mimic Example Keybind.

❮ ❗ ❯ Important Keybinds
	Overall: Movement, skills, and weapon stow.

❱❱ Movement
	   Action	    |  Default  |  Example	| Comments
Move Forward	    |     W		|   SAME	|
Move Backward	    |	  S		|   NONE	| PREF, remove to avoid backpedaling.
Strafe Left		    |	  Q		|	 A		| Faster than keyboard turning and moving.
Strafe Right	    |	  E		|	 D		| Faster than keyboard turning and moving.
Turn Left			|	  A		|   NONE	| Avoid using unless playing one handed.
Turn Left			|	  D		|   NONE	| Avoid using unless playing one handed.
Dodge			    |	  V		|   SAME	|
Walk			    |    NONE	|	 ,		| Helps for fears/taunts. Mostly used for RP walk.
About Face		    |    NONE	|  SHIFT+C	| 180° rotation of character.

❱❱ Skills
	   Action	    |  Default  |  Example	| Comments
Swap Weapons	    |     `		|   SAME	|
Weapon Skill 1	    |	  1		|   SAME	|
Weapon Skill 2	    |	  2		|   SAME	|
Weapon Skill 3	    |	  3		|   SAME	|
Weapon Skill 4	    |	  4		|  Mouse 5	|
Weapon Skill 5	    |	  5		|  Mouse 4	|
Healing Skill    *  |	  6		|	 S		| Vital – heal must be easily reachable.
Utility Skill 1  *  |	  7		|	 E		| Vital – 7-0 are too far away for most people to reach quickly.
Utility Skill 2  *  |	  8		|	 Z		| Vital.
Utility Skill 3  *  |	  9		|	 X		| Vital.
Elite Skill      *  |	  0		|	 C		| Vital.
Profession Skill 1	|	  F1	|	 Q		| Recommended.
Profession Skill 2	|	  F2	|  SHIFT+Q	| Recommended.
Profession Skill 3	|	  F3	|  SHIFT+E	| Recommended.
Profession Skill 4	|	  F4	|  SHIFT+R	| Recommended.
Profession Skill 5	|	  F5	|  SHIFT+X	| Recommended.

❱❱ Miscellaneous
	   Action	    |  Default  |  Example	| Comments
Show Enemy Names	| Left CTRL	|   NONE	| Manual toggle, shows siege if Show All Useable Objects is OFF.
Show Friendly Names | Left ALT	|   NONE	| Manual toggle, shows allies.
Stow Weapons     *	|   NONE	|  Mouse 3	| Vital – used to cancel skills or actions.

❮ ❗ ❯ Helpful Keybinds
	Overall: Calling targets, camera changes

❱❱ Targeting
	   Action	    |  Default  |  Example	| Comments
Call Target			|  CTRL+T	|   ALT+Q	| Depends how often you use targeting.
Take Target			|	 T		|	 S		|
Next Enemy			|   TAB		|   SAME	|
Previous Enemy		| SHIFT+TAB	|   SAME	|
Lock Autotarget		|   NONE	|   ALT+E	| Detargets. Useful for mobility skills.

❱❱ Camera
	   Action	    |  Default  |  Example	| Comments
Look Behind		    |   NONE	| Left CTRL	| Useful for casting behind while retreating.

❮ ❗ ❯ Tips

	Keybinds are muscle memory. Trying to switch the entire keybinds all at once can be confusing and frustrating. Instead, change the keys in categories and no more than five at a time. The relearning period is a week or more.

	Notice how your hand rests on the keyboard – what keys are the closest to your fingertips? Those keys should be the most used buttons. The middle finger on your Move Forward key should always remain touching in a fight. You can test reachability by raising your hand up until the first joint is almost perpendicular to the keyboard, and then spreading your index or pinky out to pivot using the finger.

	The thumb may be a benchwarmer on the spacebar, but it can press C, V, and B easily.

	If you use SHIFT as a modifier, turn off sticky keys (otherwise, a pop up can appear or cause the system to perceive keys as being held down until pressed again). If you use ALT as a modifier, do not press ALT+TAB or ALT+F4 in middle of a fight.

	If you wish to play one-handed with turn, you can change turn to MODIFIER+A/D.

[CLRL] Class Roles

	This section will only give basic information – for more depth, please consult a member who has class experience or the links.

