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[Guide] The desert of gold | How to make gold in the desert.


  • Required to stack magic find for maximum result.
  • May not be the most optimal/fastest way to earn gold (But hey it is still easy gold)
  • This is especially for those that enjoy bounty hunting.
  • Based on personal experience (Better suggestions of this method are welcome)


Just want to share some knowledge to help out fellow Tyrian and Elonian in getting their Griffon and gold.


TL DR; Bounties & Bags ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How to earn gold


So how to earn gold with bounties and bags, you asked. Every bounty you do gives a few loots and the important loots we’re into will be:



With Piece of Unidentified Gear(Masterwork), what you want to do is to open them then salvage. Why? A stack of this will give about 30~40 Rares(chance of Exotic/named sunspear weapon) with a magic find of 280%, which translate to 20~40 ecto/5g~11g (estimated numbers and may change as market changes)(current ecto is 28s/ea). Of course, you may ask why not buy it from TP. Well this guide is to make gold without having to spend (Well, aside from the WP-ing)


With Piece of Unidentified Gear(Rare) you want to open and salvage too. This gives you a chance of a named Sunspear weapon exotic and if you receive one of the Elite Spec collection weapon then there you have it ton of gold. The rares you get here will also be salvage into materials & ecto which translates to gold.


With Lost Saddlebag, this is the same as Piece of Unidentified Gear(Rare) you get a chanced for a named Sunspear weapon and also rare drops.


Now comes the question where to get this Lost Saddlebag? You can get it from Champion that the Legendary bounty spawns.


Note: When opening the bags, maximise your magic-find to get the most out of it. Also when maximising your Magic Find, do it on a different character so that you won’t waste the Magic Find booster when you’re farming.


Maximising Magic Find


Below is a list of easy to obtain Magic Find boosting method.



Total easy to obtain MF: 510%


How to farm efficiently


With the above knowledge, how to farm efficiently, you asked? From my experience the most efficient way to do this is at Crystal Oasis, first map of PoF. This is because the champions & terrain there aren’t as annoying as the other map. Also Legendary Queen Yidaxu spawn Champion wurm that drops Lost Saddlebag is a plus.


Crystal Oasis bounty is split into 3 zone. Namely: Amnoon, Kormir Temple, Destiny’s Gorge.


As commander for bounty train, what you want to do is to take every bounty on the zone you’re in and open map and mark where each bounty is located with (alt+left click, to bring up a menu of markers that can be placed on map –https://imgur.com/a/l3aB3 ). Once all bounty is plotted out, you need to ensure that players in your squad spread out to take different bounty from the board you’re doing and plan out the route to take the bounty down efficiently. With all those done, remember Legendary bounty is priority as it takes the longest to spawn and start your train!


This above step will help cuts down the need to WP after every bounty.


FYI: You don’t need to take bounty from board to receive credit (This is for those who do not know). The boards are indicator of where the bounty will be and also an initiator for the bounty. Meaning if you’ve taken a bounty from the board and is near the bounty location it will spawn the bounty, otherwise it won’t spawn.




Bounties gives a lot of trade contract which allow you to buy trader key from Heart NPC. Buy the keys (Especially from Vabbi, as it sells up to 25 keys each Heart NPC rather than the normal 5 keys limit).

Use these keys to open the chests for extra loots/materials which can be used for crafting or earning more gold.

  • Hamaseen and Cowrie League crates, they are available all over the Crystal Desert maps. To see it, make sure to check “Show all Useable Object Names” under interface in option menu.


That’s all for now. Good luck!



Q: Is it worth opening Piece of Unidentified Gear(Common/Blue)?

A: Based on my experience and tests, Piece of Unidentified Gear(common/blue) are not worth opening as they have lesser chance of rare drops compared to Masterwork/Green. I usually salvage the blue ones, however if you wish to open them feel free to.


Q: What is the best way to make gold with Trade Contract/Trader’s Key/Crates?

A:Trade contract to Trader’s Key are supposed to be a small bonus way to earn a little extra materials and gold while you’re farming in the desert. I would recommend buying keys over crates from NPC because the amount you spend to buy the crate from NPC won’t be worth the price, in my opinion.