[Builds] [qT] Path of Fire Builds and Benchmarks

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All of the builds we used for the benchmarks, written rotations and more in depths details about the classes and builds can be found on our website: qtfy.eu If you can’t see the new stuff: Make sure to hard-refresh ([CTRL] + [F5]) or clear your cache.

We’ve all been hard at work, figuring out new gear and testing builds. There are still a few things missing, but we plan to continue updating stuff over the next few days.

Which new classes came into Meta and what changed in general

With Path of Fire a lot of strong Condi Specs were added. Scourge, Weaver, Renegade, Firebrand and Soulbeast all got powerful builds hitting 37-39k DPS on the golem. Additionally Weaver has a very strong Power build on the golem, although it’s very niche in an actual raid, and Power Holosmith is an upgrade from Power Engi but still falls behind Weaver/Tempests and DragonHunter. Double PS Warrior, Druid and Chrono are recommended for every raid group. It’s possible that you could replace 1 PS Warrior with a Renegade, since it does provide a fair amount of might. Or play with an alacrity Chrono combined with a quickness Firebrand, to give buffs, but we believe it’s worse overall everywhere except maybe the mursaat overseer. Otherwise not much changed, except we have a few more DPS builds to pick from for each encounter. Something that has become very noticeable though, is the severe lack of CC on almost every new DPS build. Which puts even more pressure on the Druid and Chrono to CC properly.

Class Specific changes:

Warrior: Not much changed here. Both Condi PS and DPS builds received some damage nerfs, targeting blade master and wounding precision, resulting in about a 1k personal DPS loss. PS warrior remains a must-have for every group, but DPS warrior is outclassed now by a lot of the new elite specs from other classes. Spellbreaker is sadly not the saviour of power warrior, it’s completely useless for PvE.

Guardian: Is in a really good spot right now with strong condi and power based builds, making it a solid choice for pretty much any boss. As well as dealing top tier damage, firebrand also provides about 20% quickness uptime for its sub-group and can share aegis to block powerful attacks. Currently we only have a Viper benchmark for Condi Firebrand, even though the Griever varient gets about 1k higher DPS, because none of our Guardian players have the gear. We plan to update the benchmark once Griever insignias have become available ingame.

Revenant: Renegade was everything Condi Revenant needed, you can now replace the weak trait line Invocation with Renegade and swap out the Jalis Legend with Kalla. Less of the damage on Condi Renegade comes torment compared to Condi Revenant, which makes is less reliant on moving bosses to achieve high numbers. Also the damage is a bit higher than the benchmark suggests since the Mesmer clones can’t proc the bleed to its fullest effect.

Thief: One of the biggest losers of this expansion of endgame PvE, Deadeye is only a small DPS increase over Power D/D Thief. Putting it a little higher than a PS warrior on the golem and has very weak burst compared to other power based builds. Won’t see much use in Raids or fractals. However Condi DD remains untouched, so it maintains its top position on the few bosses where it can be fully utilised.

Ranger: Soulbeast puts the Condi DPS build back into the meta, it allows you to merge with your pet for more stats and uses dagger instead of axe, but otherwise plays very similarly to Condi Ranger. Finally a much needed condi duration trait was added and while it doesn’t directly affect Condi Druid, we have updated it to use the same as Condi Soulbeast. This allows easier swapping between the builds and is actually a very small DPS increase over the old krait rune setup when not using hidden barbs.

Engineer: Power Holosmith is a fair DPS increase over power engi, Photonforge has good skills but they don’t scale properly with weapons strength. The new traits Laser’s Edge and Photonic Blasting Module are really powerful and synergise well with each other to maintain at least 80% uptime on the 15% damage modifier. Unfortunately it still falls behind Weaver/Tempest and Dragonhunter on most encounters. Condi Engi is still better off playing with Tools instead of any elite spec, since you get stuck in Photonforge for 5 whole seconds and there’s only one good skill for a condition based build.

Elementalist: While Weaver is very strong on the golem in reality it’s a very fragile Spec with a lot of downsides that aren’t obvious right away. Some of the problems are: Arcane Variant you apply no Vulnerability since you also lose access to Overload Air, meaning your group might not even cap Vulnerability. You don’t have access to any CC apart from your Deep Freeze. Gust is a major DPS loss because you have to double attune into Air. In Wing 1 and Wing 3 Weakness can’t be applied to any boss so you have to run with Signet of Fire and an Accuracy Sigil resulting in a substantial DPS loss. You lose the Protection and Stability from Overloading resulting in an even squishier class and a more interruptible rotation.

Mesmer: Condi Mirage is a fair DPS increase over Condi Mesmer, but it still falls behind most other condi DPS builds. Chrono is pretty much in the same spot, there is a new gear set with firebrand runes that’s less than 1% more effective power but sacrifices the duration of all boons other than quickness to get it.

Necromancer: Scourge is a really strong DPS option now, especially for bosses where you can cleave mobs since Epidemic really shines there. It no longer relies on getting whirl finishers in chill fields for good DPS, and has a bunch of traits which increase condi duration allowing it to use renegade runes.



Large Hitbox:

Class Build DPS
Ele Air Weaver 47,896
Ele Arcane Weaver 47,364
Ele Air Staff Tempest 37,251
Guard Radiance/Virtues DH 36,210
Guard Virtues DH 35,175
Guard Radiance DH 34,500

Small Hitbox:

Class Build DPS
Necromancer Condi Scourge 38,786
Ele Condi Weaver 38,582
Guardian Viper Condi FB 37,984
Revenant Condi Renegade 37,099
Ranger Condi Soulbeast 37,027
Thief Condi DD (Group) 34,525
Engineer Power Holo 34,424
Mesmer Condi Mirage 34,243
Engineer Condi Engi 34,164
Guard Radiance DH 33,776
Warrior Condi DPS Berserker 33,751
Thief Staff DD 31,917
Thief Power Deadeye 31,135
Warrior Condi PS Berserker 29,520
Thief Condi SOLO 27,851
Mesmer Illu/Duel Chrono 14,266
Mesmer Domi/Duel Chrono 13,279
Mesmer Domi/Illu Chrono 12,658
Mesmer Illu/Insp Chrono 11,007
Mesmer Domi/Insp Chrono 10,903
Mesmer Chaos/Insp Chrono 9,234

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All of the builds we used for the benchmarks, written rotations and more in depths details about the classes and builds can be found on our website: qtfy.eu

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