	Every class has a purpose. A jack of all trades, master of none, is less helpful than a master of one. An organized group thrives off teamwork where each person does their role properly.

	Currently, there are SIX meta classes: Guardian, Warrior, Revenant, Elementalist, Necromancer, and Mesmer. The other three (Engineer, Ranger, and Thief) tend to be single target DPS, support, or utility.

	It is worth noting that many of these builds choose gear and skills optimal for organized open-field WvW or 15v15 Guild vs Guild (GvG) play, which is different from 40vs40 pugmander fights. In GvGs, all the parties have proper composition and the boon spread is stable. In pug squads, it can be difficult to get a proper party. Read the variants, think about your own situation or playstyle, and make necessary changes.

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLGD] Guardian			Mace/Shield-Centric Guardian Guide: pastebin.com/HMg7VFP3

❱❱ Base Guardian Power Frontline: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Guardian_-_AH_Frontliner

	The base of any organized group - survivable, supportive, and offensive. Guardians are among the first to push in an engagement. They provide party-wide stability to negate hard CC and mass condition cleanse. Stability is necessary for the other party members to do their role properly without getting interrupted, stunned, or knocked down.

	This non-DH build uses Hammer/Staff with a Greatsword/Staff variant - both considered staples in the guardian meta for years. Hammer can blast fields, immobilize, and hard CC (e.g. stun/knockback) enemies; greatsword can leap, pull, and DPS; staff can double tap Orb of Light for a group heal, DPS 600-1200 range away, and Empower for party-wide might. The Altruistic Healing trait will heal you every time a boon is applied to allies, making you quite sustainable. Using "Stand Your Ground!" first is preferred when granting party stability because of its longer duration. However, it is vital to remember that your F3 virtue functions as a second stability-generator and party-wide stun break.

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLRV] Revenant

❱❱ Herald Power Frontline: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Herald_-_Frontline_Sustain

	Revenants provide party-wide resistance through Mallyx's Pain Absorption, stacked buffs through Glint's Facets, and burst power-DPS. Revenants are vital in the current condi-heavy meta, as double-digit stacks of conditions are commonplace. Energy management is crucial to play this class optimally.

	This FL Herald build uses the Mallyx/Glint legends with Hammer/Staff. Hammer can output large amounts of DPS at 1200 range; staff can apply weakness and blind, chain knockback foes, and minor cleanse 2 condis at close range. The default MetaBattle build has Shared Empowerment (might-generation) as Herald's Grandmaster trait, but Harmonize Continuity (party-wide stun break) is a good variant if stability is lacking. It has great synergy with Pain Absorption's built-in stun break. When there are necro staff marks or traps before a fight, the commander will want them cleared - this means using hammer 3 on that area, effectively triggering and negating them.

❱❱ Herald Condi: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Herald_-_Condition_Mallyx_-_(WvW)

	This build also uses Mallyx/Glint but with Mace/Axe. Revenants playing this build will still need to apply resistance, especially if they are the only revenant in the party. Energy management is key to success. Mace/Axe is the main source of condi damage here - every skill will apply a condition. These condis are great by themselves or as cover condis, so the damage ones do not get cleansed. In this boon-heavy meta, boon strips or corrupts work extremely well. Banish Enchantment can remove 2 boons from 5 targets. If their stability is stripped, then CC goes through and damage likely does too.

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLWR] Warrior

❱❱ Berserker Power DPS: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Warrior_-_DPS_Berserker

	Warriors can deal notable damage while surviving in Berserker gear. They provide FL DPS and resurrection to friendly down-stated players. Battle Standard, the resurrection elite known as banner, will heal the allies 100% of their downed HP. This means that any effects that reduces healing (e.g. poison's -33%) will cause banner to restore a portion of their HP but not resurrect fully. If the allies are likely to die during banner cast, you can stow weapon or ESC to cancel and put it on a 3s cooldown instead of 240s.

	This build uses Hammer/Greatsword, a weapon set capable of high sustained DPS. Hammer can blast fields and hard CC. Greatsword can dish out damage with F1 burst and Hundred Blades. Players must be able to read the situation and avoid heavy damage - surviving while maintaining a high DPS is difficult without a frontline party. Conditions are often the bane of a warrior if they cannot generate resistance or consistently cleanse with successful F1 bursts (Cleansing Ire removes a condition per adrenaline bar used).

