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[Gear] So You Want To Gear a Character

This guide is intended to help level 80 characters gear up for high-end PvE content such as fractals and raids, or who simply want to make the most of their character in terms of PvE effectiveness. Similar strategies apply to gearing for WvW, but as I am not a high-end WvW’er, I make no claims about what ideal builds for WvW are. Structured PvP, of course, has it’s own standardized stats, so none of this applies there.

Before you start

So let’s start with the basics. First and foremost, exotic armor is fine for literally all content except tier 4 fractals. Tier 1 & 2 fractals are absolutely fine without a single piece of ascended armor. Tier 3, it’ll be slightly easier to get the Agony Resistance (AR) you need with a couple pieces of ascended armor, but still doable. Raiding doesn’t require AR, and the stat increase is minimal. So go ahead and forget about ascended armor until you’re at least in tier 3 fractals, by which point you’ve hopefully had an armorbox or few drop for you.

The thing you absolutely do want pretty much as soon as you hit 80 and know that you’re going to take this character seriously are ascended trinkets (amulet, backpiece, accessories (a.k.a. earrings), and rings). We’ll come back to those in a minute. The other thing you should work toward is an ascended weapon for your primary weapon (the 2-hand or main-hand weapon you do your most damage with; typically the melee weapon if you have a melee set and a ranged set). Don’t worry about the offhand right away, but you may need the mainhand of the 2nd set depending on your class’s standard rotation. Weapon is a bit harder than trinkets, so don’t feel bad about picking up an exotic while you start working toward the ascended, but at least one ascended weapon is generally standard for more serious raiding groups, because the base damage increase makes a huge difference.

Now before you go grabbing exotics and ascendeds, you need to figure out what stats you’re actually aiming for. To keep this simple, in 9 cases out of 10, you’re aiming for Berserker stats if you’re direct damage, Viper stats if you’re condition damage, and Magi stats if you’re a healer. Absolutely perfect optimization may involve mixing one or two pieces of Sinister with your Viper, or suchlike (consult MetaBattle or qT’s raid builds guide for details), but for simplicity’s sake I’m focusing on those three stats. Also, before deciding, make sure the class you want to play has a viable meta build of the type you’re aiming for, for the game mode you’re intending. There’s little point (currently) trying to gear up a healer thief or a condi guardian for raiding, for example. Also, if you’re thinking about starting with a condi, just have a quick glance at the #Viper armor section first and take note of potential complications.


One important note about ascended trinkets is that most of them (exceptions will be noted) have the property Unique. This property is irrelevant for backpacks and amulets, but for accessories and rings it means you cannot equip two of the same at the same time. You cannot wear two Blood Ruby Bands, even if one is statted Viper and the other is statted Sinister, but you can wear one vanilla Blood Ruby Band and one that has been Attuned or Infused, as these count as different items. This is only a stopgap measure if you’re planning to eventually do the highest level Fractals, since you’ll eventually want both rings Attuned and Infused for the maximum number of infusion slots. Accessories cannot be attuned/infused.

Unbound Magic trinkets (aka Living Story 3 trinkets, aka easiest trinkets)

If you have Living World Season 3 episodes unlocked, the single easiest way to get Viper and Magi trinkets is to purchase them with Unbound Magic in the new maps associated with each episode. This method can be used for Berserker trinkets as well, but whether it’s easier to get them from Unbound Magic or from other methods is largely subjective. In each case, the trinkets are available from a vendor in the appropriate map for 2,000 – 5,000 Unbound Magic plus 100 – 400 of a map-specific currency item.

Episode Zone Vendor Additional Currency Available Trinkets Stats
1: Out of the Shadows Bloodstone Fen Scholar Rakka Blood Rubies Backpack, Amulet, Ring All
2: Rising Flames Ember Bay Scholar Surra Petrified Wood Backpack, Accessory All
3: A Crack in the Ice Bitterfrost Frontier Slooshoo Fresh Winterberries Backpack, Accessory, Ring All
4: The Head of the Snake Lake Doric Quartermaster Hitchens Jade Shards Backpack, Amulet All
5: Flashpoint Draconis Mons Supplymaster Hanjo Fire Orchid Blossoms Amulet, Ring All

Living World episodes are permanently unlocked for free by logging into any character during their release window (i.e. from when it releases until the next one releases, meaning the most recent one is always available), or may be purchased from the Gem Store.

