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[AP] One Path Ends Achievements Guide

GW2 One Path Ends and Siren’s Landing Achievement Guide.

Where’s Balthazar?

Bloodstone Puzzle

The way it works is that throwing the shard on the middle one (red arrow) activate or deactivate the two side ones (white arrows). To solve the puzzle, your goal is to make it so that only one row of three shards lit up and then throw the middle one to deactivate all three at the same time.


With Friends Like These – 1 AP

This is a hidden achievement. When you first encounter the Exemplar, overload her Bloodstone Prison by having all the bloodstone shards active on all the rows.

King Crab – 2 AP

There are two possible locations for King Crap

1. Go into the water at the very start of the instance and you might find him.


2. If he isn’t there, search for the waterfalls right below the entrance to the hideout. You have to use some bouncing mushrooms to get up there.


Not on My Watch/Cleaning Up the Mess – 2/3 AP

When you fight the second crystal guardians at the south room, kill the initiate first before he runs into the reinforcement room for Not on my Watch achievement. After you clear out the guardians, go into the reinforcement room just west of the crystal and clear out the initiates for Cleaning Up the Mess.


Block the Shock – 3 AP

Kill Justiciar Arya without letting her summon any unstable elementals. Basically during the fight, when she gains a breakbar, break the breakbar before she finishes summoning the elementals. Do this 2-4 times depending on how long the fast lasts. Make sure you bring some CC abilities as she does have a strong breakbar.

  • If your class has weak CC skills, you can use the bloodstone shards lying around and throw it at her to break her breakbar immediately.


Into the Mind of Madness – 3 AP

Water-Damaged Letter

Outside the hideout in the water. Pretty hard to spot visually so just swim in the water and look for the interact button.


Initiate’s Journal

Outside the entry to the hideout, turn around and look at the mushrooms on the southern wall. Take that bottom bouncing mushroom and then run along the ledge outside the southern wall until you find a ledge below with spiders and a corpse. Interact with the corpse to get this journal.


Torn Letter

Found on a corpse in the first room of the hideout


Inventory Sheet

Found on a barrel in the main room of the hideout where the Shining Blade exemplar is held.


Burned Letter

Bonefire in the south reinforcement room.


Araya’s Journal

Finish the instance the journal is on the stone platform that used to be where the giant red crystal was.


Graffiti Artist/Art Critic – 1/3 AP

Destroy the statues in the hideout. Destroy at least one for Graffiti Artist and destroy all 17 for the Art Critic achievement.


Shining Blade Secrets

Hold the Line/Precision Blade – 2/1 AP

These two achievements can be done together and can be only done solo as players that are the not the owner instance can’t participate. You basically need to survive for 5 minutes and kill 50 White Mantle mobs. First couple waves are easy but as soon as Shadow leaves, the mobs hits much much harder.  Each wave spawn 10 mobs. You can get downed but if you get killed both achievement fails. You can use the thingie on the top right to keep track of time/mobs.

A strat some players use is to bring a perm stealth thief build and just stealth rez the NPCs and let them do all the work as the mobs hit too hard from the third wave on. Anise is also invul to damage and you can drag the mobs to her to tank them.

Alternatively, it seems that the next wave of mobs won’t spawn if the previous wave is not killed so for survival for 5 mins you can keep the previous wave alive with 1-2 mobs and don’t revive the NPCs. For 50 mobs if you have enough AoE DPS you can try kill all 50 mobs before Shadow leaves and strength the mobs.


Fearful/Fearless/Two Sides, Same Coin – 2/2/1 AP

When fighting Self-Doubt, you can interact with the spirits that spawn around the room and get a Minor Breakthrough skill from them. Aim this at the Manifestation of Self-Doubt to knock it down so you can DPS it. Repeat until it is dead to get the Fearful Achievement.

For the Fearless achievement, you basically can’t ask the spirits for help. You can only really damage the Self-Doubt when you break its breakbar. Additionally, the hands that come from the spirits give you and the Self-Doubt a stacking debuff/buff (dodging doesn’t seem to work in evading this debuff/buff). Each stack decrease the damage Self-Doubt takes by 4% and increase its damage by 4%. Your skill recharge and weapon swap cooldown are also increased by 5s per stack. There is no way to remove these stacks so if you screw up too much, you won’t be able to damage the Self-Doubt or heal yourself.

  • Apparently Condi/Minion builds works better than others so you can try those if you are having trouble.
  • Hold your attacks when the Self-Doubt is not stunned as doing so can cause it to build stacks of Dynamic Damage Reduction, each stack reduce the damage it takes by 5% (20 stacks means it is entirely immune to damage). Only use CC here and save your burst for when the breakbar breaks.

Past 25 stacks of stacking debuff/buff, you gain an alacrity buff for 5s every 20s and this also remove the stacks of that buff on Self-Doubt down to 1. So you can just kill the Self-Doubt then if you were having trouble previously. You skill CDs and weapon swaps will be on long CD but you damage will no longer be reduced significantly.


Fearful and Fearless can’t be done on a single run so you will need to do two runs of this instance for completion.

Student of Bartholos – 5 AP

All the books can be found in the little house you can revisit once you finish the instance.


Section 1: Introduction

First floor, on top of a barrel in the corner.


Section 2: Being an agent of Kryta

First floor, on the table with all the parchment stuff. Make sure to interact with the small book.


Section 3: Shining Blade Values

First floor, check the sofa next to the lore NPCs


Section 4: The History of Shining Blade

Second floor, check the bottom layer of the bunkbed.


Section 5: Evennnia

Second floor, check the chest between two bunkbeds.


Section 6: Our Patron Goddess Dwayna

Second floor, inside a chest.