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLEL] Elementalist

❱❱ Tempest Auramancer: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Midline_Auramancer

	Elementalists have gone from a DPS-centric role to a highly supportive, selfless role with the recent metas. They allow the party to survive intense damage bursts through direct heals or auras. Unless using Armor of Earth, stability from guardians is vital to actually completing skills and supporting your teammates. DPS Elementalist is possible but highly difficult to play due to low survivability and damage mitigation. Many groups have a constant 33% + 10% power damage reduction from protection and food.

	This build uses Dagger/Focus, Dagger/Warhorn, or Staff. Dagger can generate shocking aura, use mobility skills, and inflict utility conditions (e.g. chill/immobilize/weakness). Focus can improve personal survivability and use utility skills. Warhorn can generate magnetic aura, pull enemies, and copy your might stacks on top of the party's stacks. Auras are traited to apply party-wide, and any auras you apply will heal alongside granting Vigor and Regeneration. As auras are only applied within a 600 range, and the guardian's stability is 600, it is vital to stay with the tag.

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLNC] Necromancer

❱❱ Reaper Condi Shout: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Reaper_-_Shout_Reaper

	The current main DPS of many organized groups - the synergy between Deathly Chill and Reaper runes (chill on shout) is deadly. In addition to an easy 20+ stacks of bleeding coupled with chill, these necros utilize extensive boon conversion. Targets without condition immunity or -33% incoming damage are much more fragile.

	This build uses Axe/Dagger and Staff, with Axe/Focus or Greatsword variants. While the MetaBattle gear suggests Celestial, it is for GvG purposes - I advise a variant stat for zerging. The default weapon set is 900-1200 range, which may cause players to believe range is the optimal position. However, due to the 360 range of Reaper runes and 600 range of shouts, this necro will push with the frontline in order to hit the most targets. A frontline party is almost necessary to draw out this build's full strength. One of the reasons is when high amounts of bleeding is transferred back, and there is an personal inability to remove it (mainly by Putrid Mark or "Suffer!" transfer) - guardians can activate their F2 virtue or Purging Flames to cleanse 3 conditions party-wide.

❱❱ Reaper Power Wells: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Reaper_-_Wells_Midline

	A descendant from the old pirate ship meta - power wells. Proper placement of wells is key to successful damage and boon corrupt, as the well cooldowns are 35-40s base. Since this is a reaper necro, not baseline, survivability is higher and frontline parties are not needed. Knowing where to go and stand, how to position yourself in a fight, is still advised. This is primarily learned through experience.

	This build uses Axe/Warhorn and Staff, with Greatsword situationally replacing either. The gear will not have the tankiness of a condi build so blindly rushing into the frontline is not recommended. Instead, generate life force and wait out the initial damage at range - adjust between melee and range, playing in response to the fight. A good place to place wells is on a chokepoint or on down-state players; the wells do not move, so you want the enemies to take as many pulses possible. After wells, immediately go into Reaper Shroud or Lich to trigger Death Perception (+50% crit in shroud) because the additional crit will affect future pulses.

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLMS] Mesmer

❱❱ Chronomancer Support: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Chronomancer_-_Support_Chrono

	Mesmers have been known for their utility (e.g. veil, portal, and moa) or past power burst damage. Now, heavy support and utility is growing in popularity. Several organized guilds have moved from a standard 2 guardian base to a guardian and mesmer pair. Through mantras and boonsharing, the party benefits from heals and boons.

	This build uses Sword/Shield and Staff with a Focus variant. The keypoint is to trigger Restorative Mantras (360 range ally heal when you finish preparing a mantra) as often as possible. Mantra of Concentration's stability is shared by Signet of Inspiration - this combination is what allows a support mesmer to fulfill a guardian role. However, the timing and skill usage (mainly of Continuum Split) can be difficult to learn.

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLEG] Engineer

❱❱ Scrapper Power DPS and Support: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Scrapper_-_Quickness_Scrapper

	Scrappers have high survivability even without any supporting members, yet still they can move to support. Active Elixir S will allow you to avoid and prevent incoming damage, while the passive Elixir S will help neglect damage when HP is low. Most scrappers can engage with the frontline and deal considerable damage.