A Crack in the Ice is currently considered the most desirable episode for ascended trinkets for two main reasons. First, it covers every trinket except the amulet and a second accessory. Second, Winterberry Bushes in Bitterfrost Frontier guarantee 1-3 Winterberries per node and each node can be harvested once per character per day (compared to nodes in the other maps that can be 0-3 of their item, and have an accountwide limit for harvesting). With an average of about 50 harvested per character per day, you can quickly rack up the Winterberries needed and convert the extras into more Unbound Magic to cover that part of the cost as well.

Fractal rings

Fair warning: if you’re interested in Viper or Magi, you can skip this section and the next two. See you at #Raid Trinkets

Okay, so you want Berserker stuff. Fractal rings are so called because the primary method to acquire them is either for them to drop in Fractals of the Mists or to buy them from BUY-2046 PFR for Pristine Fractal Relics, which are acquired from Daily Fractals daily achievements. If you have some understanding friends who are proficient at higher-level fractals, they can carry you through the tier 2 or even tier 3 dailies even before you hit level 80 and have your rings waiting for you. While these rings, like most ascended trinkets, are Unique, there are two different ones available for each stat set, so just get one of each.

You’ll see on each ring’s page that there are other vendors selling them for different currencies. None of them are anywhere near as good a deal as the Pristine Fractal Relics. If you’re not going to get them from Fractals, just get an Unbound Magic ring instead.

Guild Mission accessories

Guild Mission accessories, as one might expect, come from doing Guild Missions. Specifically, while they can rarely drop as part of the weekly personal reward popup chest, generally they’re bought from a Guild commendation trader for 12 Guild Commendations and 5 gold. ‘Easy’ and ‘Medium’ guild missions award 1 Guild Commendation apiece, while ‘Hard’ ones award 2. If you have a fully upgraded guild that does PvE missions, that means 10-11 Guild Commendations per week. You don’t need to be level 80 for most guild missions; the exact level needed depends on the mission, but some are doable as low as level 15, and the majority are doable by level 60.

Note: you can only get personal rewards from each guild mission ‘slot’ once per week, even if you do them more than once in multiple guilds that have different missions in that slot.

As with Fractal rings, Guild Mission accessories are Unique but come two to a stat set, so get one of each. Or get one along with an Unbound Magic accessory. Your call.

Laurel amulets

Laurel amulets can be purchased from Laurel Merchants for 30 Laurels, or from WvW Laurel Merchants for 20 Laurels + 250 Badges of Honor. If you have the Badges of Honor, the latter is probably the better deal. The reason there are three different Laurel amulets for each stat set is that they used to have different infusion slot types; this has since been replaced with enrichment slots and there is now no difference between the three. Pick whichever one you like the flavor text of.

Raid trinkets

Unlike most trinkets, the trinkets available from Raids are not Unique, meaning that you can equip two of the same ring or two of the same accessory without issue. Each trinket is associated with a Raid Boss who must be defeated once on the account before you can purchase it from Scholar Glenna in that raid wing. The trinket may also rarely drop when defeating that same boss.

Many of the raid trinkets have multiple versions with the words “Assaulter”, “Malicious”, “Defender”, and “Healer” in the name; this refers to the stats that can be selected for that particular version of the trinket. In all of these cases, “Assaulter” can be Berserker, “Malicious” can be Viper, and “Healer” can be Magi.

PvP trinkets

PvP trinkets are a set of stat-selectable ascended trinkets that are bought from Ascended Armor League Vendor for Ascended Shards of Glory plus Shards of Glory. Ascended Shards of Glory can only be obtained during PvP League seasons, where they are awarded for accumulating enough pips to complete a league reward chest. League reward pips may only be accumulated in Ranked Arena and only during an active season, reset between seasons, and are in addition to normal PvP Reward Tracks progress.

Regular Shards of Glory are awarded both from League Rewards and from normal Reward Tracks, and can also be bought from the Trading Post as they are not accountbound.

PvP trinkets do not include a backpiece, but do include an amulet, a non-Unique ring, and a non-Unique accessory, meaning you can fill both ring slots and both accessory slots with two copies of each, and have both Core and HoT stats available to select from.

Due to recent nerfs to Ascended Shards of Glory rewards, this option is not recommended if you have any other alternative, but it is currently the only way to acquire Viper rings and accessories if you don’t have access to Living World Season 3 and don’t have another alt already raiding.