Section 7: Zinn and the Shining Blade/Section 8: The Last Mursaat

Second floor, near the stairs. Check the drawers. Section 7 and 8 shares the same location so interact with it twice to get both sections.


Section 9: The White Mantle

Second floor, scan the shelves.


Section 10: Final Notes

Second floor of the house on one of the desks.


The Last Chance

Lightfoot – 1 AP

This is a pretty easy achievement, as long as you have some patience. During the Power the Crystal part, you have to cross to the other end and retrieve the power crystal. While you are doing this, you have to avoid the fire traps. The pattern changes with every power crystal you put in but overall it is still fairly easy.


A Quick Death/Dodger Danger – 1 AP

A Quick Death is to achieve victory within 9 minutes of starting the battle, not hard to do once you know what to do during the fight.

Phase 1

You need to drag Eye of Janthir into the path of the swirling Aspect of Lazarus and then use either CC or pick up a rock nearby to break its breakbar when an Aspect get close. This will cause the Aspect to emerge in humanoid form and attackable.

Do this for the first two Aspects and to finish up Phase 1.


Phase 2

For phase 2, you need to protect the NPC while she remove the shields from the Aspect of Lazarus. Defeat the Sparks that come near her and revive her if she goes down. Once she removes the shield from one of the Aspect, kill it and repeat for the next one.

Beware of the infrequent lightning attacks from Lazarus. He does cast it, usually when you have killed an Aspect. This is just a warm up before Phase 3 where this attack is much more frequent.

Phase 3

Phase 3 happens once you have defeat the final two Aspects. You have to damage Lazarus down from 35% to the final 3%. During this phase break his breakbar to stop him from casting and avoid the lightning circles for the Dodger Danger Achievement.


Phase 4

For the last 3% he is immune and continuously spam lightning circles so all you need to do is to pick up the objective on the ground and use it to finish Lazarus.

Siren’s Landing – Jumping Puzzle/Mastery Insight

Abaddon’s Ascent – 10 AP, 1 Mastery

This is the jumping puzzle. It isn’t very difficult and it is fairly easy to figure out where to go most of the time. There are two checkpoints you need to hit before reaching the end. Don’t port away after finishing the jumping puzzle as you will need to do the Dive Master achievement too.

Dive Master: Masted – 3 AP

This Dive Master requires you to complete the jumping puzzle first as the diving goggle is on the ship at end of the jumping puzzle on the very front mast. All you need to do is hit the water, there is no bucket or anything to land in.


Siren’s Landing Insight: Buoyant Bough – 1 AP, 1 Mastery

To get to this Mastery Insight, you can do the jumping puzzle and get to checkpoint 1 or close to it. That will give you enough height to glide to the Mastery Insight on top of this ship. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like doing the jumping puzzle, you can kill a nearby Ley line scavenger, get the organ, and hop on some crates near the ship and use the #2 skill to boost you to the ship deck. From the deck you can drop down below deck and use the bouncing mushroom to bounce you high enough to reach the mastery point.


Siren’s Landing Insight: Kelp Rock –  1 AP, 1 Mastery

Go from Southeast Shrine waypoint and get up on the glass dome. If you want to unlock the Vista above too, fly towards Watchman’s Roost POI (tall tower) and use the updraft there to get you to the rock above.


Siren’s Landing Insight: Dwayna’s Tears/Cliff’s Edge – 1 AP, 1 Mastery

These are annoying insights to get due to the disappear updrafts. The skill set you get from killing scavengers helps a lot here as you can use the #2 skill to boost you higher. Start from Southwest Shrine. Dwayna’s Tear and Cliff’s Edge are on the same path and you can reach Cliff’s Edge from Dwayna.

For Dwayna’s Tears you want to get on top of the pipe that is right below the Mastery Point by managing the updrafts and then shoot yourself up using the #2 skill. Make sure you don’t touch any of the Dwayna’s Artifacts while getting here as they override the scavenger skills.


For the Clfif’s Edge Insight, it is a bit more tricky. You want to head south and wait for an updraft to appear and glide over the chasm to get to the southern cliffs with the scavenger. Once you land on the other side, kill the scavenger if necessary for the skills. Wait for this updraft to show up and then use #2 to boost yourself up to reach that updraft. Use that updraft to glide east across more updrafts that ultimately bring you to the top of the waterfall.


Siren’s Landing Insight: Lava Leap – 1 AP, 1 Mastery

One of the easiest Insights to get. Run from Northwest Shrine waypoint and then leap into the updraft above the lava pool.


Siren’s Landing – Misc

Battle Orr– 1 AP

Champion Willowdread is an Oakheart that roams the area NW of Melandru’s Reliquary. From time to time, an event will pop up where Willowdread will battle a Champion Undead Giant. Help Willowdread defeat the giant and earn the achievement.


Echolocation – 2 AP, 1 Mastery

Echolocation involves the Unchained Wynern boss that spawns by Dwayna’s Reliquary after the pre-events are done. The Wyvern has an green poison ring attack it will keep spamming until its breakbar is broken. For this achievement you need to fly through the ring without getting hit but it is a bit wonky and you can get the achievement even if you touch the rings.


Feeling Beastly – 2 AP

Along the Merciless Shore is an event to escort Wrangler Winfred that starts from Camp Winfred. At end of the escort, the event to capture the garantuan beast will trigger and you can get your achievement here for capturing the grub.


Roll for Greed – 3 AP

You have to open 10 Chests in the middle of Abaddon’s Reliquary where you can drop down. You can open 2 per day (you pay 1.5 gold to open the second chest). Using alts will allow you to complete the achievement faster than 5 days.


Siren’s Landing – Collectibles

Collectible achievements can be found on this page.