	This build uses Hammer with the several variant kits for DPS, support, and self sustain. It is aptly named Quickness Scrapper due to the quickness-on-might threshold trait and Elixir U. Note that scrappers are typically not full team-support - they often perform best doing their own activities in a fight and supporting whenever an opportunity arises. Tags often experience focus damage (either by intentional enemy focus or simply being in front of the group) and stealth can nullify any targeting.

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLRG] Ranger

❱❱ Druid Frontline Healer: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Druid_-_Frontline_Healer

	While rangers and druids are not widely considered for organized group play, some guilds run druid healers. This often replaces the frontline elementalist (auramancer) slot and offers more single-target direct healing in place of auras, group protection, and less CC. Arguably, healers are difficult to play without sufficient support. If a healer does not suit your playstyle or situation, I recommend something survivable (not Berserker) and DPS. The MetaBattle build is not the only build.

	This build uses Sword/Warhorn and Staff with Smokescale/Bear pets. It provides water fields, majority of buffs, and class-specific buffs. Celestial Avatar skills will be your primary heals - Avatar is not as spammable, so timing and usage is vital to team support. Remember to blast your water fields with the several blast finishers available. If you use Signet of Renewal's active, all conditions will be transferred onto your pet, surely killing it, so use it wisely.

❮ ❗ ❯ [CLTF] Thief

❱❱ Daredevil Staff: metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Daredevil_-_Staff_Daredevil

	Thieves have rarely had a large-scale group role to engage alongside the clump of players in many metas, mainly because of their low health pool and tricky survivability. Many thieves prefer to pick off sideline players where stray damage does not hit or small-large roaming combat. Some will use support-orientated utilities such as venoms. If you plan on playing thief in a zerg, beware of damage-concentrated areas and stuns. The MetaBattle build is not the only build.

	This build uses Dagger/Pistol and Staff. It provides decent damage, personal evade frames, and hard CC. With Marauders, the health pool is increased and helps against condition pressure (conditions ignore Armor) while still outputting damage. Constant usage of Vault and Bound are necessary to avoid damage through built-in evades. Blasting your smoke fields grants area stealth, preventing any target focus on you and affected allies. Impact Strike can be used on a down-state enemy to fully down them.

[CBTP] Combat Tips

❮ ❗ ❯ Parties

	Parties are built for five players because most skills and boons are limited to five players. For both, the closest party members are affected first. As long as you are in a party of five or less and its members are within your skill's range, they will receive the effect. Party View is highly recommended - toggle by clicking portrait icon then unchecking View as Grid.

	Skill and boon priority, from highest to lowest:
		1. Party/Subgroup
		2. Squad
		3. Allied players (Players not within your party/squad)
		4. Your pets, minions, and illusions
		5. Allied players' pets, minions, and illusions
		6. All other allies (notably NPCs)

	A frontline party primarily revolves around two guardians – the other three slots prioritize FL revs, FL eles, and FL necros first, then warriors and mesmers.

	Typical party composition: GRD / GRD / FL REV / FL ELE / FL NECRO
					  Variant: GRD / SUPPORT MES / FL REV / FL ELE / FL NECRO. Support Mes fills in as a guardian.

❮ ❗ ❯ Movement

	Never stop without a purpose. Stopping in middle of a fight can separate you from your teammates and leave you vulnerable to attack. This is notable when attempting to resurrect an ally, who may be the target of enemy damage; the damage can kill if you continue trying to resurrect them. Guilds will call to regroup (on tag/pin) in order to heal and engage as a group – this is a purposeful pause. An Staff Empower regroup is the most common.

	It is intimidating to see a tight and organized group charge directly towards you. Players may panic and scatter if they are unexperienced. Your group, and the enemy's, can easily kill single players streaming in, but it is harder to kill a group of players. A comparison: catching one ball at a time VS catching all twenty balls at once.

	If you can avoid red circles, avoid them. If you are trying to regroup with tag, but there is a string of red circles, go around them – not through them.

	Please stay with the group, especially if your class role is meant to be with the tag. Do not split off, trying to make a heroic play by yourself. Work with your team.

	When retreating, do NOT backpedal/move backwards unless tag says slow retreat. You can cast behind your character while running forward. Do this by repositioning your camera (look behind keybind or free camera). Most ground targeted skills, like necro marks, allow this.