Miscellaneous trinkets

This covers any other ascended trinket (besides backpieces which are in the next section) available from achievements, the Mystic Forge, special scavenger hunts, etc. that can have Berserker, Viper, and/or Magi stats.

Some (but not all) condition-based builds mix one Sinister ring in with otherwise Viper gear, so that condition duration doesn’t overcap when added together with traits, food buffs, and utility buffs. Consult your build guide on whether this applies to your class. Unbound Magic trinkets can be used for this, but if you have Living World season 2 unlocked, you also have the option of one of these two rings:

Other backpieces

For completeness’s sake, here are additional ascended backpieces available through other methods. The Unbound Magic backpieces are easier and cheaper.

Additionally, Legendary back items can select any stats, including Berserker, Viper, and Magi, and may be switched between them at will out of combat. As one might expect of a Legendary item, the path to create one is long and expensive.


So the weapon. Unless you’re fortunate, chances are you’re going to need to level Weaponsmith, Huntsman, or Artificer (depending on the weapon type you need) to 500. Consult a guide like http://gw2crafts.net/ if you don’t already have an alt with the appropriate crafting levelled and want to do this quickly.

Now I said ‘unless you’re fortunate’. The most obvious alternative is if you have a weaponbox drop for you. These can technically drop anywhere, but your best chances for them are in fractals or doing Tequatl the Sunless daily. Don’t worry if they’re the wrong stats; we can fix that in the Mystic Forge. All you need is an ascended weapon of the type you want, an exotic inscription of the stat you want (either crafted or bought off the Trading Post), an Anthology of Heroes bought from Miyani for 10 Spirit Shards, and 5 Globs of Ectoplasm.

An alternative is if the weapon type you need is a Greatsword, Sword, Dagger, or Scepter. Thanks to a recent update, then all you have to do is finish the Heart of Thorns personal story and reforge Caladbolg. You’ll be able to turn it into one of those four weapontypes (or a shield, but shield is not a mainhand weapon) and select any stat combination.

If you have most of your HoT masteries maxed out and need the specialization weapon for either your class or that of a level 80 alt, you can also consider Specialization Collections weapons. These weapons have very limited stat selection options, but can be swapped to different stats with the same Mystic Forge recipe mentioned above for weaponboxes.

There are also specialization collections for a torch, a warhorn, and two shields, but we’re focusing on mainhand and 2-hand weapons here.

A few other collection achievements also provide an ascended weapon, though they’re not for the faint of heart. Included here for completeness, but you’re generally better off just crafting.

Weapon crafting and vending

So you don’t have any weaponboxes, none of the Regrown Caladbolgs work for you, the achievement weapons are out of reach, and you have 0 Magnetite Shards since this will be your first raid character. Well, then you need to do some crafting. As stated above, before you proceed, you’ll need a character on your account to have level 500 of Weaponsmith, Huntsman, or Artificer (depending on weapon type). You now have two options: you can either craft the weapon directly, or you can craft Grandmaster Marks and use these along with mode-specific currencies and a small amount of gold to purchase the weapon from BLING-9009 or Ascended Weapon League Vendor.

I have provided a table below comparing costs for various mainhand and 2-hand weapons used in the current raid meta. Costs are based on Trading Post buy order prices from the API for base items before all crafting and do not include one-time expenses for recipe sheets, nor do they include opportunity costs for strictly accountbound currencies/items such as Karma, Fractal Research Pages, or Ascended Shards of Glory.

These costs also do not reflect that it is sometimes cheaper to buy intermediate ingredients such as ingots from the TP rather than buying the ore and crafting them into ingots. For this kind of granular comparison, visit https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/calculator and enter the name of the weapon you want to craft for the direct crafting method; or enter the Grandmaster Mark for the profession needed (Grandmaster Weaponsmith’s Mark, Grandmaster Huntsman’s Mark, or Grandmaster Artificer’s Mark), set the quantity to 3, and then add 5 gold to the result for the vendor method.

