[Guide] Most Useful & Fun Gizmos Guide

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These convert currencies or crafting material to loot. They are limited per day; you can only use them a certain amount of times per day. Most of these can only be used 3-6 times a day.


-A Study in Gold achievement to obtain, tablets in Auric Basin.

-250 Bloodstone Dust to convert to loot that includes lodestones and cores.

-Can be very valuable if you don’t have Mawdrey II.

Mawdrey II

-Craft ascended Mawdrey backpiece to obtain.

-Need to have access to Dragon’s Reach Part 1 and 2.

-50 Bloodstone Dust to convert to loot from a huge variety of items. Not as much of a guarantee of valuable items compared to Herta.


-Lion’s Arch Exterminator achievement to obtain. Shoot karka hatchlings across Lion’s Arch, to start this achievement you have to talk to an NPC in the north side of Lion’s Arch.

-50 Dragonite Ore to convert to loot from a huge variety of items.

Star of Gratitude

-Ornament collecting achievement from Wintersday “For the Children!”.

-50 Empyreal Fragments to convert to loot from a huge variety of items.

Sentient Anomaly

-Token Collector achievement to obtain, collect all tokens in Ember Bay.

-25 Dragonite Ore and 25 Empyreal Fragments to convert to loot from a huge variety of items.

Sentient Aberration

-Conspiracy of Dunces achievement to obtain, find journals in Bloodstone Fen.

-25 Dragonite Ore and 25 Bloodstone Dust to convert to loot from a huge variety of items.

Last two convertors can allow you to convert your crafting materials, you don’t need Mawdrey II, Princess, or Star of Gratitude. Or have all 6 and get a ton of loot!

Candy Corn Gobbler

-Gem store to obtain.

-Convert 3 pieces of candy corn to random transformation or boost. 7-minute extension for each same additional boost.

-Great way to put candy corn to use, other than converting to cobs and selling on Trading Post.

-Candy corn node in home instance gives more candy corn, so this puts them to use.

Fractal Reliquary

-Ascended Recycling achievement to obtain, salvage ascended gear and get essence.

-Convert fractal relics to bags of rare gear, crafting bags (usually laurels only), and other neat items.

-As useful as this item is, can be hard to get these rare essences from Ascended gear.

Ley-Energy Matter Converter

-Mouth of Mordremoth Master achievement to obtain, slay under 20 minutes.

-Buy a HoT key for free every day. Great for buying a key you’re missing for your home instance chests, or for stockpiling keys.

-Another tab similar to Fractal Reliquary, allows you to convert HoT map currencies to crafting bags, rune bags, sigil bags, jewel bags and other neat and useful items that you don’t see as much or at all in the open world.

Karmic Converter

-Exotic Hunter achievement to obtain, unlock 34 specific exotic skins which is roughly 300 gold.

-Very useful and neat every day you can buy some items for karma. Includes crafting bags, bag of rare gear, and others.

-Much like previous item.

Portable Gizmos

Mystic Forge Conduit

-Only costs 50 gold on trading post, which over time can save you a lot of time, and in turn gold too.

-Allows you to use the mystic forge wherever you want.

-Great for dailies using Mystic Forge, and great for converting runes and sigils to higher tiers.

Permanent Contracts

-Very expensive, very rare, but extremely useful.

-Preview black lion chest, you’ll see them at the very rare section, only way to get.

-Can buy on trading post, but costs thousands of gold.

-Can save you gems and money, for example, Permanent Hair Stylist Contract.

-Portable Bank, Portable Trading Post, and others. All very good in making different services in the game a lot more accessible.

Boost Enchantment Powder

-Convert boosts you don’t want to a more useful boost. -Can stack boosts together to save space in inventory and banks.

Tarrktun Personal Delivery Portal

-Bought 100 Globs of Destabalized Ecto from Ecto gambling, then you’ll get this.

-Allows you to have a portal to do more ecto gambling.

-If you like the mini-game, it’s a great tool.

-But some even better portal gizmos are…

Portal Scrolls to Cities

-Teleport you to cities.

-We have waypoints, but these can be used in instances.

-Crafted, 50 mystic coins, and a few other mats. One of the mats can be pricy depending on the city.

Home Portal Stone

-From Gem Store, allows you to teleport to your home instance.


Endless Tonics

-Transform into anything as many times as possible.

-Some very cheap, some very expensive such as transforming into a giant snowball.

-If you like a specific transformation, I’d look into getting one. Plain fun gizmo.

Kites and Balloons

-Just plain fun gizmos, you can run around with a balloon or kite following you.

-Most are from the gem store.

-You can however, buy a couple kites from the trading post for a few gold.


-From Gem Store.

-Choir bell is buyable from trading post.

-Allows you to play music in-game… some people even tip music players with gold!


-No movement speed increase, simply change the way you look when traveling.

-Sonic Tunneling Tool, Magic Carpet, Hovering Mad Mirror, Electromagnetic Ascender, and Riding Broom.

-Can try all of these out with a Box o’ Fun, use the Travel section with the rocket. Very cool and up to your preference.

-Problem with mount is that they unequip on zone change.

Bobblehead Laboratory

-From Gem Store, just plain fun.

-You see everyone as having a bobble head.

-People around you can use it.