			Base Speed (range/second)
				  | Forward | Strafe | Backpedal
	Out of Combat |   294   |  180   |   105
	In Combat 	  |   210   |  180   |   105

[TRCL] Terms and Calls

	This list, sorted by importance, defines common terms and calls used in either chat or Teamspeak/Discord/etc. Not every term is present - certain lists may be lengthier due to personal experience or lack thereof.

	Communication is vital. There is no telepathy – people do not know what you are doing unless you say it. However, we do not need to know every time you use an auto attack or a 5s cooldown skill. To avoid vocal clutter, only major statuses or skills should be said: these are calls. Terms are generally not spoken, but the definition or referred skill(s) should be known.

	Terms with "root word" + "(ing)" tend to have the "root" as a REQUEST and "root(ing)" as the ACTION. Otherwise, the root word can be used as BOTH interchangeably.

* denotes heavily used calls.

❮ ❗ ❯ Names
	Overall: Alternate words or phrases for players.

Down * – This one can refer to both FRIENDLY or ENEMY down-state players, including yourself. Focus on reviving or damaging the area.
		   NOTE: Some guilds will use Down for friendly and another word for enemy, e.g. Tango/Pizza/Candy.
Low * – LOW HP player. Can be used for friendly and enemy. Focus heals or damage.
Driver * - The player that is leading the group by saying commands. This is often the tag.
Stack * - A group of players, often times the main group. The players are "stacked" together like this.
Zerg * – Groups of at least 25 players. Some players use zerg interchangeably with blob, but a blob tends to have 40+ players.
Choke * - Choke point. An area, typically entrance or hallway, where players are forced to pass through - ensuring that any skills set
			in a choke point will damage incoming enemies.
Hot - Refers to an area that has a lot of enemy damage or red circles. It is dangerous to stay in these areas.
Squirrel – A player that separates from group to do their own thing, usually without saying anything.
Roamer – A solo player. Please do not squirrel after them.
Girlfriend Ele / Healbot Ele – Heavy support ele that stays close to group. Their damage is weak but allows other members to survive.
Deathball – A tight clump of players, both frontline and backline together, where being too close is dangerous.

❮ ❗ ❯ Verbs
	Overall: Actions done by players. Not limited by class.

	All of these fall under the (ing) category and, thus, will not explicitly have (ing).

Push * – Any group moving to engage a target.
Bomb * – The act of dropping high damage skills onto an area to obtain enemy downs or kills. Also known as Spike (damage).
Cleave * – Attacking one or more players with melee. Melee skills can be used without a target and hits several players at once.
		     Commonly used on down-state enemies.
Blast * – Any skill that has the Combo Finisher: Blast attribute. Mostly used in water/fire fields to AOE heal and generate might.
CC * – Crowd Control. Hard CC is anything that removes a player's ability to function unless a stun break is used (e.g. stun, daze,
	     and pull). Soft CC is anything that hinders a player's ability to function or move (e.g. immobilize, cripple, and chill).
	     Stability prevents one HARD CC per stack.
Cleanse * - Any skill that will cleanse conditions. This mainly refers to party-wide cleanses. May include conversions or transfers.
Strip * – Boon stripping (a target). Removes their boons.
Leap * – Generally refers to guardian GS 3 or DH F2 virtue and is used for pushing into an enemy.
Hold * - Refers to standing your ground and holding a "wall" against the enemies. Sometimes said as Hard Hold.
Hold Hands - Attempt to resurrect a down-state ally in order to fully resurrect or prolong their survival long enough to get a rally.
			   This may be shortened to Holding (player) and is not to be confused with above Hold.
Immob * - Immobilize; a condition that will render the afflicted enemies immobile. Common at start of a fight or at chokes.
Bubble - Refers to either a catapult's or shield generator's bubble or guardian shield 5.
Poison – A condition that damages and reduces total healed amount by 33%. Useful on enemy downs.
Reflect – Generally refers to guardian wall, but any large skill that reflects projectiles will work.
Stealth – An effect that turns you invisible to the enemy and removes any targets on affected.

❮ ❗ ❯ Skills
	Overall: Specific actions primarily done by one class.

	Some calls are multi-class, but they are filed under the class that best represents it.