Berserker Weapons
Weapon Type Profession Direct Craft Vendor
Zojja’s Blade Sword Weaponsmith
62 Gold 87 Silver 89 Copper
57 Gold 15 Silver 38 Copper
Zojja’s Claymore Greatsword Weaponsmith
62 Gold 87 Silver 89 Copper
57 Gold 15 Silver 38 Copper
Zojja’s Musket Rifle Huntsman
68 Gold 59 Silver 9 Copper
56 Gold 9 Silver 78 Copper
Zojja’s Razor Dagger Weaponsmith
59 Gold 20 Silver 17 Copper
57 Gold 15 Silver 38 Copper
Zojja’s Spire Staff Artificer
74 Gold 30 Silver 29 Copper
59 Gold 2 Silver 28 Copper
Zojja’s Wand Scepter Artificer
68 Gold 72 Silver 17 Copper
59 Gold 2 Silver 28 Copper
Zojja’s Warhammer Hammer Weaponsmith
63 Gold 0 Silver 97 Copper
57 Gold 15 Silver 38 Copper
Viper Weapons
Weapon Type Profession Direct Craft Vendor
Yassith’s Blade Sword Weaponsmith
62 Gold 67 Silver 90 Copper
57 Gold 15 Silver 38 Copper
Yassith’s Greatbow Longbow Huntsman
86 Gold 11 Silver 2 Copper
56 Gold 9 Silver 78 Copper
Yassith’s Reaver Axe Weaponsmith
62 Gold 80 Silver 98 Copper
57 Gold 15 Silver 38 Copper
Yassith’s Revolver Pistol Huntsman
62 Gold 80 Silver 98 Copper
56 Gold 9 Silver 78 Copper
Yassith’s Short Bow Shortbow Huntsman
86 Gold 11 Silver 2 Copper
56 Gold 9 Silver 78 Copper
Yassith’s Wand Scepter Artificer
68 Gold 52 Silver 18 Copper
59 Gold 2 Silver 28 Copper
Magi Weapons
Weapon Type Profession Direct Craft Vendor
Hronk’s Razor Dagger Weaponsmith
55 Gold 17 Silver 9 Copper
57 Gold 15 Silver 38 Copper
Hronk’s Spire Staff Artificer
70 Gold 27 Silver 21 Copper
59 Gold 2 Silver 28 Copper


No, seriously, don’t worry about ascended armor right away. Really don’t. The one exception to this is if you’re going condi and already have sufficient resources in either armorboxes or crafting levels and materials, or magnetites (in which case it’s weird that you’re bothering with this guide). So let’s talk about exotic armor.

Berserker armor

Berserker armor has the widest variety of potential ways to acquire a set of exotic armor. Each of the sets have their pros and cons in terms of cost, ease, and speed of acquisition, as well as personal appeal of the associated armor skins. Consider which one(s) best fit your goals and playstyle and pick one, or do a bit of everything:

In addition to these sets, an assortment of individual pieces either come Berserker-statted or have it as a selectable option. All of the achievement reward armors listed for Viper armor can also be selected Berserker, but they are not listed here because saving them for a condi alt is an all-around better idea. WARNING: Some of these armorpieces, particularly ones that come with built-in runes, are unsalvageable. Check before you use an expensive rune on one.

Viper armor

First, as you might’ve guessed from the one exception mentioned in the lead of the armor section, Viper is going to be a bit more difficult than Berserker and Magi. Because it’s a stat set introduced in Heart of Thorns, it’s only available from Heart of Thorns and post-HoT Living Worldcontent, which is generally designed for level 80 characters who are already in exotics. You’re going to need something to wear in the meantime, so your basic options are:

  1. pick up some cheap Carrion/Rabid/Dire exotic armor from the TP/crafting/dungeons/karma; or
  2. stick with a power build for your class until you have the Viper armor set ready; or
  3. start with a different character and come back to the condi one later.

Once you’ve made that decision, here are your options for acquiring exotic Viper armor:

Caudecus’s Mask is a great option for the helm, as it only requires completing the Living World Season 3 episode 4 storyline, if you have that episode unlocked either freely from previously logging on during that episode or decide to buy the LS3 unlocks from the Gem Store (which you might want to consider anyway for the trinkets).

For gloves and shoulders, if you have episodes 3 and either 2 or 5 (the latter of which is the current free one) unlocked, it may be faster and easier to get the Glacial Gauntlets and Dragonscale Epaulettes/Houndskin Mantle from the PvP/WvW Reward Tracks rather than the meta-achievements if you’re willing to do PvP and/or WvW. Remember to pick up the relevant Guild Enhancements if your guild has them unlocked, and remember that completing Dailies in these game modes award Potions of PvP Reward and Potions of WvW Rewards to boost your progress. If you do go with achievements, Houndskin Mantle is slightly easier than Dragonscale Epaulettes, as Flashpoint Mastery requires fewer achievements out of a larger pool to choose from (20/37 vs 23/32).

