[Gear] For New/Returning Players, Ascended/Fractal info

I have been seeing questions from new or returning players regarding what they could be doing to make gold, or how to step into fractals, this is how I have been gearing full ascended in under a week, hopefully it works out for you too. This “guide” is designed for both new and veteran players wanting information to gear quickly without having to purchase everything off the TP, as such I have done the runs on a non elite spec Thief.

I personally do the below gathering runs on 9-10 characters 4 days per week, I require a lot of materials atm, your level of input determines the level of output. This nets me in the ball park of 4k Iron / 4.5k Plat / 4.5k Hard Wood / 5k Elder Wood per week or more. I am currently crafting several legendaries and conveniently this process also works for Ascended Gear. If you want the most efficient GpH way to gear up that would be SW RIBA Farm combined with Fractal 40 Farm with a hint of HoT Metas, sell the loot and purchase the required items off the TP, be advised this is the most grind oriented option.

I have benchmarked the times for each individual WP to make identification easier. The Fresh Winterberry route rewards lots of Unbound Magic and Dragonite Ore, be sure to have Princess, and is the easiest access to ascended accessories of any stats (you can only wear 1 bitterfrost ascended piece of each at a time). Lake Doric is full of Elder Wood nodes.



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Suggested Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpIQNxiKJoE

Ore/Wood Gather: https://youtu.be/88sLWTiEn1U (Disclaimer: the video is 45 minutes long dont mind the missteps)

Run can be completed around 30-35 minutes per character if no mistakes are made, also depends on node spawns (the recorded run was a little skimpy).

Target Ore: Iron, Platinum, Orichalcum

Target Wood: Seasoned, Hard, Elder, Ancient

Helliot Mine [&BEsBAAA=] 00:00 – 00:52

Grostogg’s Kraal [&BO8BAAA=] 00:53 – 01:51

Gladefall [&BO4BAAA=] 01:52 – 03:24

Breaktooth’s [&BBoCAAA=] 03:25 – 04:33

Rustbowl [&BB4CAAA=] 04:34 – 06:07

Oldgate [&BF4BAAA=] 06:08 – 07:04

Snowhawk Landing [&BL8AAAA=] 07:05 – 07:50

Icedevil’s [&BFEGAAA=] 07:51 – 09:15

Wyrmblood [&BGUCAAA=] 09:16 – 10:26

Valance Tutory A [&BEwCAAA=] 10:27 – 11:35

Valance Tutory B [&BEwCAAA=] 11:36 – 14:15

Gentle River [&BFACAAA=] 14:16 – 16:06

Old Sledge Site [&BNQCAAA=] 16:07 – 20:26

Criterion [&BMkCAAA=] 18:03 – 19:50

Darkweather [&BM0BAAA=] 19:51 – 22:18

Flamefrog [&BMwBAAA=] 22:19 – 25:14

Ocean’s Gullet [&BMkBAAA=] 25:15 – 27:08

Forvar’s [&BMoBAAA=] 27:09 – 31:02

Icegate [&BJMBAAA=] 31:03 – 32:54

Wynchona Rally Point [&BKgAAAA=] 32:55 – 34:39

Demetra [&BKsAAAA=] 34:40 – 35:48

Cereboth [&BBIAAAA=] 35:49 – 37:17

Overlord’s [&BAQAAAA=] 37:18 – 38:24

Gallowfields [&BGMAAAA=] 38:25 – 40:32

Waywarde [&BPgCAAA=] 40:33 – 43:32

Pagga’s [&BKYCAAA=] 43:33 – 45:07

WinterBerry Farm: https://youtu.be/4M7qkTy_5Gc

Sorrow’s Embrace Waypoint [&BH0JAAA=]

Run can be completed around 5-6 minutes if no mistakes are made, node spawn is always the same, rewards around 45-55 Fresh Winter Berry per character.

There are quite a few Elder Wood nodes enroute.

Lake Doric: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Lake_Doric

Doric’s Landing Waypoint [&BK0JAAA=]

I Will be recording a run for consistency sake, can be completed in 10-15 minutes, node spawns alternate, also great for more Elder Wood Logs, rewards around 45-55 Jade Shard per character.

Jade Shards are all over the bottom 2/3 of the map, Elder Wood is all over the map.

This is my mule’s inventory atm (1k storage already).