❱❱ Guardian

Stab * – Stability; "Stand Your Ground!". F3 virtue is considered EXTRA stab – use at own discretion. Stab 1 and 2 refers to
		   what guardian in the party will pop stability first push in fight. Anything after is situational and proper rotation.
		   Tag usually calls stab 1. Otherwise, not said unless needed. Refer to Guardian Guide for details.
Purge(ing) * – Purging Flames; a ground targeted fire field that applies burn and removes conditions on cast.
Empower(ing) * – Staff 4; a stationary skill that grants might during with a heal on completion.
				   Used for traditional pushes (before fight) and regroups (during fight).
Ring(ing) * - Hammer 5; a ring that traps any enemies within while knocking back any enemies who touch the ring.
SIN – Strength in Numbers; Valor master trait. Not a vocal call out but is distributed along with stab 1/2. It does not stack,
	    so ONE guardian in each FL pair runs it while the other runs Communal Defenses or Stalwart Defender.
F1/F2/F3 - Refers to the respective virtues: Justice/Resolve/Courage.
Renew(ing) – Renewed Focus; an elite that turns the caster invulnerable (not condi) and resets virtues. Try to use all virtues before.
			   Base guard can pop virtues while casting.
Lines - Line of Warding; Staff 5. A ground targeted skill that knocks down any enemies attempting to cross it.
Symbols - Refers to any skill that generates a symbol. This is usually for ranged, minor pressure damage.
Wall – Wall of Reflection; a ground targeted utility that reflects all incoming projectiles back.
Wings – Wings of Resolve, DH F2 virtue; a ground targeted leap that heals and removes conditions from allies on landing.
		  Can be traited to immobilize.
MI – Merciful Intervention; a ground targeted utility that teleports you to an ALLY, healing them. If there is no ally on cast,
	   it will be used without any effect.
JI – Judge's Intervention; an target-based utility that teleports you to an ENEMY. Channeled skills are not interrupted on using JI.
	   A popular combo is hammer 5 ring + JI.

❱❱ Warrior

Banner(ing) * – Battle Standard; a warrior elite that revives down-state allies.
Endure – Endure Pain; an utility that turns damage (not condi) into 0. Mostly if enemy uses.

❱❱ Revenant

Resistance – A boon that negates all conditions during its uptime. Primarily shared through Pain Absorption (Mallyx).
PA - Pain Absorption; grants resistance and a self stun break. Harmonize Continuity changes it to a party-wide stun break.

❱❱ Elementalist

Mist(ing) - Mist Form; an utility that morphs the caster into a mobile, invulnerable mist for 3s. Friendly call often means moving back
			  to the tag in order to be resurrected.
Water * – Water fields that can be blasted for heals.
Fire – Fire field that can be blasted for might.
Static(ing) – Staff, Air 5. Static Field; an AOE skill that stuns 10 foes hitting its field. Also blasted for swiftness when called.
Meteor(ing) – Staff, Fire 5. Meteor shower; a large AOE skill with high damage. Stay out of it. Caster is stationary during cast,
			    but using blinks will continue the cast (if over 1200 range after, meteors will only land within 1200 range of you).

❱❱ Necromancer

Wells * – Wells of suffering, corruption; utilities with heavy damage and boon conversion.
Corrupt(ing) * – Refers to any skill that converts enemy boons into conditions.
Epi – Epidemic; an utility that spreads the target's conditions onto other players.
		Does not work on targets with resistance or structures (March 7, 2017). Functions as projectiles (May 16, 2017).
Lich – Lich Form; an elite that transforms and replaces weapon skills. High damage at long range. Adds 1000 precision and
			  1000 vitality. Be careful of reflects since 1 is a projectile. Priority usage: 5 (boon strip) and 1 (damage).

❱❱ Mesmer

Veil(ing) * – An utility that generates a line, granting short stealth to all allies passing through.
Moa(ing) – Signet of Humility; an elite that transforms an enemy into a moa or tuna, replacing their skills.
Gravity – Gravity well; an elite that knocks down, floats (CC), and pulls enemies with 3 pulses. Also called grav well.

❱❱ Engineer

No class-specific terms used in zergs – please contact if you have suggestions.

❱❱ Ranger

SnR - Search and Rescue; teleports a friendly downed player, within 600 range, to you and your pet begins reviving them.