As an added bonus, Caudecus’s Mask and the other Living Story 3 achievement reward armors do not soulbind when equipped, meaning they can be passed between alts of the same armor weightclass if you have, for example, both a condi thief and a condi engi, or a condi ele and a condi necro.

This just leaves the chestpiece, leggings, and boots. If you have some alts you don’t mind running through the Heart of Thorns story, the Boxes of Viper’s Gear are a good option to cover the rest. Else, you’re left with crafting or skipping straight to ascended. Assuming you do get one Box of Viper’s Gear from running the condi character through HoT, you’ll want to either:

  1. Use the Box of Viper’s Gear for the chestpiece, craft the exotic leggings and boots; or
  2. Use an armorbox for or craft/buy an ascended chestpiece (see below section), use the Box of Viper’s Gear for the leggings, craft the exotic boots; or
  3. Use armorboxes for or craft/buy an ascended chestpiece and leggings (see below section), use the Box of Viper’s Gear for the boots.

Magi armor

This one’s super-simple: Do Ascalonian Catacombs explorable mode and/or the equivalent PvP and WvW dungeon reward tracks for Ascalonian Catacombs armor. Not only do you get Magi exotic armor, but it includes a Superior Rune of the Monk in each piece, which is the ideal rune for a healer.

But what about ascended armor?

Okay, okay… Ascended armorboxes come in two basic varieties: named chests, which allow you to pick any piece of armor with a particular stat set, and select-stat chests, which offer a selection of 6 stat sets, but only for one particular armor slot. The former can drop anywhere, but the latter are only from Fractals. A third special type is Pile of Regurgitated Armor, which only comes from Triple Trouble as a very rare drop and gives you your choice of a Helm, Gloves, or Shoulders in one of three non-useful stats.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a Yassith’s Armor Chest, and Malicious Chests of Helms/etc don’t include Viper either. But if you’re after Viper, or if you’re after Berserker or Magi but have the wrong type of armorbox, not to worry! As with ascended weapons, we can change the stats in the Mystic Forge. To do this, combine a piece of ascended armor of the correct type (e.g. if you want a Heavy Helm, make sure you’re using a Heavy Helm), an exotic insignia of the stat you want (either crafted or bought off the Trading Post), an Anthology of Heroes bought from Miyani for 10 Spirit Shards, and 5 Globs of Ectoplasm.

There are also a few collection achievements that offer an ascended armor box as a reward, but as with the ascended weapon collections, they’re not for the faint of heart.

And for completeness, similar to the table for ascended weapons, here’s a table for ascended armor approximating costs to craft or buy from the Fractal/PvP vendors, based on base ingredient prices pulled from the Trading Post API.

Note: Occasionally these tables will incorrectly display 10-20 gold costs. This is a bug. Refreshing the page should fix it. If you’re seeing 60-80 gold costs and some approaching or slightly over 100, those are the correct costs. Sorry for the inconvenience if you run into this bug; we’re working on fixing it properly.

