[Tool] Gw2 Launchbuddy

What is GuildWars 2 Launchbuddy? :

Gw2 Launchbuddy is an open source application which lets you gain full control of all possible launchoptions of the Guild Wars 2 gameclient. Most of this options are a real pain to handle manually and therefore Launchbuddy reduces the work to a few simple clicks. For a full list of features please have a look at the list below. All included features are completly legal as they dont break the Tos of arenanet. (also no memory reading included)

Still no idea what this is all about? Here is an outdated video from WoodenPotatoes which covered the basics of an older version!

Gw2 Launchbuddy 1.4 features:







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Whats new in 1.4:

1.4’s new features are the GUI Management of multiple game instances, the GFX configurator (graphic settings), and automated errorreporter and an auto update function for Launchbuddy itself, so you never miss a future release. Apart from that many quality of live changes have been made to simplify the usage of LB.


GUI Game Instance Management:

Multiboxing is a pain if you dont know which Guild Wars 2 instance is which character. This new feature gives your character a specific customizeable icon in a totaly new GUI. With this UI you can simply switch between characters on the fly by simply clicking on their icon.


GFX Configurator:

Ever wanted to save your ingame graphic settings to a config file? This is exactly what the GFX configurator does. Create presets of your favorite Gw2 graphic settings! Export them, import them, share them.


GFX Account Binding:

Not everyone has a NASA computer at their home, so multiboxing can be pretty heavy on cpu and gpu load. With this feature you can use saved GFX presets from the GFX configurator and bind them to a character! Let’s say that you want to run your main account on full ultra.,while all of your alts run on the lowest graphic settings on your second monitor!


QoL Accountmanager:

The old accountmanager was a real pain in the ass to edit. -> Now you can reorder existing accounts with simple button clicks and edit existing onces! (don’t worry there is a security mechanism to prevent stealing data via editing)


Errorfixing and Error reporting:

In version 1.3 an error reporter was introduced to Launchbuddy. Therefore I got many mails about which parts of Launchbuddy where broken and needed additional work. Over the past 3 months I fixed over 24 of the most common bugs! To extend the report functionality I also added a ‘report bug’ button to version 1.4. Keep the reports comming guys!


Autoupdate Launchbuddy:

The days of checking reddit/github to see if there is a new version of launchbuddy are gone. Launchbuddy now automatically searches for updates and even offers you a versionswitcher to down/upgrade to specific versions. With this you can choose whatever version of Launchbuddy you would like to use by 2 clicks!



I really don’t want to copy pasta the whole list of FAQs here. So this time I actually link older threads where we allready answered many questions.

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Also check out the ReadMe on the Launchbuddy Github page!