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[Gold] SW: RIBA – 2,800 gold in two weeks…

Hey everyone, I’ll be doing a piece of writing about how you can make up to 2,800g in two weeks w/ data, but first, please check out the Key Information.

Key Information:- Title acronyms explained: CG = Grind Coven (Our EU Guild)RIBA = Red, Indigo, Blue and Amber (the rotation).

– The data was collected from the commander: this means they are less efficient at farming RIBA due to micromanaging squad / map chat / etc…

– The data was collected over 2 months, said person missing around 3 weeks of RIBA in that time; works out at 2h/day for 2 months.

– It is highly important that you open the bags on the right level character to receive the same effect. Check: http://silverwastes.loltools.net/in…?

The maths (bi-weekly) (Commander’s perspective, reduced efficiency):- 2,800 gold can be made per 2 weeks – Breakdown below:336 total hours in 2 weeks,

the data below averaged 23g/h. 2,800/23 = 121 hours.14 days for 121 hours would be roughly 8.65 hours per day.


The maths (daily) (95-100% efficiency):

– You can make 25g-35g/h, assuming bare minimum @ 6h/day you can get 150g a day. Which several members in CG can agree on.

– Assuming you do 95% efficiency, calling it around 33.5g, you can make up to 201g/day @ 6h of RIBA.

The maths (bi-monthly) (95% efficiency perspective):

– assuming the above maths, which would be around 33.5g at top efficiency. If 6-8 hours a day is too much for you, you can break it down over time.

– 2h a day for 1 month would net you 1,876g.

14 (hours /wk) * 4 (4wks /mo) = 56.

56 (hours /mo) * 33.5g = 1,876g /mo.

Conclusion:If you have the time, and top efficiency, you could easily do 2,800g at 6h/day – please remember that the maths above is calculated based on our

commander’s efficiency over 2 months, which is going to be a bit less than players who don’t have to focus on micromanaging the map.


The table of total loot and gold gained (minus taxes, 15%):

Data given from Gravedigger.5709 (Guild Deputy). Click to enlarge.
The table of contents (ToC) to the left show a full receipt of items gained from 15,000 bags (don’t ask him how look it took him to open).
The ToC has all loot contains: – Bandit Coin Purse: Obtained from dug up chests. – Champion bags from Nightmare keys: 2 keys per run, 3 bags per key (-minus items from actual chest). – Champion bags from meta and breach. – Green Bags of Gear: From RIBA rewards. – Sandy Bags of Gear: Bought from NPC, 15 crests each. – Bags of Rare gear (Always open on Lv.80.)
Other/additional information:

Additional currency / items from 1h of RIBA: ^Submitted by Sonia (Guild Officer)- Obsidian shards: 15-30- Geodes [obtained from Piles of Silky Sand]:

10-15- Karma: 8,000- Bandit Crests: 800-1,000

—–(keep 100 keys on you at all times, before buying Sandy Bags of Gear)

– 2 Nightmare Keys: 6 champ bags + 2 rare + 4 blue/green items.

– Salvage rares that you can’t get ectos from (<68) with a normal salvaging kit.

– Always sell sigils/runes, never destroy them.

Info passed on by Sonia, officer of CG.

* Special Notes *

Geodes are important because they can be turned into Clay Pots, which sell for 10g. Everything you obtain from Silverwastes can be turned into gold.

Pie chart – based on 3,000 Bags of gear (Green RIBA bags):

Chart kindly provided by CheshireKat.4158, member of CG. Click to enlarge.
This pie chart shows the ratio of materials you get from only Bags of Gear (after you salvage it all). Character Level: 44
The information is only based on Bags of Gear (Green).
The ratios might vary if you open them on anything but a level 44 character.