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[Guide] [dT] Fractal Guides for 100CM, 99CM and T4s



What those guides contain:

  • Up-to-date daily speed tactics for all T4 fractals, including 100CM and 99CM
  • General facts about day/night cycle, slaying potions, sigils, consumables and fractal instabilities
  • video link to the current record run, if available (thanks to [hP], [SC] and [qT])
  • Detailed information for each fractal section and all bosses, with specific mechanics if necessary – especially for 100CM
  • Class specific tips with skill and trait usage

A special thanks goes to gw2dungeons for inspiration, Quantify for some helpful fractal data and gw2armory for the embeddable skill, trait and item tooltips.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement, notes or found a mistake (both in content and coding).
Note that the guides are only available on 1200p resolution and larger, as we have not found the time yet to optimize everything for mobile devices.

On a side note, we try to improve high-end EU fractal LFG system with our guild simply by gathering more competent people in one chat channel.
If you meet the requirements and feel confident about your abilities, feel free to contact us for a test run.
We have multiple groups running fractals through the day, most of us finished 100CM without deaths within the first days. We are not a ‘main’ guild or a service company though, we just aim to speed up the daily fractal LFG for experienced players.

What you can expect from our website in the future:

  • A new mechanics section explaining the basics of the ‘meta’ fractal team composition, might/stealth stacking, /gg usage, agony resistance, fractal potion stat conversion and some mechanics like reflects
  • More images and videos for all fractal guides – the 100CM guide is a good example
  • Class guides specifically designed for fractal builds, the mesmer guide is already available in Beta. This will most likely be delayed until the expansion hits
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • An indicator for the daily set of fractals

Thanks to everyone supporting our research and helping us to improve the fractal LFG system. See you in daily fractals!

Edit: Thanks for the overwhelming positive responses! I feel like I have to explain the ongoing nec/rev meme.

The ‘meta’ in fractals is very condensed to the bursty nature of fights and the limit of 5 people. Subtracting permanent Quickness, good Alacrity, 25 Might, Fury, Banners, EA, Spotter, GotL, Spirits and Portal/Stealth/Reflect/CC utilities that currently only leaves Chrono, PS, Druid and 2 DPS as a team composition. While this is true for the moment this could easily change with PoF to something like DPS Firebrand for Quickness, DPS warrior for Banners, Deadeye for 25 Might, DPS Soulbeast with Spirits, a Scourge for Portal skips and a Revenant healer with Alacrity. Probably not, but you get the point – for daily speedruns you want to optimize time needed, which means optimizing the team composition.

Note that power classes are generally stronger than condi in most fractal scenarios due to the shorter duration of fights and the existence of Impact sigil and Slaying potions (both being separate 10% multipliers for power damage output). The main advantages of taking 2 Tempests are the trait Tempest Defense (20% more damage against “impacted” targets), strong burst especially on large, stationary hitboxes (which all current 100CM bosses are), good might stacking/blasts and utilities in form of Aftershock, Lightning Flash, Lucid Singularity+Overload Water, Sandstorm, maybe even Rebound, Ice Bow and Fiery Greatsword. Power Dragonhunter and Daredevil are used sometimes on small hitboxes, but mostly suffer from being far over the 100% critcap with the Fractal potion (a non-precision DPS stat combination would be great) and of course from not having Tempest Defense.

We will create a separate mechanics section explaining stuff like this in the future, but please realize that its possible to clear every fractal using any team setup. We even used Revenant for 50% damage reduction during some ‘progress’ deathless runs. If suddenly another class becomes top DPS we would simply switch over to that for fractals, this has nothing to do with emotional prejudices. Thanks again for listening!