❱❱ Thief

SR – Shadow Refuge; an utility that creates a dome. Staying in the dome will stack stealth. Leaving removes all stealth.
Venoms – Primarily refers to basilisk and devourer venoms. These will petrify and immobilize enemies. Allies receive the buff too.

[CHLG] Changelog

2.1 - June 4, 2017
		Fixed grammatical errors.
		Changed Field of View's comment to clarify that a higher FoV means greater visibility around.
		Changed Lock at Max Range setting to Highly recommended with an updated comment.
	Terms and Calls
		Added disclaimer in regards to differing list lengths.
		Added Stack, Hot, and Choke to the Names list.
		Added Hold, Immob, and Bubble to the Verb list.
		Added Ring to the Guardian list.
		Added Mist to the Elementalist list.
		Changed old Hold to Hold Hands for an more accurate name and definition.
		Changed Bomb's definition to include Spike as a synonym.
		Changed Blast's definition to include water/fire field blast effects.

2.0 - June 3, 2017
	Prepped for the June 6, 2017 WvW Update with an overhaul.
	  This overhaul updated all of the sections to fit a more general audience, including improved wording and formatting.
			Changed the Contact Name to my guardian.
			Changed the Table of Contents.
			Changed notice to no longer refer towards BOO's Special Snowflake Channel for builds but rather MetaBattle.
			Removed BOO's Necro Primer as I am not the writer, and it may not fit the current meta.
		  There is now a combat-focus disclaimer as Basic WvW Guide can be misunderstood for PPT strategies.
			Changed summaries to better fit current sections.
			Added new category: Grouping.
			Added Party View statement to Tips.
			Changed formatting on tables.
			Changed certain Recommended settings to PREF instead of ON/OFF and their comments.
			Added Recommended to legend.
			Added a warning to not press ALT+F4 if ALT is a modifier.
			Changed formatting on tables.
			Changed wording to elaborate on Example keys being only examples to look at, not completely follow.
			Changed comments on several keybinds for better clarity.
			Changed the order of tips to improve the flow of reading and merged some tips.
		Class Roles is now Class Overview.
		  Each profession contains a MetaBattle build link and brief explanation.
			Added a disclaimer that many of the listed builds are mainly for organized or GvG play.
			Changed the number of meta classes to six and elaborated on the remaining.
		Movement is now Combat Tips.
		  The former Movement section and Class Roles tips has been modified and merged together.
			Added party composition examples.
			Added a warning on resurrecting friendlies in enemy damage.
			Changed the order of party member priority to better suit the meta.
			Changed the wording and merged two tips regarding the importance of staying together.
		Calls is now Terms and Calls.
		  The previous Calls included non-vocal or rarely used words, which would be terms. This has been rectified.
			Added missing names, verbs, and skills.
			Changed the formatting of text that wrapped around.
			Changed the list ordering to descend from order of importance/usage.
			Changed shortened profession names to their full wording.
			Changed several terms that were unclear.
			Removed some statements that were BOO-specific for broader audience.
			Removed incorrect or outdated terms, such as Plague.
		Version History is now Changelog.
		  The old YYMMDD format has been changed to be more user-friendly.

1.5 - March 15, 2017
	Updated Look Behind default and example key.
	Added note regarding Epidemic's resistance/structure change to epi call.

1.4 - February 6, 2017
	Added BOO Necro Primer.
	Reworded Recommended to Rebind recommended in keybinds.
	Fixed Veil classification of elite to utility.
	Fixed Gravity Well classification of skill to elite and reworded its description.
	Fixed grammatical errors.
	Standardized text font.

1.3 - January 20, 2017
	Added BOO Guardian Guide.

1.2 – January 13, 2017
	Added key symbols to denote sections.
	Added Lock Autotarget to keybinds.
	Added PREF to keybinds legend.
	Removed Nearest Target from keybinds.
	Updated Example Keys to my current binds.
	Clarified which CC stability prevents in calls.
	Adjusted awry spacing and formatting.
	Fixed grammatical errors.

1.1 – December 1, 2016
	Public release.
	Added missing terms to calls.
	Clarified ambiguous wording.
	Fixed grammatical errors.

1.0 – November 23, 2016
	BOO-only release.