Heavy Armor
Armor Crafted Berserker Crafted Viper Crafted Magi Fractal/PvP Vendor
Illustrious Visor
64 Gold 53 Silver 22 Copper
64 Gold 33 Silver 23 Copper
53 Gold 20 Silver 3 Copper
53 Gold 18 Silver 9 Copper
Illustrious Pauldrons
64 Gold 20 Silver 22 Copper
64 Gold 0 Silver 23 Copper
52 Gold 87 Silver 3 Copper
53 Gold 18 Silver 9 Copper
Illustrious Breastplate
76 Gold 53 Silver 88 Copper
76 Gold 33 Silver 89 Copper
65 Gold 20 Silver 69 Copper
72 Gold 24 Silver 12 Copper
Illustrious Warfists
64 Gold 20 Silver 22 Copper
64 Gold 0 Silver 23 Copper
52 Gold 87 Silver 3 Copper
53 Gold 18 Silver 9 Copper
Illustrious Tassets
71 Gold 55 Silver 66 Copper
71 Gold 35 Silver 67 Copper
60 Gold 22 Silver 47 Copper
70 Gold 24 Silver 12 Copper
Illustrious Greaves
64 Gold 20 Silver 22 Copper
64 Gold 0 Silver 23 Copper
52 Gold 87 Silver 3 Copper
53 Gold 18 Silver 9 Copper
Medium Armor
Armor Crafted Berserker Crafted Viper Crafted Magi Fractal/PvP Vendor
Illustrious Visage
68 Gold 58 Silver 77 Copper
68 Gold 38 Silver 78 Copper
57 Gold 25 Silver 58 Copper
53 Gold 2 Silver 43 Copper
Illustrious Shoulderguard
72 Gold 30 Silver 37 Copper
72 Gold 10 Silver 38 Copper
60 Gold 97 Silver 18 Copper
53 Gold 2 Silver 43 Copper
Illustrious Guise
96 Gold 77 Silver 83 Copper
96 Gold 57 Silver 84 Copper
85 Gold 44 Silver 64 Copper
72 Gold 3 Silver 24 Copper
Illustrious Grips
72 Gold 30 Silver 37 Copper
72 Gold 10 Silver 38 Copper
60 Gold 97 Silver 18 Copper
53 Gold 2 Silver 43 Copper
Illustrious Leggings
87 Gold 75 Silver 1 Copper
87 Gold 55 Silver 2 Copper
76 Gold 41 Silver 82 Copper
70 Gold 3 Silver 24 Copper
Illustrious Striders
83 Gold 74 Silver 29 Copper
83 Gold 54 Silver 30 Copper
72 Gold 41 Silver 10 Copper
53 Gold 2 Silver 43 Copper
Light Armor
Armor Crafted Berserker Crafted Viper Crafted Magi Fractal/PvP Vendor
Illustrious Masque
68 Gold 58 Silver 77 Copper
68 Gold 38 Silver 78 Copper
57 Gold 25 Silver 58 Copper
53 Gold 21 Silver 9 Copper
Illustrious Epaulets
68 Gold 58 Silver 77 Copper
68 Gold 38 Silver 78 Copper
57 Gold 25 Silver 58 Copper
53 Gold 21 Silver 9 Copper
Illustrious Doublet
81 Gold 91 Silver 43 Copper
81 Gold 71 Silver 44 Copper
70 Gold 58 Silver 24 Copper
72 Gold 28 Silver 12 Copper
Illustrious Wristguards
68 Gold 58 Silver 77 Copper
68 Gold 38 Silver 78 Copper
57 Gold 25 Silver 58 Copper
53 Gold 21 Silver 9 Copper
Illustrious Breeches
72 Gold 88 Silver 61 Copper
72 Gold 68 Silver 62 Copper
61 Gold 55 Silver 42 Copper
70 Gold 28 Silver 12 Copper
Illustrious Footwear
76 Gold 31 Silver 9 Copper
76 Gold 11 Silver 10 Copper
64 Gold 97 Silver 90 Copper
53 Gold 21 Silver 9 Copper

Runes and Sigils

While getting the properly-statted weapons, armor, and trinkets are important, what you put IN them in terms of runes and sigils is just as important. Your build guide should have rune and sigil recommendations, and while they can seem like a daunting extra cost, they are a critical part of making your character effective at its role. As a general rule, unless you have DPS tests to back you up, make sure you have the runes and sigils recommended by your build guide before you enter high-end content where your group will be counting on you (e.g. t4 fractals and raids), and never subsitute minor/major runes and sigils when the superior version is called for.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you’re putting expensive runes or sigils into exotic equipment, make sure it’s salvageable so that you can recover the upgrade with a Black Lion Salvage Kit if/when you move up to ascended gear. Check, double-check, and triple-check this before you apply the rune/sigil. Please.


These are acquisition methods for typical example runes. The uses mentioned are broad generalities as of the time of this writing. As always, consult your build guide for what you should be using.


These are acquisition methods for typical example sigils. The uses mentioned are broad generalities as of the time of this writing. As always, consult your build guide for what you should be using.


This section mostly only applies to raids, where the group is generally racing an Enraged timer if they don’t get a kill fast enough. Food is pretty thoroughly unnecessary in fractals except maybe nightmare challenge mode. “Food” is something of a misnomer, as it encompasses both actual Food as well as Utility items, with the expectation that you use both. These consumables typically give a 30 or 60 minute buff (unless extended with a Metabolic Primer for food or Utility Primer for utility items) that increases stats relevant to your role; generally your build guide will tell you what the recommended food for your build is, so, as always, consult your build guide.